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This may have been a mistake

Episode #9776
They both lean in towards their reflection, getting a better look at how bad their hair was tangled together. I looked as if they intentionally braided their hair together.
"How is this even possible?" One of them asks as they both begin to fumble with their braided pigtail. Their hands keep overlapping as they try to move each other out of the way wanting to be the one who separates them. aggressive hand slaps and bickering continue as they continue to get in each other's way, making any progress slow if that.
"Okay, this is getting us nowhere if you keep putting your hand in the way."
"You're the one tangling our pigtail worse then it already is. I'm just trying to fix it."
"Whatever, we wouldn't even be in this mess if I didn't kiss you."
"I kissed you and have been regretting it ever since. You're just lucky we have amazing hair or I'd just find scissors and cut yours off to save on time."
Finally, they both put their hands on the sink's countertop taking a break and simply shoot looks towards one another. They want nothing more than to figure out what is going on but involuntarily pulling each others hair from moving ones head too suddenly was going to hurt any progress worse than them untangling their hair has.

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Rated: G     Author: TwinsApocalypse
Dec 21, 2018   20:57