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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a world of high adventure and magic
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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The choice of a lifetime

It is time to choose which way you will travel...
  • The way of the defender... (Kingdom Hearts)
     Episode #13
Aug 01, 2008   08:23
Rating: G
Author: The Dermonster

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Double the Aerith, double the fun

Aerith plopped herself onto a nearby chair, overtaken by exhaustion. She had been hard at work, along with the rest of the Hollow Bastion restoration committee to return their home to proper working order. It hadn't been easy either; first the Heartless destroyed their home in the first place, forcing them to relocate to Traverse town. Upon returning to their ravaged kingdom, they then had to face trouble from both the nobodies, and the Master Computer system of their own kings castle. It had been one difficultly after another, and Aerith had decided to take a well deserved break before getting started again. Fate however decided to throw her another curve ball.

"Come back here you overgrown insect!" The pink clad woman wince at the familiar voice, it was Yuffie, their resident ninja, and there was only one person who she would refer to as an insect. Sure enough, moment later a certain blonde fairy flitted into the room, with the shinobi in hot pursuit. The fairy was Rikku (with two K's folks), the youngest member of the treasure hunting trio known as the Gullwings. They sped from one end of the room to the other, Rikku through flight and Yuffie by running, causing quite the racket. "So much for my rest." Aerith sighed, as she stood up to put an end to the shenanigans.

Meanwhile, Yuffie had cornered her prey, and was moving in for the proverbial kill. "Alright, had it over!" Rikku shook her head vigorously, while holding something close to her body. "No way!" Rikku replied. "I found it fair and square!" "Only because I told you about it!" came the ninja's counter reply.

"And what prey tell did she tell you about." Both Yuffie and Rikku jumped as Aerith made her presence known. "Yeesh! Aerith, don't sneak up on people like that! That's my job." Rikku gave a laugh.

"Sorry about that Yuffie, but really, what are you two going on about?! This seemed to make both the ninja and the fairy rather excited. Before Yuffie could say anything, Rikku Flew in front of her.

"WefoundthisweirdbookinAnsem'sstudiesandwereadthroughitandithadallthesecoolspellsandformulasandstuffandtherewasthisoneformulathatIthoughtitwouldbecooltomake." Aerith got a headache from the speed at which the fairy prattle on, but she was still getting the gist of the story.


Yuffie's hand clasped itself over the motor mouth fairy's head silencing her. "And I took some thinking it might be useful, but before I could try it out, she stole it from me. Which reminds me, Give it up!" She tried to take the object Rikku had been grasping, a small vial, but the fairy was stronger than she looked.

"Alright, now can you tell me what this formula does?"And also why I shouldn't be worried about it being flammable, Aerith thought to herself. But the two were too engulfed in their tug of war.

"It's a duplication formula" Yuffie grunted. "It creates an exact copy of anything it touches. I figured it could be useful" "Yeah right, you just want to use it to steal stuff!" Rikku countered. "So do you!" " But I'm honest about it!"

"Maybe you shouldn't...." but before the pink clad woman could finish, Yuffie managed to wrench the vial from Rikku's hand's, but she had used to much force, and to their horror, it flew out of Yuffie's grasp and right into Aerith's face, splashing all over her.

"Whoops!" Both the fairy and the Ninja exclaimed as the formula went to work.
  • Now there are two of Aerith. But rather than being mad, they think they can use this to do some good.
     Episode #88
Aug 01, 2008   08:24
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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The difference between plus and minus is one extra line

A strange glow seemed to surround Aerith's body as the potion quickly took affect. Yuffie and Rikku watched in awe as Aerith's body seemed to swell, then divide itself. The light became so bright that the two had to shield their eyes, and when it died down...

"Well this is different." Two Aerith's said in perfect synch. The Ninja and the fairy looked on in silence, until finally Yuffie spoke.

