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Over the edge

Episode #951
The two Sophitias glared at each other; around them, the pieces of their swords littered their battle field. They were completely disarmed but no less determined.

The two grecian women began to slowly circle each other, each look for an opening to attack; now that the battle had degenerated to a pure hand to hand fight, they were both being more cautious. Sophitia had little to no experience fighting without her weapons, and with the stakes of this battle, she couldn't afford to make any errors.

They were totally focused on what who was in front of them, and the upcoming battle, so they failed to realize their precarious situation: the room they were in was old and decrepit. It had been falling about before they chose it for the site of their battle, and while they'd done little but attack each other, the constant shifting around and stomping had had more of an effect than either had realized.

"...wha...?" Both Sophitia's were suddenly caught off guard when a wall just to the left collapsed. They barely had time to register this when the floor also began to fall away. "No!"

With almost no time to think, both Sophitias leapt to the side, away from the collapsing floor, hoping to reach solid ground, but luck wasn't with them.

The Sophitia to the right was only able to just barely grasp the edge of the collapsed room with one hand, leaving her dangling from there. The Sophitia on the left was more unlucky; just before she could grab the floor, a chunk of it fell away, causing her hand to grab only air. For a moment it seemed this would be her end as she desperately flailed about, but then she just barely spied something within her reach and grabbed for it, hoping it was something that would keep her from falling to her death.

That thing that Sophitia grabbed happened to be the free arm of the Sophitia who'd managed to grab an uncollapsed part of the floor, and she was suddenly caught off guard by a sudden weight on her arm. Looking down, she spotted her double gripping her hand with her own, hanging on for dear life.

"What are you doing!?" The first Sophitia yelled. "Release me, or you'll pull us both down!"

"Are you mad?!" The second retorted. "If I do that, I fall to my death! "

"Well I can't pull you up! You're too heavy!"

"Who are you calling heavy? Maybe you're just too weak!"

They exchanged death glares again, but that didn't change their situation: one Sophitia wouldn't let go, and the other couldn't climb up.

"Let me go! Your weight might cause the rest of the floor to collapse!"

"No! Pull me up and then I can do the same for you!"

"Why should I trust you?"

"You don't have a choice! You said yourself we'll both fall if we stay like this! Plus then you'll be able to use your other arm to save yourself!"

The Sophitia who was hanging from the edge frowned. Her twin had a point, but she wasn't sure if she or the ledge had that much strength.

"If I try to do that, we could both fall!"

"If you don't we'll both fall anyway!"

That was their situation: do or die. Trust each other or fall to their dooms.

Sophitia continued to stare at Sophitia, wondering what she should do.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Dec 09, 2017   23:03