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Here comes mom..

Episode #9439
"I'm starting to get the hang of this!" Said the Katie sitting on Jonathon's left, after finally clearing the tutorial.

"Yeah, you're a natural," Jonathon said. "Seems like you're getting used to your new bodies, too."

"I'm full of special talents, little brother," the Katie on the right said with a wink, biting into her piece of french toast.

Just then, before he could respond, Jonathon heard a sound in the driveway. His mother, was returning home from the grocery store - a chore she always reserved for Sunday afternoons. She unloaded groceries from the back of her station wagon and walked into the driveway.

"Uh oh, Mom might not be happy about this," Jonathon said.

"Yeah, she already wishes I could move out," Said the left Katie, pausing the game.

"And now I take up even more space," right Katie added without missing a beat.

The door unlocked and slowly swung open as Catherine, their mother, nudged it forth with her shoulder as she held the large paper grocery bag with both arms. "Hi, kids!" she said, cheerfully. "What smells so good?"

As she continued to slowly prod the door open, she saw her daughter Katie, sitting and eating french toast, waving at her with a half-smile, half-wince on her face. Then she saw her son, Jonathon, and finally, her daughter Katie again.

"Oh my God! What did you do?" Catherine exclaimed.

Catherine stood and sternly looked at her children -- a confident, capable businesswoman standing six feet tall, just like her daughter who took so much after her. With her cat-eye glasses and neat, shoulder-length chestnut hair, Catherine's stance changed slightly as she assessed the situation like a CEO scolding her underlings, trying to be an assertive and respect-commanding parent despite the fact that she was still holding the huge grocery bag which humorously covered her entire torso.

Before she could get an answer, the other two Katies made their way down the stairs into the living room after hearing the commotion. Catherine looked at her two -- now, technically five -- children, trying to figure out what to say next. Finally, the words came. "EroTech? Katie, what were you thinking messing with that kind of experimental technology?"

Jonathon's eyes went wide. He knew his mom worked in tech and was knowledgable about the latest innovations in the field, but it hadn't occurred to him now that anyone else in the world knew about EroTech Worldwide or its incredible switch that sat on the couch next to him. He hadn't thought about how any of this morning's events fit into the rest of the world - mostly, he'd just assumed he was dreaming this whole time, and he still wasn't ruling that out.

"Mom, I know this seems crazy, I was freaking out a few minutes ago too." Said one of the Katies standing by the stairs. "But now I'm starting to get the hang of it and it's actually really great!"

"Just now I was able to clean my room, get some midterm prep done, and spend time with Jonny, too!" the other Katie by the stairs said, again picking up the timing of her speech seamlessly across bodies, as if they were connected telepathically.

"We need to be really careful, Katie," said Catherine, disoriented by the concept of making eye contact with four identical copies of her daughter. "Those machines are still in development and the changes to your body - er, bodies, aren't reversible. We just need to get a handle on this before something else happens."

"It's okay mom, Jonny's got a handle on it," said the Katie on the couch to the left of her brother, putting her arm around him affectionately. "I don't even understand half the things he was telling me about this machine, but it's already paying off for me so far! Where did that thing go, anyway?"

"Oh, it's right there on the table," said the Katie on the right of Jonathon. The conversation was moving so quickly, Jonathon hadn't even said a word yet and was barely keeping up. "Come on, Jonny, tell mom what you were telling me before."

"We can't take any chances -- there are multiple settings for these machines, and the trigger to duplicate could be anything," Catherine said, cutting off Jonathan before he could warn her about the settings of the device. And before he could cut back in, she turned to him and said, "Johnny, do you know what causes the duplication to happen?"

As soon as she said that, Catherine winced in pain. "Oooooooh, nevermind --"

Catherine staggered and dropped the bag of groceries. Her sturdy, six-foot frame buckled as her head slowly stretched and bent the frame of her cat-eye glasses. When it seemed that the glasses were just about to break in two, a third lens frame began forming in the middle to match a third eye, just like with Katie before.

The five Katies and Jonathon watched in shock a, reality itself warped as their mother's head slowly split into two, fully formed, identical heads, with glasses, earrings, perfectly groomed hair and all. Within a minute, the whole process had cascaded down her shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and feet, until finally there were two identical Catherines standing before them.

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Rated: G     Author: threemoon <threemoon14 @ gmail · com>
Oct 22, 2018   04:38