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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Sakura from "Cardcaptor Sakura"
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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Rub a Dub Dub There's Another Me in My Tub?

Sakura Kinomoto had entered the warm, steamy bathroom with her pink towel hanging on her cute towel rack with a star shape on both ends. She had striped her favorite yellow top with red suspenders attached to her favorite short blue skirt to reveal her slender sexy naked form. She was very proud of her young fully developed body.

"Ah, that hit the spot." Sakura sighed as her lower half sank slowly into the tub reaching closer to her C cup breasts. She moaned in pleasure allowing the warm water caress her tense naked body. Sakura was thinking to herself she had the worst day she's had in a while and this bath was just the ticket to help her relax.

"Now then, how to make this even better?" Sakura asked herself with a cute and innocent smile while reaching for the bubble bath formula. As she delicately poured the pink liquid into the tub she sunk her body and her face into the water and placed the bottle on the edge of the tub next to her magic sealing wand necklace with the star in the center. As she sunk lower into the deep, long bath tub she let go of the bubble bath bottle and it fell into the water along with her necklace as the water rose to the edge of the tub.

Sakura, not noticing either objects falling into the tub continued to enjoyed her relaxing bath. However, something strange was happening to Sakura's necklace. As the bubbles hit it in the water the necklace began to radiate a pink, yellowish glow and started to seem to split the glow down the middle. As this was happening the necklace itself appeared to literally split into two identical copies of itself. Sakura still unbeknownst to her was being engulfed by the pink light and as it surrounded her slender naked form underwater her body seemed to be replicating on the opposite side of the tub. After the initial flicking light that surrounded the new body this new Sakura she let out a small exhale under water. The strangest thing about her was that she seemed to be doing everything Sakura did such as simply enjoying her or rather now, their bath.

Sakura and Sakura both rose from the water to catch their breath and both were covered in so many bubbles that neither even noticed that both of their faces were covered in the pink and white bubbles. Just then she/they noticed her/their necklace/s floating in front of the other. Without noticing the identical woman in front of them both Sakura's reached for the necklaces having their grabbing hands reach underwater but were shocked when they felt not only something that felt like flesh stop them but something touching themselves in their lower region.

Both Sakura's moaned from the touch of their contact with their identical counterpart to their twin cunts. Both Sakura and Sakura looked up to see the bubble covered girl in front of them and blinked a couple times in surprise and confusion. Both Sakura's reached over to the bubble covered face to brush away the bubbles to reveal to them that they were the same exact girl. Skaura Kinomoto, has met Sakura Kinomoto.

But what they felt towards each other was something they either expected or didn't. But it was clear to Sakura and Sakura what they wanted to do next. They wanted to:
  • Accuse the other of being a fake. A naked cat fight ensues
     Episode #209
Aug 01, 2008   09:11
Rating: R - Nudity
Author: droid1

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Hey Rub-a-Dub, Twin Maids in a Tub

“AAAAHHHHH!!” Both Sakura’s heave sighs of frustration as they sit, sexes touching, and noses a tiny distance apart.
Her day had been very bad and all she wanted was to luxuriate in the bubble bath and let the tensions of the day drain away.
She was irritated at having her bubble bath interrupted and doubly irritated that she had to resist the intense stab of desire she was feeling.

Damn she looks HOT!  Both Sakura’s notice, as they covertly look at the others breasts heaving from the sigh.
This position is REALLY distracting! Both Sakura’s are very aware of the way their sexes are heating from the contact with the others sex. 
Well let’s see what sort of copy she is! Both Sakura’s think, neither backing away, determined to be superior to her copy.

