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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a hidden research laboratory
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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A Start to New Beginnings II

Once Upon a time...

In a secret laboratory deep in the desert lived a man, like many other men in his world he too had one ambition...

to rule the world.

but unlike those men who had large armies and large amounts of money this man only had his mind to rely on in order to achieve his goal, and it was that very mind that found a way to create large armies.
the way he found was cloning.
  • his plan goes horribly wrong
     Episode #16
Aug 01, 2008   14:45
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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Kim World

The man had just finished repairing his prized possession, a strange device that he found in the desert.  A cursory observation suggested that the device was indeed extra-terrestrial in nature and although the man did not know what the device did he was sure that it would help him with his dreams of conquest.

After using every bit of his fortune to make the necessary repairs to the device the man finally hooked it up to an electrical power unit.  Elated that world domination was soon to be his he pulled the switch.

Kim Jesse awoke with a start and looked around, she was the familiar surroundings of her room, messy and unkempt.  Kim shook her head, her mind seemed to be in a haze but it was soon clearing, she stopped to get her bearings.  Kim was a 22 year old fun loving student currently studying at UCLA, the slight headache that she felt helped remind her that she was out late partying last night.  Kim also noticed that her pert toned body was naked, her straight dirty blond hair that fell down to the small of her back was in need of a combing.  Kim also noticed that she was not alone, her bed mate slowly stirred as well, just as naked as Kim was.  Kim looked at the other person to see a mirror image of her face.

"Good morning Lover," The other Kim smiled groggily, "That was a pretty wild partly last night hm?"

Though confronted with a woman who looked exactly like herself to Kim this was perfectly normal, though for some reason something in the back of her mind had a nagging doubt about that.  The other Kim leaned forward to give Kim a wet kiss, which Kim accepted graciously.  "I've got class in a bit, call me ok?" The other Kim hurriedly got dressed.  Kim could only dumbly wave goodbye as the other Kim exited the dorm room.  Slowly getting up Kim moved to the window and threw open the curtains.

Kim was greeted by the familiar view of the university campus.  She did see other people and they all looked like her.  There were Kims walking to class, eating breakfast, tending the campus gardens, reading book and magazines, making out with each other and it was all perfectly normal to Kim's eyes.  She looked around her own room and saw a multitude of posters hanging on the walls of her dorm and they were all featuring herself, as rock stars, athletes, models everything featured Kim and only Kim.

Again, something in the back of Kim's mind had the nagging sensation that something was off, that though it was a normal day in her normal life, for some reason it shouldn't be.  She could not place her finger on it
  • Kim had to go to class
     Episode #393
Aug 01, 2008   14:46
Rating: PG - Nudity
Author: Blueversusred

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Lady luck smiles on Kim

On the way out of the dorm, Kim absently decided to check her mail slot and found a letter addressed to her that was not a bill.  She remembered how she had applied to a contest about a month ago and Kim eagerly opened the envelop.  A whoop of excitement broke through the morning air of the dorm.
  • Kim had won a cruise
     Episode #400
May 10, 2010   08:50
Rating: G
Author: BlueVersusRed <bluevsred @ blueversusred · net>

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Sailing on the ocean

Kim ran up and down her dorm hallways cheering to herself, ecstatic at her good fortune.  A couple of other identically faced Kims poked their heads out of their dorm rooms to investigate the ruckus that was being generated.  Having applied to the contest earlier at the local supermarket, Kim had won an all expense paid vacation on the newest ocean liner cruise ship Princess of the Sea.  Luckily for the young college student the cruise would be taking place during the same week as classes were off, which wasn't too far off actually.  The next week or two would be hectic as Kim starts to prepare for the trip and finals as well.

Following the end of her exams, Kim (along with a long line of other Kims) walked up the gangplank of the cruise ship Princess of the Sea.  It was a beautiful sunny day and Kim was delighted that the start of her vacation was off to such a nice start.  Looking down at the loading zones below she could see other Kims in crew uniform busily transporting luggage and supplies back on board, taking special note of a couple of busty blond Kims quickly secreting themselves away to a corner to fool around a bit.  Kim hoped that she'll get as lucky during the trip.

After getting settled as a prize winner Kim also got to eat at the captain's table during the evening's dinner.  Dressed in a form fitting white pressed suit, captain Kim Jesse was a very attractive sight.  Along with her first mate, Mrs. Kim Jesse and other guests. the table full of Kims got to know each other quite well.  "I hope that you enjoy yourself while on my ship, Kim" Captain Jesse smiled at her guest, "and make sure to make use of all of the available amenities that we offer".
  • Pirates attack the ship!
     Episode #2896
Jan 09, 2011   16:15
Rating: G
Author: BlueVersusRed <bluevsred @ blueversusred · net>

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The Dread pirate Jesse

Kim was ecstatic. The vacation she had won was absolutely amazing! A week on the sea, waited on hand and door by Kims in skimpy little maid outfits, amazing food, live entertainment, Kim couldn't begin to express how much fun she was having!

So, it was just her luck that something would go horribly wrong, and fast.

"Attention all kims!" Her voice said over the intercom, startling Kim from her peaceful sleep. "This ship is now under the control of the Dread pirate Jesse! Do not attempt to resist, and you won't be harmed!" Suddenly, her door is locked open by a pair of kims in leather shorts with bandanas on their heads.. and nothing else. "Give us your money, slut!" One of them yells. "Or else, we'll just have to force you to submit~!" The other finishes, whipping out a long, hard she-cock.

It's a known fact among seafaring Kim's that the Dread pirate Jesse is a sort of collector. Her entire crew is comprised of what most people call "Imperfect kims." Kim's that deviate slightly from the norm. Be that a different hair color, larger tits, or in the most common case, a huge futa dick. 

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     Episode #3573
Jun 03, 2018   16:21
Rating: X
Author: Yo what's good homeboy

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