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2B + 2B + 2B

Episode #9513
It was just like another day in the Bunker as 2B has been called by the Commander.

“What could it be? More machines wrecking havoc? But where? And why commander specifically asked for me?” 2B tough as she walked through the Bunker’s corridors.

It seemed that there was a new special mission, exclusive to her, that Commander needed her to execute.

Soon, she reached the command center and found her superior waiting for her.

“2B, your next task won’t involve eliminating machines.” The commander explained.

“Pardon?” 2B asked, clearly confused.

“I need you to help two new YoRHa androids trough standard testing to make sure they are ready for the field work.”

“But why me?” 2B asked curious. She was a combat type android, not one that examines other androids.

“You’ll see.” The Commander replied as she calls the new recruits.

When the new androids appeared, 2B’s eyes widen behind of her black blindfold as she just stares, speechless, to newcomers in front of her.

Standing in front of her and the Commander are a pair of 2B units, completely identical to her in every aspect.

“2B, meet 2B and 2B. Your little ‘sisters’. They will be under your care during the tests.” The Commander explained as she presented the new duo to 2B.

In response to this, the new pair of 2b simply exclaimed:

“Glory to Mankind!” They made a salute gesture to their predecessor and ‘bigger’ sister.

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Rated: G     Author: Some random guy
Sep 29, 2018   18:38