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Making a Match Between Exalt and Manakete

Episode #9890
Tiki just grinned at Lucina's innocent question before quickly leaning forward to start making out with her.  Looking on, Lucina's other body just stared in shock as she started to feel the french kiss her other body was experiencing.  However, she had her attention broken when she felt two soft cushions press into her back and a pair of arms wrap around her from behind.  Turning her head to look at the Tiki behind her, Lucina's eyes went wide as she was pulled into another kiss by the woman who snuck up on her.  Closing her eyes, Lucina let herself get lost in the sensation of kissing two beautiful ladies at at the same time, hoping to let herself just melt away in this blissfully surreal feeling.  Tiki looked on with her other bodies and smiled, then slowly started to move in on the pair of Lucinas to make things get even better.  Suddenly, the first Lucina felt a pair of Tikis come up behind her, where they began to lick and suck at her neck while reaching their arms around to start fondling the princess' modest chest, which now protruded forward unhindered by the tight corset her former disguise as Marth necessitated.

Meanwhile, the Lucina being kissed from behind suddenly felt a pair of hands starting to undo her belt, then another pair slipping off her boots, followed by another pulling up her shirt... The hands kept coming, massaging her all over and stripping her of her clothes.  Just as the Tikis were about to start licking her snatch, Lucina gave a small outburst.  "Tiki!  Stop, please!"

Confused, Tiki stopped moving all her bodies, and looked at Lucina with confusion and expectation.  The bluenettes were blushing furiously, but she managed to swallow and speak what was on her mind.  "Don't you think this is a little lopsided, Tiki?" she asked.  "I love this feeling... I love you!  But I feel like I'm only taking and can't possibly give enough back to satisfy all of you."

The manakete just smiled softly.  "It's okay Lucina, I- we really don't mind.  We just want to love you to pieces!"  Lucina shook her heads.  Just as she was about to protest, Tiki cut her off.  "I know it's lopsided, but I don't want to make things harder on you when you came here precisely because you were uncomfortable living with another Lucina around..."

"It's not like that, Tiki, this is different.  Having this new body still feels like an extension of myself, not some reminder that I'm from another time where things were terrible.  I... I love this feeling, to be honest, it's exhilarating thinking of everything possible with you.  I just want to be able to reciprocate your love, to give as well as take, something I can't do when my lover has twenty bodies for each 'me'."

Tiki looked at the girl with wonderment, then smiled again and asked, "what would you have me do?"

Getting up, Lucina started to redress herself, then turned to Tiki.  "Let's have another sparring match, but this time, use your breath freely.  I am Chrom's daughter, and I love to have intense fights."

Internally, Tiki sighed, just wanting to sleep again, but part of Lucina's eagerness to fight for what she wanted ignited the fire in Tiki that made her love Marth once upon a time.  The dragoness agreed: "Alright, we'll do it, but let's go outside, we messed up my room enough earlier.  Plus, we can really have fun with it out there and go all out!"

So the two women headed down to the giant clearing beneath the Mila Tree, dressed and ready for another sparring match.  At first, Tiki was just going to have one body walk forward to fight the Lucinas, but the other lady stopped her.  "No.  I got a lot of catching up to do if I want to be your equal, I wish to fight all of you at once!"  Seeing a light burning in Lucina's eyes, the manakete chuckled.  "Suit yourself~"  Now Tiki had all her bodies stand in a circle surrounding the two princesses, and once her opponents looked ready, she had all of her bodies take dragon form at once.

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Jan 13, 2019   03:04