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The 14th Machine War {No Spoilers}

Episode #9479
One day, humanity came under assault from Robotic Lifeforms. Soon humankind retreated to the moon and eventually created Androids. They told the Androids to fight against the Robots and reclaim earth for Humanity! However, a total of 13 wars have been fought against the Robotic factions that now inhabit the Earth. It is now the year 11945 A.D, and a 14th Machine war has been raging on for only four years, and plenty of resources have already been lost in the fighting and countless casualties on both sides of the conflict. YoRHa command decided that it is now time for a more rank and file approach to warfare like in humanities history.

"So, are you sure the 2B models will work together well in a squad?"  "Yes! After much testing, It appears that the 2B units can sync well together. However, they would have to be created at the same time so their production models would be one after another. Otherwise, the two wouldn't recognize each other as say 'Family' for simplicity's sake."

"Family...? How strange, I've never heard of such a thing occurring in Androids." "That is true, commander. However, the Ai within these newer models is different than the one in the older models. Creating squads of two Family members could prove to be a useful combat squad."

The Commander mulls over these options in her head, who knows what a loss of a Family member could cause to an Ai...

And so the commander decides...

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Rated: G     Author: The Commander
Sep 26, 2018   21:30