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In Sync.

Episode #9746
“Are you ready?” Lily asked Sophia, holding her elbow out.

“Let’s do this.” Sophia nodded and grinned, linking her arm with Lily’s.

The twins left the bathroom arm and arm. While they were identical and pretty close, the twins rarely dressed identically. Some people in the crowded halls turned and watched the twins go to their class. It was definitely a rare sight.

Walking into their free period, their best friend Callie and classmate Aubrey spot them.

“Oh shit, look at Soph and Lil...” Callie says, pointing.

“Don’t you mean Lil and Soph?” Aubrey asks. A couple other girls snicker.

“No, I swear, I know my best friends.” Callie says, confidently.

“Who’s who? Seriously this is freaking me out!” Cassidy, Aubrey’s best friend, laughs, demanding to know.

The twins grin.

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 21, 2018   06:54