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More sneaky and devious experiments

Episode #9447
12 hours and six more Katies later, Katie was speaking in Japanese to a man in Tokyo. She had spent the time figuring out the limits of the switch and its effects on the human mind.

Would the remote work over a phone line connection?

Sudden pain was felt by Katie across the street. Even from so far away, she could feel the pain of that Katie. However, it was more diminished as though she had a headache from expanding her mind a little further.

If she focused, could she see through the mind of the other Katie?

Kinda, but the other Katies had a harder time if they were further away from the largest mass of Katies. When all of the Katies are away from each, they feel more independent, but coming closer together synchronizes their memories.

Could she learn faster if she studied with more than one Katie


Thus the conversation, now was a test. Katie went to the fastest where she knew she would be able to talk to someone. She wasn't certain, but it appeared that he was in the JAV industry and was trying to convince her to get into porn. While she wasn't that enthusiastic to doing that, the man was very insistent. She was in the middle of talking to her when a woman's voice called from the distance.

Katie recognized the voice from the porn that she liked to watch. She was eager to flip on the switch at just the right moment so she could duplicate....

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Oct 15, 2018   16:02