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Episode #9643
The coach split the class into two groups. Emma and Katie both end up on the same group as they line up for the run. They look around at their competition and see they are the only two from the more competitive runners in the class. They exchange glares as they plan on being the one who wins the run. The second the whistle blows for their group to run they burst into a full-on sprint leaving all the other students in the dust. For running their speed is fairly impressive, not Olympics worthy but faster than the average women their age. To their complete disdain, they are completely evenly matched. As they run down the path they do everything they can to gain speed. Widen their strides, adjust breathing to make sure oxygen is not being wasted, even swinging arms slightly more trying to help to push them forward between strides to save a tiny bit of energy in their legs. Nothing works as they pass the last corner with lots of trees and tall grass blocking the view of most of the running path behind them. they both make a final effort to beat the other with a sudden surge of adrenaline wanting to be the winner and have bragging rights against the other and to show off who's the superior runner to their best friend Naomi. Their left feet land exactly on the finish line in perfect sync. "I totally won that!" Katie announces milliseconds before Emma can "What no way you were behind me!"
"Obviously you weren't because I managed to win."
"Please, you haven't been first to do anything. I'm always picking up your losing slack to keep our reputation somewhat better than everyone else."

The two of them step up nose to nose trying to intimidate the other while still breathing heavily from the running they just did. Neither of them blinks or show any signs of standing down. interrupts 

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Dec 20, 2018   19:33