“What are you? And why do you look like me?” One Sakura asks the other, irritated, but trying to sound friendly.
“You look like me! Who are you? And why are you here?” Sakura asks back, trying to sound friendly and hide her irritation.
“Why am I here? This is MY bath! Why are you here?” Sakura asks obviously irritated.
“Stop pretending you are me you idiot! This is MY bath!” Sakura replies also obviously irritated.
“Listen you idiot! I am ME! And this is MY bath!” Sakura is getting frustrated; she unthinkingly pushes her hips into her duplicates.
“You do not want to piss me off! This is MY bath!” Frustrated and sliding backward Sakura plants her hands on the bath and pushes back.
 “This is MY bath and YOU are getting OUT!” Pissed off and sliding backward Sakura plants her hands and feet, and pushes back.
 “You will be the one LEAVING, you CHEAP copy!!” Equally pissed off plants Sakura feet too, and meets her doubles push.

The stronger pushes force their hips to lift up out of the bath covered in bubbles, and the pushes also force their sexes to grind together.
 “IDIOT!”; “CHEAP COPY!”; “STOP THAT!”; “GET OUT!!” They pant at each other as they strain pushing and making no progress.
The pushing battle is sending waves of pleasure from their labia coursing up and down their bodies; but they try to ignore these sensations.

“UUUUUUHHHH!!!” Both Sakura’s finally moaned involuntarily, unable to ignore the pleasure they are experiencing any longer.
That is EMBASSING! But at least she is having the same reaction! They both think as they blush.

Need to try something new! Both Sakura’s think at the same time, and their hands whip up, wrapping around the others knees, lifting.
“HHHHHUUHHHH!!” They both exclaim, as they sit up straining their abs, holding the others legs over their shoulders, sexes pressed together.
“OHHHH!!” The both barely have time for a shocked gasp as both girls use their legs to slam the others head and shoulders underwater.

Sakura is very athletic, being a member of her school's cheerleading squad and excellent at track-and-field activities.
Both Sakura’s use all of her famous energy, and her athletic abilities, as they thrash against one another, in the slippery bubble bath.
They try to use their legs to hold the other under, while twisting, wriggling and using their arms to free their torsos.
But lying on their backs in the slippery bath, they cannot get any traction, and they continually slide back into the same sex on sex position.
Every time a Sakura manages to sit up, her double: hooks her leg over her; or pulls on her legs: pulling the other back into the bubbles.
The result is: heads, arms, legs and breasts poke out of the bubbles again and again, before sliding back into the bubbles.
Again and again they dunk each other and thrash about making the soapy bubble bath look like the inside of a washing machine!
Their sexes slip and slide erotically against each others, parting and contacting, lubricated by the soapy water, driving both girls crazy!
Both Sakura’s are wondering what will happen first: victory, orgasm or passing out from lack of air.
  • They Sit, Grab & Pull
     Episode #261
Jan 20, 2011   03:24
Rating: R
Author: Vipeout

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Hoe! Rub-a-Dub, The Maids Need a Rub!

Hazy from lack of air, frustrated at being unable to gain an upper hand, and distracted with arousal, and both Sakura’s change tactics.
Air!! Need AIR!! Must SIT UP!! Need something to hold on to!!!Everything’s slippery!! Wait her hair... Both Sakura’s think at the same time.

Then they both erupt from the bubbly water, hands failingly as they desperately grab for each other’s hair.
Their fingers tangle in the other’s cropped hair, all four hands get a good grip, and then both girls PULL HARD!

“AOOWWWW!!!” They scream, their scalps burning with pain, pulling on the other, until their bodies mash together, bubbles dripping off them.

“AHHHH!! AHHHH!! AHHHH!!” They pant as they gasp for air, feeling the others aroused nipples stab into their breasts, with each inhalation. 
Panting they sit in each other’s lap, their arms around each other, pulling on each other’s hair, bodies pressing together: sex on sex; breast on breast.
Locked together, they are pulling so hard that their faces are being forced to look up at the ceiling!

Motionless except for their heaving chests, they sit as the bubbles slide off them, except for few in their hair, and a bubble pool over their breasts.
They are so short of air they are both seeing spots; oddly the asphyxiation has enhanced their arousal; the ache of desire is driving both girls crazy!
The sensations are intensified by the rock hard nipples, sliding over rock hard nipples, and stabbing into each other's breasts with each breath.

