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The EroTechConfigurator

Episode #9598
The purchase went through quickly and without much hassle.  The cost had set Katie back about a month on her food budget, but she wasn't very concerned with that right now.   Now that she had 4 bodies, getting a job wouldn't take away time from school.  It seemed like such a simple and obvious solution - she could work, go to school, and still have 2 bodies to relax and have fun!

But Katie was curious and wanted to see what else the miraculous device could do.  A confirmation e-mail arrived in her inbox and her phone beeped to let her know she got mail.  Simultaneously, from all 4 of her back right pocket.  A bit surprised, all 4 Katies reached into her pants and pulled out 4 identical phones.

"Huh, I think this thing duplicated my phone" she commented out in the living room.  Jonathan took a little bit of interest in that, but their mom, Catherine, completely ignored it.

The e-mail had a link to download and install a phone app to configure the switch.   A quick install and all 4 of Katie's phones had the EroTechConfigurator installed.  One Katie in the living room, who wasn't sitting at the switch, opened the app and poked around in it, curious what options it had.  Meanwhile, the Katie sitting on the couch continued to chat with Jonathon and suggest barely useful things to continue to lead her family on.  She still didn't want them to know what she was up to... at least not yet.

The number of options surprised Katie, but some of them were locked behind a higher tier license.  The unlocked options included things like "Subject awareness of change: on", "Positive emotional reinforcement: on", and even "Physical variance: 0%".

She kept scrolling and came to the very large and complex Mind section.  She noted that right now it was using a default called "Personal Hivemind".  Tapping on the defaults revealed a dropdown with many options, including "Identical unlinked, friendly", "Identical unlinked, competitive", "Synchronized individual", "Unsychronized individual, emotionally linked", "Additive Hivemind", "Adaptive Hivemind", and many more.

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java <ruffus_java @ yahoo · com>
Nov 10, 2018   02:40