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The secret 40

Episode #9475
Having 42 minds was certainly a great boon to Katie, letting her think about so many different things at once.  Or think about one thing many times at once.  And that's just what she did when Jonathon asked her if she had heard the muffled collective sigh that escaped from her bedroom.

Prior to her change, there was no way Katie would have come with a reasonable excuse.  But now... it was easy for her.  She had heard the sound from the same place as Jonathon, so she knew exactly what it sounded like.  It had been indistinct and muffled.  It could easily be mistaken for another sound.  There was an easy excuse but it was... crude.

Katie's body sitting next to Jonathon blushed a deep red.  She averted eye contact, knowing she had to sell it.  "I... I farted.  Are you happy now!?"

The Katie who had been locked in the bathroom quickly dashed some water on her hands and came out, blushing just as deeply, and acting embarrassed.  "Uh... excuse me."

Jonathon turned beet red.  "Sorry..."  He turned back to the TV and sitting Katie started to play again.  Intent on distracting him further, the body that just came out of the restroom picked up 2 other controllers and offered one to him.

"Come on, let's do some co-op."

Internally, Katie was mentally high-fiving herself for the successful distraction.  But that only lasted a few seconds, then her many attentions turned to untangling her bodies.  Out in the living room she cranked up the volume on the TV.

In her bedroom, Katie's many bodies slowly extricated herselves from the mess she had wound up in.  Despite moving slowly and carefully, she still touched, bumped, and in a few cases even accidentally groped her other bodies.  The sheer number of moving bodies was far too many for a single mind to handle, and even a little too much for 40 new minds to handle.  But she remembered her first split, how she had gotten better at controlling multiple bodies as timed passed.  She was confident that in no time at all, this sort of action would be no trouble at all.

But for the time being, she was doing her best in getting her many selves upright.  Except for the bodies on the bed - those were fine where they were, providing a set of 7 visual overviews of the chaos.

It took her nearly 2 minutes but Katie eventually managed to get all of her selves up on her feet.  She looked around, only just taking in the real impact of what had happened to her.  No, what she had done to herselves.

Her boundless optimism from before had dampened to cautious optimism.  Overall she was happy with the change and the many positive effects it could have on her.  But doubts crept into the back of her minds - had she gone too far, was it really going to be worth it, how would her mom react?

Katie then decided to...

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Sep 25, 2018   21:26