AHHH!! Let go my hair damn it!! AOOWWW!!!” One pants gasping for air, scalp burning with pain, nipples stabbing her breasts.
AHHH!! You let go my hair damn it!! AOOWWW!!!” The other pants back, gasping for air, scalp burning with pain, nipples stabbing her breasts.
AHHH!! Hair pulling is so damn girly, will you let GO!!! AOOWWW!!!” The other demands full of pain and frustration, as she gasps for air.
AHHH!! You are a girl or did you forget cheap copy?!? AOOWWW!!!” The other asks scathingly, as she continues gasping for air.
AHHH!! AOOWWW!!! Idiot!!! Of course I know we are girls!!!” The other answers, short of air and frustrated she drives she sex into her doubles.
 “OOHHHH!! OK! OK! How about we both stop pulling so hard?” The other asks, as her hips respond involuntarily, bucking against her doubles.
OOHHHH!! OK! OK! I will if you will” The other agrees, her hips involuntarily matching her duplicates bucking, their sexes rubbing together.

“AHHHH!!!!”, “AAHHH!!”, “AHHH!!!” Both Sakura’s pant as they reduce the pull on the each other’s hair without letting go of it. 
Relief floods them, spots vanishing from their vision; their breathing slows from disparate gasps to heavy panting.

“OOHHHH!!!!”, “OOHHH!!”, “OOHHH!!!” Both Sakura’s moan, as at the same time their twin cunts continue to grind together in the soapy water.
A different sort of relief floods them; the ache of desire eases as they satisfy their need, by grinding their sexes together. 

“AHHHH!!!!”, “OOHHHH!!!!”, “AHHHH!!!!”, “OOHHHH!!!!”, “AHHHH!!!!”, “OOHHHH!!!!”, “AHHHH!!!!”, “OOHHHH!!!!”
Flushed and panting, hips bucking and rubbing together, the Sakura’s allow the others head to lower until they meet each other’s gaze.
Both blush with intense embarrassment, their faces and chests going brighter red as they realise the situation they are in and what they are doing.
  • “Stop doing that!” They order each other, embarrassed and shocked.
     Episode #3699
May 09, 2011   19:18
Rating: X
Author: Vipeout

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And who do you think they are?

Sakura is an innocent; she is naïve, frequently clueless, and is generally oblivious to sexual innuendos.
Sakura has completely failed to notice that her best friend Tomoyo has a romantic lesbian attachment to her.

For her to find herself sitting naked in a bubble bath staring into the eyes of an equally naked identical double is Embarrassing!
Sitting in her doubles lap, bubble covered breasts heaving against hers, aroused nipples rasping against hers is Flustering!

To have been taken to her limit as she battled, trashed, wriggled and twisted against her doubles sexy body is Disconcerting!
To have been nearly asphyxiated and driven crazy with arousal; in a slippery, naked, soapy, catfight is Demeaning!

To find herself flushed and panting; callously clenching her doubles hair; and fiercely humping her sex into her doubles sex is Shameful!
To find herself so aroused that she desperately NEEDS to keep driving her trim athletic young body into her doubles is Humiliating!

So imagine how upsetting it is to find that the battle, humiliation, recent asphyxiation, and her doubles skin are fuelling Sakura’s arousal.
Sakura’s perky breasts feel bigger than ever before, her nipples are harder than ever before, and her sex is aching with unbelievable NEED.

 “OHHH!!” Both Sakura’s sob; as feelings of lust, desire, and need, battle with feelings of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment.
Tomoyo wants to do this to me!! Frustrated and full of conflicting impulses both Sakura’s have one of their amazingly perceptive moments.

UHHHUHH!!” Both Sakura’s moan; utterly distracted from their thought; as their nipples clash together, bubbles dribbling off their breasts.
Grrrarrgh!! She is pissing me off!! Both Sakura’s think channelling their conflicting impulses into anger and frustration directed at their double.

“STOP DOING THAT!!!” Sakura commands her  double angrily. Livid with shame she wriggles back up a tiny distance.
“YOU STOP DOING THAT!!!” Sakura growls back at her  double. Equally flushed and mortified, she also backs up a little.
Their position is no longer quite so intimate, there is now a very small space between them.
  • They Release Each Others Hair
     Episode #4010
Oct 28, 2011   00:10
Rating: R
Author: Vipeout

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Who do you think YOU ARE?

