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More lustful things happened intstead

Episode #9550
Katie was about to his the switch when suddenly a groping feel caused her to drop it, unflipped instead. Behind her, Katie's clones were having an orgy of fun to distract themselves. At the sound of the last moan, the man had given up. He assumed that another industry was trying to play a rank on him. He hung up, without saying another word.

Meanwhile, Katie turned back at the orgasmic scene in front of her. One Katie was eating chips from a bowl on the bed. Her left hand guided a Katie's head into her clit as she squirmed while the right dug for another one to eat.

The Katie eating herself out was also playing footsie with another Katie that faced away from her. That Katie had her sweater and panties on and was studying Japanese on their computer. She had a pair of headphones in, but she did keep a hand free to occasionally move pieces on the board next to her. Three more Katies played a strip game of Sorry, forcing themselves to strip a piece of clothing every time one of their pieces was forced back to the beginning. One of them had run out of clothes, and was playing as a partner with another Katie who had offered her clothes into the pile so long as the naked Katie was eating her out for the rest of the game. She was still doing that.

Katie knew that Jonathon was spending the night with his girlfriend, so she had the house all to herself today. She pondered briefly about what to do...

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Rated: X     Author: funkenterprise2
Oct 19, 2018   14:29