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Bowsette Time!

Episode #9505
Before anyone got to test out the power-up, Bowser smashed the castle wall. The noise startled Toadette,  throwing the crown in the air.

"Mwah ha ha ha," Bowser laughed. "Peach my dear,  why don't we spend some time together now?  Too bad,  you're coming with me!"

Peach and Toadette had no response,  just looking at Bowser dumbfounded.

"Why aren't you responding? " Asked a very confused Bowser. "Is it something I said?"

"Peach!" Mario walked in after hearing the noise. "I thought I heard-a Bowser coming so- MAMA MIA! Who is the goth-a Peach-a?"

"What?" Bowser then looked at a nearby mirror and saw that the crown fell on his head,  making him look a lot like Peach, but with a black dress, horns, and fangs.

"Well then," Bowser said, taken aback by this situation. Realizing that Mario thought he was a second Peach, he grabbed Peach and ran off to his airship, leaving a confused Mario and Toadette.

"Kamek, get me out of here!" He ordered.  "And don't question the appearance,  just go!"

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Rated: G     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Nov 06, 2018   22:38