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Multitasking like a proper multibodied woman

Episode #9590
One of the two Katies leaning over the back of the couch reached forward and grabbed hold of Jonathon's wrist, moving his hand so she could see the paper he held.

"Hey!  What're you doing?"  Jonathon jerked back away and glared at the Katie behind him.

"Oh relax, I just wanted to read it."  Katie rolled her eyes and leaned closer.  He held the paper out again so she had a clear view of it.

In her room, another of Katie's bodies sat at her computer and typed in the URL as she read it off the paper her brother held... in a completely different room.  She giggled quietly at the euphoria that washed over her as she utilized her new multiple bodied existence in a way she never could have as a single-bodied person.  Reading something with 1 body, and using that information instantaneously with another body felt so easy and natural yet completely foreign and new.

The website loaded and Katie was surprised to see that it was an e-shop.  Specifically, a license purchase page for the EroTech switch.  It asked for a unit serial number.  Katie sitting at the computer rolled her eyes.

Out in the living room, Jonathon and Catherine still hadn't made any headway.  Catherine had overlooked the URL and focused instead on the phrasing of the note.  The other Catherine was in the kitchen looking up EroTech in the phone book.  Katie had offered a few minor suggestions, but nothing very helpful - it was more of a ruse to prevent them from discovering she was doing research on her own.

One Katie walked around to the front of the couch and sat down next to Jonathon, "Hey Jonny, can I see the switch?"

Jonathon glared at her suspiciously.  "Why?"

"I just want to see if it has a serial number.  Something we could use to track it down."

Jonathon paused for a few seconds to think about the request, then held the switch out so Katie could see it.  He rotated it and they both saw a 12-digit long serial number composed entirely of numbers and letters ranging from A-F.

"Huh, so it does.  What are you thinking, sis?  Can we use this?"

Katie shrugged as her other self at the computer typed in the serial number.  "I dunno.  Maybe?  It looks super generic, I was hoping for something more specific, like from the movies.  Like 'ERO-DUP1' or something. It's a starting point, at least."

Back at the computer, the serial number brought up a webpage with prices to purchase a license for the switch, accessories, or even other switches.  Katie glanced at her purse next to the computer, where her student credit card was, and considered the options and possible ramifications.

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Nov 10, 2018   02:18