"Holy crap! It really works!"  Rikku seemed surprised. "Wait! If you didn't think it would work, then why did you want it back so much?!" Yuffie just shrugged. "I hate it when people take things from me."

Meanwhile the Aerith's were handling the situation with a surprising amount of grace. "Favorite color?" Asked one. "Pink. First crush?" said the other. "Cloud. But don't tell Tifa." Both women giggled. This was actually facinating, but she had to see if this woman was really her exact double. This required a question that only she could answer.

"Okay," Aerith said, a slight blush on her face, "how about this?" She leaned in close and whispered in her twin's ear. The other woman's eyes went wide, and soon she too sported the same blush. "It was that one novel I...er we read. It was a romance novel called...." She started whispering back, getting the same reaction from her that Aerith that her question had earlier.

"We're definetely the same person alright." The blush was still plain on her face. "So what now?" The Aerith's stood there pondering their new situation. Two of her might be useful. With an extra hand, she could accomplish twice the work. And that was just scratching the surface; their was so much they could do! They looked at each other, knowing that their thoughts were the same on this matter.

"Guess it's time to get started!" Both Aerith's chimed. They turned their attention back to Yuffie and Rikku, who seemed to be arguing on something. "Ahem!"

"I don't care if you are a curious! If you steal from...." Yuffie stopped her tirade upon hearing the Aeriths. "Oh right. Forgot about you guys. What's up?"

"We like for you and Rikku to keep this quiet," one Aerith began. "At least until we've figured out all the kinks of this twin thing." The other two nodded, then Rikku took off. Yuffie shrugged and made her own exit. The Aerith's sighed.

"Let's hope they don't spill the beans too early. It would ruin the surprise." She felt her double put a hand on her shoulder. "It will be fine. But let's work quickly, just to be sure!"
  • Something else.
     Episode #93
Aug 18, 2008   04:39
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Just add Aqua ;D

There was one thing that confused Yuffie, Rikku and the Aeriths:

How did Ansem end up creating such a formula in the first place? And how did he first discover it's properties?

10 years earlier

She had been searching long and hard, trying to pick up Terra and Ven's trail, but so far, Aqua had not caught a break.  She was always a step behind. To say nothing of dealing with the Unversed.

Even in the beautiful world that was Radiant Garden, there was trouble. She had just saved a young girl from some Unversed with the help of a giant talking mouse.......

No. That's not weird at all. Why do you ask?

Anyway, She was a little tired. She'd been travelling for days, and fighting wherever she ended up. She needed some rest and something to drink. That's when she saw the Silver haired boy sitting alone reading a book. Next to him were two bottles.

"Ah that will do. Excuse me!" The boy looked up at her. "I'm sorry for imposing, but could I have a sip of one of your drinks. I've been travelling for some time, and I'm really thirsty!"

The boy, Ienzo, looked at her, and a gave a 'Sure why not.' type of shrug. Fortunately, Aqua was well versed in all forms of shrug language, and caught it's meaning. She chose the drink on the far left, grateful for the opportunity to satisfy her thirst. And satisfy it she did. The drink was refreshing.

"Thanks! That really hit the spot!" He shrugged no problem, and she took off. Maybe there was somewhere she could stay.

Ienzo watched her as she walked off. He knew one of those drinks was not something to be consumed so carelessly, but he'd been dying to determine what it would do, and when the girl offered to try some, he couldn't resist. It was a little unethical to be sure.

But hey! It's not like he would make a habit of performing unethical experiments. No sir. not him. This was a one time thing.

  • Aqua stays the night.
     Episode #912
Jan 04, 2011   02:01
Rating: G
Author: mr. 2ofher

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Bifurication by sleep XD

As much as she felt she needed to catch up to Ven and Terra, she knew that she needed to get good nights sleep fight. It wouldn't do if she was too tired to travel or fight properly.

