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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Someone else
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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a chance for somthing new

more characters to choose from
  • more characters
     Episode #210
Aug 01, 2008   09:13
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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Another Chance for something New

more ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #275
Aug 01, 2008   09:25
Rating: G
Author: c987648

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Because you can never have enough ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #316
Aug 01, 2008   14:32
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Can there be any more options?

Yes. Yes there can.
  • Don't look at me, think of something else!
     Episode #348
Aug 01, 2008   14:39
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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I can

And i will
  • Something Thats so completely farr of the path that its somewhere in new york. you were in california.
     Episode #374
Aug 01, 2008   14:40
Rating: G
Author: Dermonster

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More food for the Beast!!! More Options!!!!

I'm back from California. It was hot.
  • Chrono Trigger (TOH time travel! Yeah!)
     Episode #378
Aug 05, 2008   01:47
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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A stitch in time

The end of time. It was a place where the ticks of a clock had no meaning. It could be today, yesterday, tommorow, five minutes from now, or the next millenium. But above all else, it could be one thing.

"Boring! There's nothing to do!" Lucca removed her glasses, and for what must have been the fifth time, raised her eyebrow towards Marle.

"Yes, so you've said, five times already!" Marle pouted. It wasn't her fault that Chrono, Frog and Magus had left to do away with The dark wizard's former Minions, Ozzie, Slash, and Flea. It was hardly her fault that she, Lucca and Ayla, along with Robo had been left behind. No siree not one bit. Before she could point this out, Lucca interupted her.

"And yes I know it's not your fault, but complaining about it doesn't help!" Lucca finished cleaning her spectacles, and putting them back on sighed. "Besides, I'm bored too." Marle's head slumped onto the table that the two women occupied. "Darn! I wa hoping if I kept saying something, you would get an idea. You always had the best ideas Lucca!"

"Well right now I've got nothing, but the compliment is still appreciated nonetheless." Lucca wasn't one to miss a good chance to stroke her ego, and it was true that her ideas were the best. But now they were back to square one.

""BORING!" This time both girls said it, and Lucca's joined Marle's in slumping on the table. Robo had gone into sleep mode until he was needed, it was just the two of them and Ayla.... wait.

"Where's Ayla?" Marle asked, finally noticing the cavewoman's absense. A loud thud, and a girlish scream from behind Spekkio's door gave her the answer. "Never mind."
Spekkio, Master of War laid on his back in pain. He had just had his ass handed to him single handedly by the Warrior woman Ayla. Said warrior woman was currently doing a rather grandiose victory dance across the room. These guys had all become monsters. Even in his strongest form, the Red Nu, he couldn't keep up with them any more.

"How much do you want to bet that the scream we heard wasn't Ayla?" That voice could only belong the biggest smartass in any time. Lucca Ashtear. Alongside his was the current crown Princess of Guardia, Nadia, aka Marle.
"Sure looks like it." Marle had a big grin on her face. Great, now he was being mocked.

"Watch it!" Spekkio grumbled. "Or have you both forgotten that not too long ago, I was trashing, both of you, your robot friend, and Mr. Spikey hair!" Lucca shrugged her shoulders. "Well you aren't anymore, are you?" Marle tried to hold back her giggles. That was a little mean, but she couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Oh! I get it. You guys think your invincible do you?" He cast his eyes on the still dancing Ayla, whooping and hollering about how 'Ayla strongest of all'. "Don't start getting cocky. You won't have proven anything until you've beaten Lavos, and there are still enemies your too weak to beat!" Sudenly, Lucca and Marle both leveled death glares at him, and even Ayla halted in her actions.

"Who stronger than Ayla? Who?" Marle quickly joined in "Yeah, what do you mean were too weak!" "We may not be ready for Lavos yet, but we're still stronger than most people on this planet right now! In any time!" Lucca added.

"Izzat so?" The master of war gave a evil grin. All three women nodded defiantly. Spekkio obviously had something planned, but they felt they could handle whatever he dished out. They would have to, or they couldn't accomplish their mission.

"Fine then! Do you see that door?" All three women became aware of a new door in the room, one they all swore had never been there before. "Just step on through ladies, and you will find the strongest opponents you've ever faced. If you can beat them, you can beat anyone! Even Lavos!"

Ayla didn't need any more convincing. She charged at the door, and busted through it, dissapearing beyond the darkness it held.