No. Calm down. I'm sure it will be all right. Think both Sakura’s; then they simultaneously they both take a very deep calming breath.
Their chests expand, their slippery breasts press together, their nipples furrow across skin until their passage is arrested by the others nipples.

OHHHH!!” Both Sakura’s WHIMPER, as nipples snag on nipples, this encounter sends a shock of raw desire coursing into their cores.
Holding on to the others hair, staring into each other’s eyes, sitting almost in each other laps, their battle narrows to their duelling nipples.

“Wait. Who do think you ARE?!?” One Sakura asks the other, making tiny movements to wriggle her nipples into a better position.
“I think I am Sakura Kinomoto! Who do you think you are?” Sakura replies proudly lifting her chest and thrusting with her nipples.

“I don’t think! I know I am the real Sakura Kinomoto!” Sakura replies angrily jerking her nipples upwards, trying to flick her doubles nipples.
“Prove it then, tell me something only I would know!” Sakura replies arching her body so her nipples rise, keeping their nipples clashing.

“...umm..umm..I have just figured out Tomoyo wants...” Sakura replies hesitantly, watching their nipples tussle, twitching, up into view.
“You too!?! No wait. What have you figured out?” Sakura ask startled, watching as she makes their nipples buffet fiercely against each other. 

GGRRRRRUNN!!!” Both Sakura’s SNARL distressed though gritted teeth as their fully erect sensitive nipples strike repeatedly together.
Each collision of their sensitive nipples causes a jolt of need to arc though both bodies and adding to the devastating fire of lust they are feeling.
Both Sakura’s clench their fingers tightly, pulling painfully on each other’s hair, while their nipples lash relentlessly against each other.
Both Sakura’s will themselves to resist, determined not to be the one who gives in to desire, while their embarrassment melts into craving.

HUHH!!HUHH!!HUHH!!HUHH!!HUHH!! HUHH!!HUHH!!HUHH!!” On and on both Sakura’s PANT, determined to out torment their double.
They are both incapable for speech for some time…. until, finally, they …simultaneously pause their nipple duel.

UUNNH!! She wants me to…” Sakura releases her grip on her doubles hair, and quickly moves her hands to firmly grasp her doubles head.
Yes!?!” Sakura sighs, relief that the prolonged and painful hair pull has stopped is so profound that Sakura relaxes;
her shoulders are arms lose their tension and her fingers release and slide free from her doubles hair…
  • They Somehow End Up Both Kissing AND Battling
     Episode #4476
Nov 15, 2011   23:55
Rating: R
Author: Vipeout

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Rub a Dub Dub Maids Kissing in a Tub

“…do this!” Sakura finishes, suddenly inhaling deeply and leaning forward, while pulling on her doubles head, she forces their lips together.
“Yes! MMMMmmm!”Sakura tries to agree this is what Tomoyo wants but her words are lost as she cooperates in a passionate KISS!

UUNNHHHHHH!!!!” Both Sakura’s moan, as leaning forward, or being pulled forward, presses their breasts together; while the slippery bath slides their butts further apart. The clinch forces their nipples to plunge downward, where hidden from sight in the squashed flesh of the Sakura’s engorged breasts the nipples continue to grate against each other. 

 “OHHHHHMMMMM!!” Both Sakura’s groan as gripping each other’s heads they continue the kiss continues for a quiet some time...
With their: lips locked together, noses pressed firmly together, and tongues skirmishing with impassionate abandon. As at the same time their soapy breasts writhe against each other: expanding and compressing; slipping and sliding; they use their nipples to torture each other each other in an excruciatingly arousing struggle.

