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Walk to the test area

Episode #9526
Three identical white haired and beauties walked through the halls of the Bunker, making many of their fellows androids gasp in shock at seeing how identical they seemed to be.

The commander's proposal was still something new and not everybody was used to it. Especially a certain white haired Scanner model android.

2B proceed to take 2B and 2B to the testing area. She was charged with ‘inspecting’ these units and would follow her orders until the end.

Commander explained to her how YoRHa came with a new plan to combat the machine lifeforms: The mass production of an already existing efficient unit and transfer all the data the original android possesed to her copies, her new ‘little sisters’.

A plan to build a network like link with her and these copies would be implemented too. It was one where they would not only share memories, but also their minds and other things.

For now, two 2B model units have been produced and more are to come from the line of production.

The android in question just happened to be 2B and that’s why she was needed to check 2B and 2B functions and see if they would operate properly..

She wasn’t against it, but it felt strange, imagining that dozens of her will be soon walking through the Bunker and Earth in the future alongside her. All of them working together to wipe away the machines for humanity’s sake.

‘And these two are only the first ones of many more that will come…’ 2B mused while looking at 2B and 2B.

“Is something wrong, ma’am?” One of her copies asked her, curious.

2B soon snapped out of her thoughts and noticed that she has been staring at the other 2B’s breasts for some time.

And she felt aroused doing that. Wait, what?

“It’s nothing, 2B. Let’s keep going.” She promptly replied to her copy and they kept walking.

‘Is something wrong with my systems?’ The original 2B thought as she was now staring at the asses of her duplicates until the three finally arrived at their destination.

“We’re here. Let’s begin the test procedures.” 2B told to the new units 2B and 2B.

“Yes, ma’am.” Both followed after her.

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Rated: G     Author: Some random guy <williamyuta97 @ gmail · com>
Oct 01, 2018   19:44