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There can only be one continued

Episode #9893
Just when they felt their backs were about to break and their tits where about to burst from the pressure of their mutual deadly bear hug the Kara’s felt an odd sensation spreading through their body, eyes widened in realisation of what they were feeling and their eyes locked onto the source which was a quite large chunk of red crystal trapped between their pair of warring breasts. Mentally cursing the karas wondered ‘how the hell did such a large piece of red krytonite get their without me noticing!’ pushing that aside as it didn’t matter how only that it was their which left them with another issue ‘I’ll only be able to fight off it’s effects for a few more seconds and I doubt I’ll win this fight by them, damn whoever made this fucking perfect clone!’ They then look gazes thinking ‘I cant even loosen my hold either cause she would no doubt take advantage of that, it’s what I would do...’

Kara let out animalistic growls knowing there was only one option left for her, which was despite the odds she had to defeat her clone by any means necessary before the red kyrptonites effects overwhelmed her senses...kara absolutely refused to end up doing what that naive supergirl had told her to do many times during their quite regular heated arguments.

Shaking her head out of such thoughts Kara focused back on the problem at hand and that was the clone trading glare with her, having an idea on how to get the upper hand even though it wasn’t exactly moral...not that taking the high road had done her any favors in this fight so far. Activating her heat vision Kara intended to blind her clone only to end up locked in a deadly heat vision battle given her clone had the same idea as her, realising even the slightest faulter in such a conflict could lead to her victory or defeat Kara increased the power of her heat vision to maximum with a battle cry of “HHHHHAAAAHHHH” only for the stalemate to not change in the slightest, infact the interception point did not move even an inch from the exact centre between them.

Frustrated that even her maximum wasn’t enough Kara looked for other options to give her the advantage, she knew they that their previous actions put them too far past the point of no return to call a truce or give up. Firstly she tightened her bearhug to maximum strength given it had loosened slightly after noticing the red kryptonite, this of course she knew would increase the effectiveness of the red kryptonite but she didn’t care all that was on her mind now was winning the deadly heat beam battle cause given how much power was in the beams whoever lost wouldn’t just be blinded. Secondly she reached her left foot back to where she dropped the blue krytonite during her charge, though this was risky as it unbalanced her but if she got herself healed she would gain the advantage. Thirdly once she realised her clone had the same idea as her she stretched her right leg forward to stop her double from reaching the clones own dropped blue kryptonite before she reached hers.

As you could imagine this ended up in a weird looking laser eyes bear hug squeezing splits battle between two identical powergirls whose tattered clothes had barely survived their second round of fighting leaving them more naked then covered, to an outsider this along with the moans and groans the two women were producing would of left them thinking wether this was a fight or some weird forplay type sex battle.

To be perfectly honest given how much the red krytonite was increasingly effecting them it could have started out as either, but was leaning closer and closer to the second option as time went on.

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Jan 12, 2019   19:14