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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Zelda from "The Legend of Zelda"
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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A New Legend

Many times has this tale been told. The tale of a strange land, where magical creatures roam, and an object of great power exists. And always, there are the same common factors. A hero clad is green, possessing unmatched courage, a villain, a king of evil, whose lust for power causes disaster to all. And finally a princess, who's great wisdom guides an entire kingdom.

These three, bound together by the power of the gods themselves, have lived the same tale many times over. The Evil king takes hold of the princess, the hero must rescue her, and sometimes on his own, sometimes with her help, vanquish the evil one. After doing, he disappears, until he is needed again.

But now a new legend will begin, different from those that have preceded it. Now the princess herself will add her own chapter to the tale, but it will be unlike any that have come before, or will come again.
  • We begin with the mysterious Sheikah know as Sheik
     Episode #204
Aug 01, 2008   08:58
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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In the stillness of night, a lone figure moved though the shadows.

The dream had come out of nowhere. It only showed a place that looked familiar, but that had been enough to convince the warrior to take a closer look. Previous experience had shown that dreams were rarely ever just dreams, so investigating things was a wise course of action.

The last of the Sheikah, known to everyone as sheik, but to even fewer people as the Princess Zelda, stalked through the forest, darting behind trees, and staying out of the light as she moved towards her destination.

'I'll be there shortly, but I still don't know exactly what it is I'll find!' The vision had been so vague; she remembered seeing Hyrule Castle, as it was before Ganondorf took it over, and was overwhelmed with a powerful urge to head into this strange forest that she did not recognize. She seemed to know where to go, but not why she was going there, or even how she knew to go there.

The sun started to come up as Sheik sense she was close to the end of her journey, and the beginning of the answers to all these questions.

As she stepped into a clearing, she finally reached the source of her vision......

"What? What is this?!"

What Sheik saw was.....
  • Hyrule Castle
     Episode #211
Jul 15, 2014   18:15
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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One Castle to Hyrule over them all.

As she stepped into a clearing, she finally reached the source of her vision......

"What? What is this?!"

What Sheik saw was exactly what she'd seen in her vision; completely undamaged and looking like it had been before Ganondorf took it over and turned it into his own personal lair.

"This is impossible! Hyrule Castle is gone completely! How can it be here!?" The scene in front of her made little if any sense, but she could not deny what she was looking at. Hyrule Castle had returned.

Sheik walked towards her former home, restored to its full glory without any explanation. The fact that the Castle seemed so peaceful and quiet bothered her even more than it comforted her; it was too quiet. Was anyone besides her even there?

Not dropping her guard, she entered through the main gate, which was wide open and completely unguarded. Now the alarm bells were really going off.

"Whatever the threat, I'll be ready for it!" Still Staying cautious, Sheik made her way into the castle.

With the sun high in the sky, there were few shadows for her to hide behind, but Sheik still did her best to stay out of sight and avoid prying eyes. However, if there was anyone besides her, they were well hidden.

As she moved further into the castle, she got the feeling that something was nearby....or someone.......

As she rounded the corner.......
  • She was forced to dodge a knife
     Episode #6159
Jul 16, 2014   03:45
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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This time, it's Ninja vs Pirate!!!!

As she moved further into the castle, she got the feeling that something was nearby....or someone.......

As she rounded the corner, she saw it: A knife coming straight at her head. Even with her speed, she was barely able to avoid it, and when the second slash came, she was lucky enough to parry pull out her own Sheikah knife in time to parry.

At this point, Sheik got a good look at her assailant: A girl (or woman) around the same age as her, with tanned skin, and blonde hair done up in a straight curled up ponytail; she had blue eyes, and wore a red scarf around her neck, a blue vest over a purple shirt, and white pants.

"Whoa! Who the hell are you?!" The girl asked, breaking off the blade lock and getting some distance from Sheik.

"I was wondering the same thing about you actually!" Sheik replied. "Why did you attack me?"

"I figured you were a monster." The girl eyed Sheik warily, Knife still at the ready. Sheik didn't lower her weapon either. "Who are you exactly lady?"

