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A sudden change of heart

Episode #9571
"Wh-wh-what?!?" Jonathon stammered.  His jaw hung open, barely able to comprehend his two-bodied mother asking to be duplicated again.  Especially after that tongue lashing.

"Jeeze mom, why the sudden change of heart?" Katie asked.

Their mom, Catherine in 2 bodies, looked at both Jonathon and Katie.  She opened a mouth to speak but didn't.  She paused and closed her mouth.  A few seconds of silence passed.

Everyone sat uneasily and finally one of the Catherines spoke, "I'm glad you asked me that Katie.  There was something about the duplication process.  It's... infectiously invigorating.  I assume know what I mean, Katie.  After it happened to me, I just wanted it to happen again.  Like it was the only logical thing to do."

"Do you still want to duplicate again?" Katie asked.  There was a hint of eagerness in her voice, and two Katies leaned forward over the couch as she spoke.

Both Catherines shook their heads.  "No, I meant what I said earlier.  It's powerful, dangerous, and permanent.  Not something we should rush into.  Especially not when we're influenced by whatever that drug-like passion is.  That's the worst time!"  She turned to Jonathon, "I don't know where you got that, but we need to do something about it."

Jonathon showed the note that came with the switch to his mom, making a point to show her the URL printed on the back. "It was just on the porch.  I didn't see who left it."

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Nov 10, 2018   01:50