Fortunately the ruler of Radiant Garden was more than willing to put her up for the night after she helped them out before, so Aqua found herself in a small, but passable room. She hadn't bothered changing out of her clothes; rather, she just plopped herself on the bed, and passed out into dreamland.

While Aqua was asleep, her body took on a light glow. Subtle at first, it started to grow stronger, and stronger, until anyone who saw it would have been blinded at it's radiance. There were no other witnesses however, and Aqua herself was sound asleep, unaware of the change taking place. When the light faded, the bed was a little more crowded, as one Aqua had become two.

For their part, the Aquas continue to sleep, not thinking about how their seemed to be a extremely soft and warm pillow in this bed. They unconsciously snuggled together, totally unaware of what had occurred. She was in for a surprise in the morning.
  • Something else.
     Episode #3409
Jan 10, 2011   18:39
Rating: G
Author: mr. 2ofher

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A beautiful sight to wake up to.........

Aqua and Aqua gave pleased moans as they slept soundly. The bed, which had been comfy before, seemed positively therapeutic now. The warmth and softness of the other girls body made for a lovely rest. Unaware of their new situation, the two keyblade knights wrapped their arms around each-other and squeezed tight, eliciting more enjoyment. This was the best sleep she ever had.

' This is almost too nice! What changed?' Aqua thought to herself while snuggling with her new twin. Absentmindedly, they both opened their eyes, catching sight of each other for the first time.

Both Aqua's blinked. Still groggy and tired, they made the logical assumption.

"Ah. I must be dreaming." One Aqua said.
" Seems like it." The other answered.

Good dreams meant good sleep, which she had not had in a while. Otherwise, she would catch on to the fact that this was no dream. Nevertheless, the two girls stayed closely in contact. If dreaming of herself meant she slept this well all the time; than what harm would come from it.

"I'm actually pretty hot too." Both commented without thinking. They blinked when they realized they spoke at once, but then again, they were the same person, of course they would.

"So you think I look good do you?
"Don't you?"

Since it was just a dream anyway, neither saw any reason to be shy about things. She likely would not remember the details later anyway. In fact.......

"Well, since we're both here......."
"......and since it's a dream anyway........"

They leaned in closer, until their lips were just brushing each other, and they could feel the other's breath on her face.

"We might as well enjoy it." And with that, they brought their lips together in a very passionate kiss. It felt good. It was positively electric. Aqua and Aqua were very PLEASED with the result.  They broke the kiss, panting heavily, and wearing huge grins.

'Best dream ever." They started making out again, this time, letting their tongues come into contact.
  • It dawns on them that this can't be a dream
     Episode #3614
Jan 13, 2011   23:29
Rating: G
Author: mr. 2ofher

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Aquard Realizations

The two Aqua's had come to some important revelations during their very passionate make out session:

1) She was a very good kisser.

2) She was apparently more narcissistic person than she ever realized.

3) This was not a dream.

It had taken a few minutes to sink in, due to the comibination of exhaustion which still plagued her, and the fact that she was a very good kisser but when they had started to get ahead of themselves and get too kinky (pinching was involved) that had been a clue.

So now both were aware of the fact that rather then dreaming about making out with a double of herself, she actually was making out with a double of herself.

They were still kissing though. And not just because it felt really good. She would need answers, and she needed to keep her twin distracted until she could find a way to take the advantage. And their kiss.......was very distracting.

So they kept up their liplock, while rolling on the bed, rubbing and tangling their legs together, mashing their breast, while their nipples poked each other through their shirts. It was definately distracting.

'Right. Can't lose focus.......Oh that's nice......NO! Must stay........OOOOOOOOOOO........' This was hard. She was being seduced by another woman, by herself. What was her twin's plan? Leave her too horny and lust-filled to think? Well that wouldn't happen. She just needed to........

"Ooooooooooo!" Then they began stroking between the other's legs. Distracted again. But that was the point really; keep her distracted. So distracted that she would not be able to counter Aqua's plan. The fact that she herself was finding herself equally unfocused made things take much longer, and made it much harder.

