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A small chain reaction

Episode #9443
Katie was absolutely loving the high she was riding from her repeated duplication.  Now she had 5 bodies, each capable of acting completely autonomously while still being the same person and sharing the same consciousness.  It felt so liberating to her, she was no longer limited to a single task or location.  But she was still limited to 5 tasks or locations.

That made her wonder if there was a limit to just how many bodies she could have.  Well, it made the Katies in her bedroom wonder that.  Out in the living room, the two Katies on the couch were focused on talking with her younger brother and playing his video game.

One of the newest Katies, standing by the door, held the switch in her hand.  Two other Katies sat on the bed and smiled at her standing self.  Katie at the door flipped the switch to the off position and took a deep breath to savor the anticipation.  All of her knew what she was going to do.  Then she flipped it back on again.

"Time for some more!" both sitting Katies jubilantly said.

Immediately they began to split.  The other Katies had no trouble suppressing the pain and discomfort the two splitting Katies were experiencing, she was getting very good at isolating pain across bodies.

Just 45 seconds later, faster than before, there were 4 Katies lying on the bed, bringing her total number of bodies to 7.  Before she could speak or move, all 4 Katies started to stretch out and split again.  The standing Katie's mouth hung open as she observed yet another duplication.

This time the duplication only took about 40 seconds, leaving 8 Katies barely fitting on her bed.  Her many new pairs of eyes flew open and she sat up and looked around, 8 times over.

Grins rapidly spread across her 8 new faces as she nearly instantly adapted to 11 bodies.

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Sep 23, 2018   16:48