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Episode #9468
Katie flipped off the switch and waited anxiously.  The ongoing split finished and 32 new pairs of eyes opened.  32 new brains started to think.  She almost expected it to be overwhelming, but it felt so incredibly natural.

Her many mouths hung open in amazement as Katie's consciousness adjusted to existing in and across 42 identical bodies.  She waited, cautious and unsure if turning off the switch had worked.  Seconds passed by agonizingly slowly.

She was a little uncomfortable; the rapid duplication in a confined space had caused her bodies to literally pile up.  The chain duplication had strewn her bodies all over the room, including in a 3 deep pile just in front of the door.  A few of her bodies had no contact with the carpet at all - they were suspended entirely through skin contact on her other bodies... and at the same time were supporting even more bodies on top of them.

But she was hesitant to try to untangle herselves just yet.  Not until she knew she wasn't going to keep duplicating.  One of her had a nasty headache from when a duplicating body had fallen over and accidentally elbowed her directly on the skull.  Instead she remain as still as she could, isolating all discomfort within each individual body.

After about 10 seconds she collectively let out a sigh of relief.

Oops, 40 of the same woman in a locked room sighing at exactly the same time was... loud.  So loud it got Jonathon's attention out in the living room.  He turned and looked at the Katie sitting next to him on the sofa.

"What was that?"


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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Sep 24, 2018   23:21