Sheik blinked. "Lady...." Sheik was surprised to realized her new acquaintance saw through her disguise, or at least noticed she was really a woman.

"Yeah. Lady. You might fool others pretty easily, but the Pirate Captain Tetra is wiser than than!" The woman now identifying herself as Tetra pointed her Knife at Sheik. "You'll be telling me your name, and your business here, cause if you're going through the trouble of disguising your gender, then that makes you awfully suspicious in my book."

"I will tell you my name at the least." Sheik also pointed her knife at Tetra. "I am Sheik, last of the Sheikah, and I sincerely doubt any cutthroat pirate is wiser than me!" She started circling around Tetra, who did the same, the two never taking their eyes off each other, and not lowering their knives. "As for my business here, that is not your confer, though I will ask you why you are here instead."

"My business here is my business! You're not getting anymore from me than that!" Tetra countered.

Both women felt something was off: the other one was hiding something. They could feel it. Sheik had always been talented at telling when something was amiss, and Tetra shared that talent.

'She's a suspicious one.' Tetra thought.
'She's pretty suspicious. Sheik thought.

It was obvious the girl in front of her knew more than she was letting on.

"You don't fool me!" Tetra said. "You know more than you're letting one. I can tell just from looking at you!"
"Well, you haven't exactly been forthcoming either!" Sheik countered. "I'm also skilled at discerning deception."

They weren't getting anywhere asking questions. It was obvious that neither would talk to the other when they were both hostile.

"Guess I got no choice...." Tetra began, taking a step forward.
"It would seem I have no choice......" Sheik also spoke, and also moved forward.

"......But to force you to talk!" They both sprinted towards each other, closing the distance between them and clashing blades again. At that same moment, each woman thrusted a free hand forward, intending to knock the other out with a palm strike to the neck.

Their palms struck each other head on, with a light slap, and both instant intertwined fingers in that moment, but then.....


A bright light and a sharp pain emanated from the hands that would clasped together, but on the back of said hands instead of the palms. Both women were blinded by it.

"What is this?" Sheik was surprised when she managed to make out the Triforce symbol on her hand. "Why is this woman making my Triforce appear?"

Before she was completely blinded, Sheik could have swore she heard an echo.

Soon, the light rescinded, and she could see again.....

"What....why am I.......?"

She was no longer Sheik. Catching her appearance in a nearby mirror, she realized she's transformed into Princess Zelda, her true self....but....

"YOU!" She turned to Tetra angrily. "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF......" When she saw the Pirate, she was surprised at what she saw. ".......this?"

"What's.....what's going on?" Tetra was equally confused. "Why do you....? Why do I.....?"

Sheik was now the Princess Zelda: She wore a Pink dress with a gold emblem over her chest, and should pads attached to the emblem. Over her skirt was a banner attached to her belt, and her arms were covered in long Opera gloves. Her head sports a diadem with a large red jewel in the centre, and Triforce shaped earrings hung from her ears. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Tetra.

Tetra looked different as well, because she looked.....well, she looked exactly like Zelda. The dress was the same, as well the banner, the golden emblem, the opera gloves and the jewel encrusted diadem. However, she lacked the should guards, and earrings, instead leaving her shoulders bare and wearing a red jewelled necklace, and some wing shaped hair clips instead. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Sheik.

They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?"
  • The Zeldas try and understand the situation
     Episode #6166
Jul 18, 2014   17:11
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Testing his wisdom, trying her patience

They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?" Both women, formerly the pirate Tetra and the Sheikah Sheik, found themselves asking the same thing in perfect sync.

They were both so surprised that they couldn't move or even break eye contact. They bore identical looks of confusion, staring into a mirror image. They were close, faces only a few inches away from each other as blue eyes gazed into each other.

'This is....is this why I was so suspicious of her?' Zelda had always had a talent for seeing through deceptions, and it seems that had allowed them to pierce the disguise of the other. But now it only meant there were many new mysteries to be uncovered.