The Sakura who didn’t cause the kiss suddenly realises, that with their noses pressing together and lips sealed together in a kiss breathing is  difficult, AND her evil double took a deep breath before kissing her. Thinking quickly she wraps her arms around her doubles chest and without breaking the kiss she squeezes her double ferociously, forcing her evil double to exhale as she inhales!
MMMMMMMPH!!!” The other Sakura responds by wrapping her arms around her doubles and squeezing fiercely back, while continuing the violent kiss.

This results in the Sakura’s breasts being suddenly and violently mashed together. By chance, the flat tips of their fully erect sensitive nipples to ram squarely into each other. The perky nipples are so firm the collision doesn't bend them instead they are pressed backwards into their own engorged breast, a sensation the Sakura’s find EXTREMELY unpleasant.

NNNAAHHHHHH!!!!” Both Sakura’s BAWL into each other’s mouths, as they crush each other, their breasts flattening against each other, as pain and desire radiate unrelentingly from their savagely depressed erect nipples. They strain together, squeezing against each other in an impassioned bear hug, and they continue to press their faces together in a smothering kiss, while their sexes frustrating lack of contact with anything is ratcheting their desire to an agonising level.

On and on the crushing embrace goes, the stimulating pain and pleasure of their depressed nipples, the violent asphyxiating kiss, and the frustrating lack of intimate contact, these sensations fuel the Sakura’s amorous cravings threatening to overwhelm them. Their mutual embarrassment quickly becomes a forgotten memory. Until both Sakura’s are achingly aware of nothing except the space separating their throbbing sexes, as they both struggle to resist the intense carnal desire soaking their brains and instead focus on winning the kissing crushing battle they are engaged in, before they pass out from lack of air!
  • They decide to conquer by forcing each other to orgasm
     Episode #4594
Nov 16, 2011   00:08
Rating: R
Author: Vipeout

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Rub a Dub Dub Sakura gets a thorough Scrub

"MMMmmm!!!" Sakura and Sakura continued to crush their bodies together in a tight hug, flattening their breasts together like pancakes. Their nipples stabbed into each other perfectly, neither set bending to the other. Instead, both pairs were pushed back into their breasts.

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Everytime one took a breath, the other quickly snatched it up, as they refused to break their kiss, or released their mutual bear hug, they slowly but surely sucked and crushed the life out of each-other.

'NO! I can't keep this up!' Sakura realized there was only one option left to her. She needed to defeat this doppelganger before she herself was defeated. And their was only one way to do that.

'Oh!! I hope...nnnaaaa....this works!!! And with that thought, Sakura and Sakura brought sexes back into direct contact.

It was incredible. More intense than the first time. They wasted no time gyrating their soapy crotches together again, while still crushing their bodies together, and cutting off the other's air with their tight kiss. Probably the only reason they didn't cry out was due to said kiss making it impossible for either to say anything.

Whenever one girl gave a cry, it was cut off by the other's mouth, which hungrily devoured any air that escaped; however, she would in turn have the air stolen from her lungs by the other. Between the piercing of nipple into nipple, the tightly sealed kiss, the vice like bear hug, and now the furious grinding of crotches, Sakura and Sakura were slowly draining the energy and life out of each other.

'Aaaahhhhh!! She has to orgasm sooner or later! Then I'll get her!' Sakura hoped the sudden orgasm would leave her twin vunerable. Not only would it weaken her, but it would make her unable to resist a final squeeze, and a last sucking of air from her lungs. A Hat trick; that is, if she could avoid the same happening to her. And that was proving to be easier said then done.

Then writhed together in the tub, breasts engulfing breast, nipples drilling into nipples, sexes pounding, rubbing and grinding together with increasing fervor, and lips sealing mouths perfectly in a inescapable kiss as they bear hugged each other tightly, slipping and sliding against each-other.

By this time, the gyrations had caused a nice lather of soap and bubbles to build up around them. They were covered completely covered in bubbles; anyone who saw them would have only seen a shaking, moaning pile of soap bubbles, and wondered what the hell was going on under all that soap.
  • Same ass option 4, except they pass out
     Episode #4607
Mar 30, 2012   00:57
Rating: X
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Blast Her! Why Won’t She Come?

“Mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh!” In the bath in Sakura’s bathroom a trembling pile of bubbles was making a continuous series of little muffled whimpering moans.

Under the bubbles Sakura was reeling, the only thing she could see though the red haze that had descended over her vision was bubbles. She couldn’t breathe, her lungs were on fire, while her face and body were being crushed against the athletic naked form of her doppelganger.  But she couldn’t stop returning the asphyxiating kiss or crushing bear hug as any weakness would leave her at the mercy of the hot doppelganger she was battling.

Nor could Sakura stop making the little whimpering moans that were draining the last of her air. Because she desperately was trying to force the curvy slender doppelganger she was struggling against to orgasm, so she could conquer her in that moment of weakness! Which meant she had to keep gyrating her hips and humping with her soapy wet crotch, so she could ply her engorged sex against her doppelgangers engorged sex. The problem was that the long struggle against her lithe doppelganger had left her body in an excruciatingly aroused state, and each contact on her labia sent a pulse of pleasure coursing through her body to the core of her being, resulting in an involuntary little whimpering moans.

Blast her! Why won’t she come? Thought Sakura. She knew she was running out of air and that her resistance to her sexy doppelganger’s erotic assault was crumbling. So calling on the last of her reserves Sakura: increased her squeeze her on doppelganger’s chest, bend her stomach, and twisted her hips to maximise contact between their clits. Engorged breasts and aroused nipples burned with pain as they were crushed flat. Her stomach and legs quivered as they strained to hold this new position. But Sakura ignored these sensations and increased the tempo of the battle, thrashing her sex furiously against her doppelgangers sex!

“Unnh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh!” The pile of bubbles in the bath in Sakura’s bathroom was shuddering now and making a continuous series of much more rapid muffled grunting moans. Because under the bubbles, Sakura’s doppelganger was in the exact same condition as Sakura and doing exact same thing!

 “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” The Sakura’s mutual scream was muffled by their savage kiss and reduced in volume by lack of air in their lungs. In their extremely aroused states: the better angle, the clit on clit collisions, the double increase in tempo, the furiousness of the increased friction, or the way their labia thrashed against each other, would have individually been enough to push them over the edge. Combined it was far too much for either Sakura to even partially resist. A monumental simultaneous orgasm BLASTED though both Sakura’s! They CAME in a mind shattering explosion of pleasure so intense that they lost consciousness! They flew apart, landing at opposite ends of the bath, then unconscious they slowly slid into the bath. The bath now looked like a giant bubble pie, under those bubbles the Sakura’s continued to slowly slide until they were halted by slipping back into the same sex on sex position they had ended up so repeatedly during their tussle.
  • Sometime later the now cold water wakes them shivering
     Episode #4927
Jun 10, 2012   09:30
Rating: X
Author: Vipeout

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In the morning

Sakura finally woke up. And she was shivering.

"Brr," she said, forgetting last night's events. "I must have fallen asleep in the tub for some reason."

Of course both Sakuras were saying this but they didn't realize this due to their vision being blurry and speaking at the exact same time.

However she didn't need to see, because she knew the house like the back of her hand.

They both got out, and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself. Somehow, she didn't notice her wet body touching another one, or how it seemed smaller than usual, because she was too occupied by trying to remember what happened last night.

She made it all the way to her room to get dressed up. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of pink panties that she liked and put them on. She somehow didn't notice the girl directly facing her, or the identical legs sliding past hers as they went in.

With the panties stretched around both girls, she opened another drawer to pull out a pantyhose. Even though she doesn't normally wear those, she felt distracted, and got a plain white pair to put on.

Both Sakura slid it on, hardly noticing her skin slide against more skin. She did however, start to notice it getting tight.
Unlike the panties, which were elastic, the pantyhose was made to fit only one Sakura, and not two. So it ripped slightly as she put it on.

Then when it was completely on, the pantyhose snapped tight, pushing their pelvises so close together it hurt. Their womanly areas were also squeezed together, and it was so tight that every slight movement they made felt pleasurable to each.


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     Episode #5220
Feb 11, 2018   02:07
Rating: R
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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