"Ayla! Wait.... doh!" Marle grumbled in frustration, and looked towards Lucca. The Purple haired scientist was clearly curious. She wanted to know just who or what was behind the door. "Let's give it a look." She said with a shrug, and made her way to the gaping hole that was once a door. Marle sighed and followed her, and then they saw only darkness.
  • they are separated. We follow Marle as she meets a double of herself
     Episode #572
Aug 07, 2008   02:39
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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New Game Plus!

"Hello! Anybody here!" Marle had been walking for a few minutes (at least that's how long she thought it had been), and she had so far seen nothing. This including Ayla, Lucca (who just up and vanished despite Marle being right behind her when they walked through the door) and anything else. There was only darkness.

"This is kind of creepy!" The Princess thought aloud to herself. Oh sure, she had seen much worse, but it didn't reduce the creepiness factor. If anything, the darkness, combined with the absolute silence beyond her own voice was far more unnerving than any monsters, robots, or reptites she had faced.

"THIS STINKS! SPEKKIO! SPEKKIO!!! JUST WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO.........is that a door?" It had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, cutting off her rant before it could begin. Being the first thing Marle had been able to see since she had started, she saw only one option.

"Well, here goes nothing." There was a loud creak as she opened the door (a new sound besides her own voice. That was a start), and then rather than being blinded by darkness, she was blinded by light.

Laughter. She heard laughter. And music. Marle vision returned to her, and she took a look at her surroundings. She saw numerous tents and balloons, there was a race going on in front of her.

"Is this the millenial fair?" It sure looked like it. And judging from how most of the events going on seemed to be just starting, it looked like it had just begun. "Why am I back here?" Spekkio's little game was........ was...........

"I guess..... I'll just have some fun? No reason not too." Her head felt strange. She was supposed to be doing something, but she couldn't remember what. she was reverting back to what she had been like before the adventure began. At least some what.

As she rushed up the stairs to partake in some cotton candy, she had vague memories of something that happened in this spot. "I met someone here, didn't I? Who was it though?" Lost in thought, Marle didn't notice another person approaching from the other direction, also not paying attention.



Just like in her vague memories, Marle had run into someone. Unlike her memories however, the person was not the young swordsman Chrono, but a another young woman like herself. Exactly like her actually. Marle had plowed head long into a girl who could easily be called her twin.

And what a collision. Going full tilt, both girls feet actually left the ground, their heads solidly connected. It looked awkward. Both Marle's fell to the ground, dazed and tangled up in each other. Oddly enough, no one seemed to think it was strange, or even bat an eyebrow at the incident.

"Must be some clowns." One man mumbled. "No one's that clumsy. Or unlucky." Everyone continued to walk past the two semi unconscious princesses to enjoy the fair.
  • Something else.
     Episode #660
Sep 25, 2009   21:23
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Restoring hit points.

Marle and Marle lay flat on their backs and in each others laps, Marle's left leg draped over Marle's right leg, while Marle's right leg was draped over Marle's left leg. Their groins lightly rubbed together.

They both barely moved, their earlier collision, while not totally knocking them out, had come close enough that they were more or less unconscious anyway. Only a few pain filled groans peeling from their lips made it clear that some level of consciousness remained, but it was a very slight level.

'...w-wha...what hit me...?' She could barely think, as the pain in her head was all consuming. It felt like she'd head butted a brick wall, or something harder.

"...A...A-aura..." she croaked out the words, and a halo of blue light appeared around her, before purple sparkles surrounded both of them. The energy flowed through their bodies, healing their injuries and helping them recover from the mutual head butt, but it had another affect. When two compatible techs are used at the same time, it has the affect of combining them into a dual tech. In the case of the two Marles, as they'd cast the exact same spell, it greatly enhanced the power of their respective Auras to levels neither could have expected.

Still joined at the crotch, both Marles began to unconsciously sit up as the power of their combined Auras filled them with more energy than either of them could ever need, and they were unknowingly about to give each other even more.

The collision had happened so fast that neither girl even realized what hit her; they hadn't even noticed their bodies were entangled. When the sudden surge of healing power from their auras raised them, they sat up right in the other's face, and...


....right into an unexpected kiss. Neither girl had any time to ponder this. The combination of the healing of their Auras, combined with the direct contact through a kiss put them in an instantly relaxing state.

"Mmmmh..." Both Marles made zero attempt to resist, instead practically melting into the kiss they'd unintentionally given the other. It felt like heaven. They reached out and wrapped arms around the other, pulling bodies close and keeping them there while still using their auras to heal themselves and each other. The more they healed, the more they kept up the kiss, and the better they both felt.

Sitting in each others laps, mouths sealed together, Marle and Marle found themselves in no rush to change their situation.

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     Episode #2623
Nov 11, 2017   21:59
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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