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Octuple Katies

Episode #9448
The Katies heard a knock on their door. They froze up for a moment.

"It's us," said her own voice from outside.

One of the Katies (the one that did not just split herself a few moments earlier) opened the door to find her other duo of bodies.

"Where's Jonny?" she asked.

"Asleep," said one of her clones as they entered the bedroom.

"It'll be a while before he wakes up and finds out it's missing." said the other as she locked the door behind her before turning her attention to the other two Katies in the room. "So it works on us too, huh?"

"Yeah," said the Katie holding the switch as she sat down on the bed.

One of the standing Katies suddenly had a realization. "Wait, how come you get to split?"

"Yeah, it's not fair." The other two added.

However, the Katie holding the switch only smirked. The other three bodies suddenly collapsed on the floor. The smirking Katie also clutched her head in pain, as did her other body on the bed, as she dropped the switch, which was now turned on, on the mattress.

When the pain subsided, both Katies on the bed stood up and looked at her handiwork, as three Katies were now split into six.

"So now-" one of them said.

"-we're even?" the other finished.

"Yeah...we're even now." the six other bodies smirked as they got back up.

Katie could only be thrilled at now inhabiting 8 bodies at once. She grinned eight times over as she knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

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Rated: G     Author: TheMultiplier
Sep 23, 2018   08:36