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"Marth" and the Double Dragon

Episode #9875
As the warmth of emotions spread through both of Tiki's bodies, their heartrate increased as they leaned in to kiss each other.  Feeling the kiss from both sides at once was strange and incredible all at once.  As her pheromones kicked in higher, the kiss got more intense as Tiki explored her mouths, long tongues wrestling with each other and probing into every corner of her mouths.  Just as she was starting to push away her counterpart's clothing, she heard a familiar voice call out.

"Tiki, are you home?"

Startled out of her love making, Tiki panicked.  She recognized that firm, feminine voice anywhere, so familiar yet distinctly different from her childhood crush Marth.

Lucina called out again, "I hope I'm not intruding.  I'll be coming in soon!"

She most definitely is intruding, Tiki thought twice over.  Curses for not have doors in a tree!  While Tiki was scrambling to think of a place to hide her second body, it was already too late, Lucina had arrived.

"Hey, I just thought I-"

Lucina stopped dead in her tracks.  "Uhhh, I, er, Tiki... WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU?!"

Tiki opened her mouths to explain, but Lucina cut her off.  "She's an impostor, isn't she!  Don't worry, I'll help you!"  And with that, Lucina unsheathed Parallel Falchion and rushed at the Tiki who was standing to her left.  Leaping aside with agility, Tiki just barely avoided the powerful swing that left splinters in the floor where it landed.

Tiki then....

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Rated: PG     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jan 07, 2019   06:14