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Twice the Lucina, Twice the Sensibility

Episode #9883
When the flames cleared, Lucina opened her eyes.  Twice.
Gasping in surprise, Lucina looked at her other self, uncertain of why she suddenly had the out of body experience of being in two bodies at once.

Tiki then stepped in.  "Will you listen now?" she asked.

Lucina looked between her battered selves and the pair of twenty-headed dragons, and took the only sensible course of action.  "Okay." she replied.

Sighing in relief, Tiki released the transformation from her dragonstones, and where the two hydras once stood, there were now forty human-form Tikis.  Lucina tried to speak, but no words came forth.

"Let me explain..."  Tiki said calmly.

A short while later...

The Lucinas were in awe.  "So, Naga rewarded you with this new... ability... for helping to quell Grima?" she asked.  "Yes," Tiki replied, "though I only knew about it for a solid 10 minutes before you showed up.  I'm still getting used to it myself..."  Tiki looked downward, somewhat embarrassed by what transpired.  Lucina looked between herselves, then piped in, "Well, I guess this explains the part of Naga's message about "sharing" her gift to you.  Any idea why your breath didn't outright kill me?"

Tiki thought about it for a few seconds, and arrived at an answer quickly with the help of her many brains.  "In my desire to hold back, I had a faint wish that you could understand what happened to me.  Perhaps that desire for you to share in it is what augmented my breath and duplicated you."  Tiki then grew wide eyed in realization.  "I hope you're not upset!  I know it's hard enough with your infant self back in Ylisse..."

Lucina quickly moved to reassure Tiki, saying, "Don't worry, this is much different.  In fact, that's part of the reason I came here.  It was too awkward living back with my father when he also had to attend to my younger self, and I've always felt a strange bond with you, so I thought I might ask if I could stay here with you."  She quickly added, "that said, it looks like you have a lot less space now with... is it about forty of you now?  Sorry again for losing it..."  (She more or less whispered that last part.)

Tiki laughed.  "Haha, don't worry, the Mila Tree is plenty large enough, and could hold thousands of people if needed.  I'd be glad for the company, it gets so lonely here alone."  She didn't dare mention how attracted she was to Lucina due to her resemblance to Marth, for fear of rejection.

Both Lucinas shifted uncomfortably.  "You know..." one started.  "I have this strange feeling around you," the other finished.   Tiki held her breath.  "It's as if I loved you as more than a friend!" both Lucinas blurted out while blushing furiously.  The manakete started tearing up, and pulled both Lucinas in for a big hug.  "I feel the same! I love you so much!"  After a solid three minutes of hugging and shared tears of happiness, Tiki released the doubled bluenette.  "So, what should we do now?"

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jan 07, 2019   07:53