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Apparently, hydras can only gain heads, not lose them

Episode #9899
Lucina shielded her eyes from the intense light from 40 manaketes transforming at once.  However, what greeted her eyes once she reopened them practically made her tremble.

All forty Tikis had twenty heads each, just like she did at the end of the last fight.  Tiki herself was now incredibly disoriented from suddenly gaining sight out of 760 more heads.  Truly, it felt exhilarating, confusing, empowering, and a bit frightening for her all at once.  It was as if nothing could escape her awareness now, and yet she wasn't prepared for the idea of living with eight hundred bodies from now on.  Her ability to think and process information jumped light years ahead as well, and decision making would be a cinch now.

Lucina called out to her, "Tiki!  Are you okay?"

The dragon just chuckled.  "I thought we were going to spar?  Don't just stand there!"

Before Lucina could register how quickly Tiki recovered from what looked like a massively shocking transformation, she was engulfed in flames from behind.  Now where two blue-haired ladies stood a moment before, there were four.  Taking that as a warning shot, Lucina made each of her bodies dash off in cardinal directions, heading for the nearest Tikis.  As the Lucinas approached, Tiki once again let her breath loose upon the princesses.  The dragon saw the exalts were unfazed yet doubled again, and estimated the distance between them to have roughly halved.  Tiki used more heads to breath fire,  then quickly aimed with her other heads to where she predicted the duplicated Lucinas would charge, perfectly executing another attack, then another, and another until finally the 128 bluenettes had reached the ring of Tikis.

Now, although Tiki did have 800 heads at this point, she still only had 40 discrete bodies.  As such, there were now three Lucinas for every hydra.  With startling speed, Lucina lunged straight at the middle head on each Tiki, while she had the other two bodies in each trio leap to either side of each dragon and cut the heads at the far ends.  Immediately, every Tiki began regrowing each head along with six more.  Reacting just as fast, Tiki quickly blasted every Lucina at once with her breath, not fully paying attention to what else was in the line of her breath.  Tiki had all her bodies standing in a circle.  Lucina attacked each Tiki from the side.  But right behind Lucina on either side was another Tiki...  As an unforseen result, every Tiki was hit by two breath attacks, and apparently she was not immune to the same effects it had on Lucina.

Tiki practically blacked out from the sudden increase in sensory input.  Forty dragons with twenty-six heads, now quadrupled would mean... 4,160 heads and 160 dragon bodies, Lucina calculated.  She would have to do quite a bit of multiplying now to keep up with Tiki.  Figuring that catching up would be impossible with the current way things were heading, Lucina decided to try baiting Tiki to start hitting her with fire more often.

"C'mon Tiki, you're never gonna get me caught up to you if you keep toying with me like this!"  Tiki roared as she took the bait.  As Lucina's many bodies dashed around to try catching as much of Tiki's already undivided attention as possible, she got hit with blast after blast as she started to try thinking of a way to get in the crossfire of multiple breath attacks.  After three duplications (putting her at 1,024 bodies), Lucina found the way and made a dash to the center of the fray with four equal groups of her bodies.  Just as the four groups converged at the center, Tiki let out four great billows of fire, catching every Lucina in all four.  Eyes wide with shock, Tiki saw what the princess' plan succeeded in doing, as over sixteen thousand of her blue-haired friend stood in the center of the clearing.

Starting to panic, thinking that things had gone too far, Tiki started to speak, "Lucina, haven't we done enou-?!"

Her words were cut short by every single head getting cut at once, allowing for them to grow back in triplicate while still falling roughly four thousand heads shy of the number of Lucinas.  Drunk on the feeling of the best sparring match she ever had, Lucina barely left Tiki any time to protest again before the next wave of slices, bringing the dragon up to 37,440 heads, with 236 heads on each massive body.

Lucina finally stopped.  "That was fun Tiki.  That said, I think you need to hit me one more time before we're close enough to even.  I'm ready!"

Tiki was conflicted.  On one hand, she felt that there was already too much multiplication that couldn't be undone.  Then again, she wanted to honor her best friend's... No, her lover's wishes.  And deep down, she really wanted to be swarmed by Lucinas, being pleasured from head to toe by the beautiful girl.  Making her decision, Tiki...

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Rated: R     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jan 21, 2019   08:18