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Ha Ha, Very Funny

Episode #9773
"It's okay Callie not everyone is as observant as us. By the way, do you think you can tell us apart." Cassidy asks indicating herself and Aubrey. They quickly do matching poses as if it makes them look alike in any form. Callie gives a sarcastic laugh as the twins are actually amused at the result of their dressing alike for the hour.

"I know, we might as well be clones," Aubrey says sinking down a little so she and Cassidy are the same size. Callie glares while trying not to smile at the amusing sight of them trying to pass as similarly looking at all. Between Aubrey's red hair taller stature not matching Cassidy light brown hair and more toned but slightly shorter build they only thing they have in common is similar green eyes and matching nose piercings.

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Rated: G     Author: TwinsApocalypse
Dec 22, 2018   01:53