Aqua had a simple plan, made much less simply by the situation. She would..........
  • Use her knowledge of her own....."weaknesses" to subdue her double
     Episode #3643
May 12, 2011   18:02
Rating: R
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Conservative Revealing

“Aaaah, oooooooh, aaaah” Both Aquas squirm against each other as they break their kiss but continue to press their perfect bodies against each other.

“You going to aaaaaaah give up?” One Aqua asks as she wrestles with the other Aqua for the top position while maintaining their bodies rubbing against each other.

“No but you should aaaaaaaah give up!” The other Aqua replies as she wrestled back against the other Aqua for the top position while continuing their grinding against each other.

Aqua and Aqua kiss each other once more as they put one hand to each other’s exposed back and start to open up the x-straps holding their clothes together.

“Mmmmmmmmmmh” Aqua And Aqua rub their nipples against each other as their free hand starts to fondle their crotches between their legs, with said legs also furiously rubbing against each other as Aqua and Aqua both try to exploit their known weaknesses against each other.

Aqua and Aqua finish unhooking their straps on each other as they then rub each other’s backs seductively “Mmmmmmmmmh, mmmmmmmmmmmh!!!” As Aqua and Aqua continue to kiss and fondle each other relentlessly with their rubbing against each other in every part of their body they can.

“I have to win, ooooooooooh, then I’ll find out, aaaaaaaaaaaah, who and what she is” Both Aquas think as they now rotate between molesting each other on breasts, crotches and their sensitive backs and while gradually using their hands to strip each other’s clothes smooth and supple legs rub against smooth and supple legs even with their layer clothed covering it.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!!!” Aqua and Aqua still maintain their kiss Even as they strip and molest each other, exposing their tongues to touch as they use it to wrestles against each other’s wet mouths. Aqua and Aqua also maintain eye contact with one another as they see their list-filled eyes, “Even for a copy, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, this is really enjoyable, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!” Both Aqua squirm vigorously against each other as the tempo of their sexy battle amps up. moaning what they are thinking with each energetic molestation against each other as they massage their now exposed bare-skins, having managed to strip most of their upper layers of clothing on each other now.

Aqua and Aqua roll around in their bed with their energetic kissing with tongues equally trying to wrestle as hard as their bodies with wet saliva being exchanged between their tongues, as both Aquas squash their now exposed breasts against each other while one free hand now move to strip their lower layers of clothing especially around their smooth and supple legs still rubbing against each other furiously.

Aqua and Aqua finish stripping each other completely now as their smooth legs hug and tangle against each other; “Aaaah, oooooh, mmmmmmmh” Aqua and Aqua would moan occasionally now as they now start rub their crotches against each other, hands massages their bare-skin backs slowly but energectically as both Aquas know how they would like it. Aqua and Aqua smash their nipples against each other all the while rubbing their exposed bellies and continuing to kiss each other with wild abandon.

“She’ll give up eventually.,,,” Aqua and Aqua both think yet wonder how long they can keep this up, moaning their pleasures in their lust filled battle, continuing to roll around in their bed to try to get the top position, breasts smashing against each other equally, hands massaging their backs in patterns while brushing their medium-length hair to arouse each other, crotches lined up against each other as both Aquas systematically hump each other with it while rubbing each other’s crotches without breaking apart like their kisses now, legs hugging and tangling with one another as both Aquas now start to get sweaty and notice each other blushing red on their faces and bodies.

“I...  am... Master... Aqua...” Both Aquas briefly breaking their kiss before resuming it immediately, having forgotten why they are fighting as they pant heavily and moan their deep pleasures, as Aqua and Aqua continue their sexy and lust-filled battle with their sweaty bodies blushing deep red yet with horny minds.

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     Episode #4015
Dec 08, 2017   16:20
Rating: G
Author: X

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