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Going Out

Episode #9493
Checking his watch, Jonathan noticed it was almost time to pick up Eva, his girlfriend.  And since they were going to a late showing of a brand new X-Men movie, he couldn't be late.  So after bidding Katie goodbye (and hoping nothing bad happens leaving his 42-bodied sister alone in the house), Jonathan quickly left the house without even stopping to change his clothes to something nicer for a date.

Arriving at Eva's house, he found her standing out front dressed very nicely, though still casual.  Eva was definitely one of the most beautiful girls in Jonathan's school, and he still couldn't believe how he managed to become her boyfriend.  Her long raven-colored hair had a marvelous sheen to it, and she had all the right curves with breasts that had to at least be D's, and full hips to complete the hourglass figure.  Opening the door, he let her in the car and they went off to the theater.  Along they way, Johnny couldn't stop thinking about Katie and her clones, but did his best to talk about other things with his girlfriend instead.

A couple hours later, they emerged from the theater in high spirits, and Jonathan had completely forgot about Katie.  But when they finally got to the car and he felt the switch in his pocket, it reminded him of what transpired.  Right after unlocking the car, he stayed outside of it for a second and asked Eva a question.

"So, seeing how Multiple Man could make all those clones of himself in that movie, it got me wondering.  Wouldn't it be cool if someone could be in two places at once?"

Eva smiled at the question and thought about it for a moment.  Finally she replied, "sure, I could think of a lot of fun things I could do with more than one 'me' running around.  Though, are you sure you could satisfy two hot girlfriends?"

Johnny gave a small gulp at the thought of being sandwiched between two Evas, but then continued, "well, what if I told you there was a way to do it, would you want to?"

"I highly doubt it, but sure, I'd be all for it.  Heck, I might even fall in love with myself!" Eva said while giggling.

At that moment, Johnathan decided to...

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Sep 26, 2018   02:45