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Additive Hivemind

Episode #9608
The Katie in the living room continued to scroll through the menu options, pretending to text someone. At the same time, she wondered - if I did text someone on this phone, would the same message sync up on my other three phones, the same way our brains sync up? One of the Katies in the bedroom laughed at the thought of this.

She stopped at the 'Additive Hivemind' menu option. Granted, she didn't completely understand what it meant, but she knew that she loved the feeling of having four bodies, being so connected throughout the house and being able to do so many things at once.

As she clicked the option, a drop-down appeared with a list of subjects and an unfilled check box. In the list of subjects she could see two entries: Katie and Catherine. Strangely enough, there were even pictures of the two of them!

Katie pressed a question mark on the app that promised to explain what 'Additive Hivemind' meant. A box on-screen presented the answer: 'Adds selected subjects to a larger hivemind shared by both subjects, who can control all duplicated bodies as one.'

Katie raised her eyebrows at this. What exactly did this mean? She would have to test the setting to find out. With some hesitation, she clicked the check box next to her own name, bracing for a change. But, nothing happened.

"Katie, are you okay?" asked one of the Catherines, noticing her wince. "What's wrong?" the other added.

"I'm fine! Just held in a sneeze too long," Katie deflected. It freaked her out how good she was at lying to her mom on the spot sometimes. Katie looked down at the app, wondering why nothing had changed. She figured since she was the only subject added to the Additive Hivemind, it wouldn't feel any different than how things already did. She would have to add her mother, too. So she took a deep breath, and eagerly pressed the button.

Instantly, all of the Katies and Catherines felt a change. The sensation of experiencing the same thoughts in multiple bodies was one thing to get used to, but this was something entirely different. Katie could fully sense Catherine's two bodies, and Catherine could fully sense Katie's four. They each now felt six distinct presences throughout the house.

Acclimating to the new changes, Katie could sense that she had equal control over her mother's bodies, and could even sense her mother's thoughts. At the same exact time, Catherine could sense that she had equal control over Katie's bodies, and could even sense her daughter's thoughts. They thought these things to themselves, in a two-voiced inner monologue that was now accessible to both of them. It felt like their trains of thought were echoing one another, going round and round until finally synchronizing. It felt incredible.

The two Katies on the couch looked at Catherines on the couch with amazement, while the two Catherines looked back at the Katies with equal amazement. None of them said anything - but they didn't have to. They were having a silent, instant, perfect mental connection in the greater hivemind as they grappled to understand this new state of being.

Separated in the bedroom, the two other Katie bodies simply stared at each other, like in a mirror. This was different than before - this wasn't Katie looking back at herself in a different body. This was Katie and Catherine looking back at Katie and Catherine through two sets of Katie's eyes. It felt unreal.

Without skipping a beat, as the silence in the house continued for a moment to Jonathon's confusion, all of the Katies and Catherines locked eyes with another and nodded confidently. Together, as mother and daughter, they all thought the exact same thing.

"We are one."

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Rated: G     Author: threemoon <threemoon14 @ gmail · com>
Nov 12, 2018   15:24