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Look what you’ve done!

Episode #9742
“I don’t know... this is very strange...” original Alice said slowly.

“You’re me!”
“You’re me!” both Alices said in unison, seemingly ignoring the single tangled braid.

“No...” the original Alice said, growing a bit annoyed.

“No, I’m me...” the other Alice said, feeling the tug on her hair. “And your hair is stuck to mine...”

“Get off!”
“Get off!” The said in unison, trying to push each other away before feeling the braid tighten. In their shoving and pulling, they turned around, back to back, and tried pushing each other’s backs and butts to separate. In swinging around, their other braid swung too and hit each other, tangling instantly.

“Ouch!” They squealed, stuck back to back with their braids linking them.

“This is your fault...”
“This is your fault...”

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 21, 2018   06:39