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Pleasure Comes Before the Discovery

Episode #9489
Now that the dust had finally settled, Katie realized something about herself:  accidentally groping herself many times while trying to get untangled was making her feel incredibly horny.  However, since she was afraid of making too much noise if she started an orgy, she took a different course of action: only have sex using the bodies who got groped.

And so, she got her seven bodies off the bed to make room for the 15 or so who were feeling... stimulated.  Many hands reached out to strip down her bodies, taking off her shirts, pulling down her skirts, and sensuously removing her lingerie.  Katie took every opportunity to sneak some squeezes of those 15 pairs of breasts, especially when she was purposely fumbling to remove the bras despite knowing full well how to do it properly.  At the moment she finally got one body fully undressed, the other bodies immediately pushed her down onto the bed and began ravishing her.  Seconds later, another Katie finished undressing, and hopped onto the bed to begin passionately kissing her clone.  Their tongues fought for dominance, making for one of the hungriest French kisses ever seen.  Both of them gyrated their hips, rubbing their pussies together and causing them to begin moaning softly.

All the while, 13 other Katies quickly join in on the fun.  Seeing the two on the bed grinding on each other, two of the Katies appear on either side and begin to try licking the first two's breasts, seeing how often they can capture both nipples of the mashing breasts in their mouths.  While doing this, their free hands traveled down to stimulate their own pussies, adding to the shared pleasures of the entire group.  Another Katie came up behind one of these bodies, and began massaging her breasts from behind, flicking her index fingers over her nipple or even tweaking them from time to time.  The remaining 7 Katies also joined in to start licking her other bodies all over, giving special attention to her necks, her thighs, and the underside of her boobs.  All the while, Katie devoted her remaining 29 eyes to watching the erotic spectacle before her, trying not to succumb to the temptation to begin masturbating.

As the lovemaking continued, the increasing pleasures of Katie's multiplied lovemaking seemed to be echoed around her shared consciousness, causing a feedback loop that made it feel better and better as time went on.  All her licking, groping, mashing, scissoring and grinding built up higher and higher until she finally experienced 15 orgasms at once.  No matter how much she wanted to stay quiet to avoid catching Jonathan's attention, Katie couldn't repress the desire to let out fifteen screams of pleasure.

Down in the living room, Jonathan heard it.  "Okay, there's no way that was a fart!"  And with that, he ran up to Katie's room before she could stop him.  Opening the door, Jonathan was floored at the sight before him.  In fact, he couldn't even see the naked bodies on the bed past Katie's other crowd of bodies.  "What. The. Heck?" was all that he could mumble out.

Sheepishly, the 3 Katies closest to the door let our nervous chuckles and all in unison said "Sorry...?"  After Johnny came to grips with what he was seeing (and her nude bodies put back on some clothes), they explained to him about sneaking off with the switch and finding out how the chain reaction started.

"Please don't be mad!" begged Katie.

"I... can't do anything about it I guess," stated her brother. "However, you do know I want that switch back, right?"

Feeling a bit guilty, Katie surrendered the switch without any resistance, and Johnny put it into his pocket.


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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Sep 26, 2018   02:07