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A much larger chain reaction

Episode #9461
Two Katies on the bed had just turned into 8 Katies.  She didn't understand exactly why that happened, but only 1 brain cared.  Her 10 other brains were too happy about the sudden influx of bodies to care about the specifics.

The one brain that cared happened to be in the body holding the switch.  Her 8 bodies on the bed lounged and hugged herselves, completely lost in the sensations of being both sides of many many hugs.  With a few bodies she tentatively kissed other Katies on the cheek or forehead, but she wasn't quite ready to dive into anything more risque.

Still, one of Katie's brains was confused and curious.  She should have duplicated once, into 4 Katies on the bed... Not twice.  Something was odd to her.  She paced back and forth in front of the door, staring at the switch.

Not wanting to accidentally trigger more changes while Jonathon was there, one Katie out in the living room got up and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.  Once the door was locked, the other Katie in the living room apologized to her little brother, saying she really had to pee but didn't realize it.  Jonathon apparently bought it because he didn't ask any further.

Back in her bedroom, the Katie holding the switch looked between the switch and her 8 bodies cavorting on the bed.  Despite all of them being the same girl with a single consciousness, none of the bodies on her bed cared what her standing bed was concerned with.  She was simply too occupied with exploring her new expanded and multiplied senses.  Without thinking, the Katie holding the button said "I wonder how that happened... I don't think I should have split twice..."

Suddenly the standing Katie's eyes went wide, and all 8 Katies on the bed stopped what they were doing and looked over at standing Katie.  The moment the standing Katie start to felt the duplication, all of her felt it.

She duplicated quickly and with almost no pain.  It seemed that the more she duplicated, the less painful it became.  Her two resulting bodies had about 2 seconds to breath before they also started to split.

Katie hungrily watched on from her many perches on the bed, eagerly awaiting more bodies.  Four new Katie bodies open their eyes over at the door.  Then started to split for a 3rd time.

A few more of Katie's brains began to wonder why she was duplicating multiple times.  If this kept up much longer, it could threaten to create so many Katies that she would be unable to fit in the house.  A Katie from the bed stood up and looked for where the switch had fallen.  She was knocked over as a new body collided with her, and looked up just in time to see her 8 new bodies open their eyes and start to split for a 4th time.

A mixture of panic and euphoria swam across all of Katie's brains.  She didn't know when, or if, she would stop duplicating.  But at the same time, she was enjoying the prospects of having so many more bodies.  Though she was extra concerned about whether she would be able to fit into a single building... and whether she should be concerned about that.

16 new bodies got a glimpse of the world before splitting again.  Katie's bedroom had become very cramped, there were bodies laying directly on top of other bodies, not even touching the carpet.  One of the conscious Katies managed to find the switch and pulled it out of the mess of many duplicating bodies.

She had come to a hypothesis: 8 of her had heard her 1 body speak.  That would mean, that one source body was due to duplicate 8 times in total.  That body was about to finish its 5th duplication... There were still 3 left to go, and some quick mental math told her that should would be gaining 256 bodies if her hypothesis was correct.

Katie looked down at the switch, and decided to...

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Sep 23, 2018   17:12