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Katie's Sneaky Experimentation

Episode #9435
While the two Katies distracted Jonathan by hugging him on the couch, the third Katie sneakily grabbed the switch after setting down the plate.  Taking her loot in hand, she then went to join the Katie body in her room.  After entering inside, she shut the door and locked it so that she would have a moment to try hiding if Jonathan decided to interrupt her.

Turning to her other body, both Katies grinned at each other, eager to have some "fun."  If she remembered right what her brother told her, turning on the switch would cause anyone who spoke to her to duplicate.  Addicted to the feeling of having four bodies and loving the possibilities for how many things she could do with more, the Katie by the door turned on the switch.

"Will this work if we're the same person?" asked the other Katie.

If the sudden pain all throughout her body was any indication, the answer was "yes."  Just like before, she collapsed onto the bed in pain as her body went through the splitting process.  However, with only one out of four bodies splitting, the pain somehow felt more manageable, and the Katies downstairs showed little evidence of the pain they were sharing.  Their minor winces were mistaken by Jonathan to merely be frustration with the video game.

After the split was finished, Katie now had three bodies standing in her bedroom.  Although there was a strong feeling of how surreal the experience was, Katie could only think of how good it felt having 5 bodies able to hold five trains of thought at once if necessary.  Turning off the switch, Katie handed it to her new body, who then stood up as the first Katie went to sit on the bed with her clone.


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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Sep 23, 2018   01:24