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Lucina vs. the Tikis

Episode #9879
Seeing that there was no reasoning with the bluenette when she was enraged, both Tikis took a large leap backward and used their dragonstones to transform.  Suddenly, two very large, two-headed dragons appeared in the room, ready to fight Lucina.

"There's no reason to fight me!" Tiki bellowed at Lucina.

"Yeah? Obviously you're fakes, Tiki's dragon form only has one head.  What did you do with her?!"

With that, Lucina lunged forward again, just barely dodging Tiki's claw swipe, but failing to get close enough to hit her.  While her attention was focused on the Tiki who just attacked, the other Tiki closed in behind Lucina to try a backhand slap.

"I won't let you!"

Lucina jumped in the air and landed a slice clean through one of Tiki's necks.  The dragon closed her eyes expecting to feel pain, but felt nothing.  Opening her eyes again, she saw fear on her opponent's face, who was looking at the stump of Tiki's neck.  Looking over, Tiki saw three columns of flesh growing forth from the stump.  Her eyes went wide; she didn't just look like a hydra now, she also had a hydra's regenerative powers!  Soon, Tiki finished growing her new heads, and was now looking from 6 pairs of eyes at once.

Noticing Tiki's disorientation, Lucina took her chance to launch another attack.  Much like her father, she had a tendency to leap without looking, not considering that a new strategy might be in order.  Running at high speed, Lucina rushed at the 4-headed Tiki and quickly lopped off the head she hadn't cut.  Not stopping to check the results, she merely assumed that she needed to cut the original head, whichever that might be.  Onwards she rushed toward the other Tiki, and parried the claw attacks before cutting both Tiki's heads in succession.

As she stepped back to gain her bearings again, Lucina looked on in horror as she saw that the first body now had six heads, and the second was rapidly regrowing six heads as well.

"Can't you just die already?!" Lucina shouted, feeling incredibly cheated by her opponent.

"Would you stop cutting me already??"  Tiki replied with 12 shouting voices. 
Onward the fight continued, Lucina getting visibly fatigued from watching so many opponents at once.  Finding openings to land more strikes was getting difficult, and she found she had no chance of cutting anything except one of  Tiki's many necks. By the time Lucina had cut two more heads on each body, giving them ten heads each, Lucina saw that she had to either go all out or give up.  Putting all her efforts into one more critical strike, she rushed forward at blazing speed, trying to run past and cut everything she could.  Five heads fell off each body, and the dragons staggered from the sudden loss of mass.  Lucina fell to her knees, panting for breath.

Just as Tiki's heads grew in once more, leaving her with twenty heads on each body, the manakete spoke again.  "Don't you see this is worthless?  Come to your senses, Lucina!" Tiki said with concern.  Lucina replied, "I'll never surrender to you! Give Tiki back!!"  Feeling sad, Tiki replied, "I don't want to do this, but I have to stop you!"  With that she reared back one head, preparing to use the dragon breath she held back from using all fight.  Knowing that Lucina couldn't survive an attack at full force, she tried to hold it back just enough to knock the girl out without killing her.  As the flames approached the incapacitated Exalt...

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Rated: R     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jan 07, 2019   06:40