"You....your face.....and....the Triforce......how?" The first of these mysteries was the Triforce symbol on their hands. "How can you have the Triforce?" Then, suddenly, their eyes narrowed, as they finally snapped out of their mutual trance and jumped back, getting some distance from each other. But not quite enough to put them out of arms reach

"You.....how did you copy my Triforce of Wisdom?" They both asked accusingly. Still wielding their knives, they pointed the weapons at the other in a manner that left both women's intentions very clear. Only a few feet away, both women quickly realized she now had a knife a few inches away from her throat, and a wrong move would put it a few inches closer than would be healthy for them.

"Copy?" The Zelda who had once been Sheik glared at her double. "I didn't copy anything! As the Crown Princess of Hyrule, I was chosen to wield the Triforce! If anyone is a thief here, it's you!"

"Thief! Me, a Thief?" The Zelda who was once Tetra was incredulous at these words. "You claim my name, and my Triforce, and now call me a theif? I am Princess Zelda, and the true wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom, and nothing can change that fact, not even you and your little act!"

Both women were angry, but the knives they held to the other's throat kept them cautious. They observed each other in their stalemate, searching for a weakness, while trying to discern the other's nature. But what they found only confused them even more:

'She doesn't just look like me! Her movements and manner of speech are identical to mine! How can she mimic me so well!' Zelda was a woman who was very aware of herself: her subtle movements and the inflection of her own voice. All those little things people probably never realized about themselves were not outside her notice. And yet, the woman in front of her was perfect. The way her brow furrowed when agitated; The steady hand with which she held the knife; the way her eyes seemed to scan her other self all over, searching for holes in her defence and weaknesses to exploit. Even the manner of dressing, which the only thing about them not identical, seemed to somehow further highlight their similarities, as each Zelda could see herself wearing such a variation at some point.

And there was another factor: each one could feel it. The incredible magical power the other possessed. Both women had such magical potential, they had broken each other's disguises with a mere touch of their hands. That was power that could not be faked

The thing that bothered them the most however, was the level of sincerity. As already mentioned, Zelda had an eye for detail, and a talent for seeing through deception. Now that all their cards were on the table and they had exposed each other, they found that they could find none in the other.

'She truly believes herself to be me! She's not just faking it! But....that can't be!' Both women could see the rock solid conviction in the other. Each believed herself to be Zelda, and each could see the other believed it as well. The more they tried to understand things, the more confusion they experienced.

They circled each other again, keeping their weapons to the throat of the other, while trying to find that one thing that would shift this confrontation in their favour if it turned violent. But they moved in stereo, their steps mirroring each other, and as a result, the actual distance between them never changed. The fact that they had to be careful, constantly watching for the act that would bring the knife closer made things more tense.

"If you intend to take my identity, you will find yourself getting more than you bargained." Both women said again. They never broke eye contact, staring holes into each other, the only sound in the hallway besides their voices being the low click of their heels as they danced around each other slowly.

The Zeldas could see they were at a stalemate. Killing her enemy wouldn't get her any answers, but she could not drop her guard around her either.  Also, both women within the range of attack of the other, and any wrong movement would be spotted. The first move would be their last. But a move would need to be made by someone, and soon.
  • While they are focused on each other, they are jumped by monsters
     Episode #6172
Jul 19, 2014   15:44
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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The Zeldas could see they were at a stalemate. Killing her enemy wouldn't get her any answers, but she could not drop her guard around her either.  Also, both women within the range of attack of the other, and any wrong movement would be spotted. The first move would be their last. But a move would need to be made by someone, and soon.


"Ha ha ha...."

Zelda and Zelda took their eyes off each other for the first time since their encounter had began; that sound had not come from either of them.

"Where did it come from?"

"What was that?"

They realized their mistake: they had been so focused on each other, that they had never finished checking to see if there was anyone or anything else left in the castle. They acted too late however. A strange, almost transparent creature came out of the darkness, and both women immediately recognized it.

"A POE!!!" The two women exclaimed in perfect synch. That was all they had time to do, as their pre-occupation with the mirror image in front of them had allowed the creature to sneak up on them. Both Zeldas felt a strange power overcome them as the Poe used an ability neither were familiar with: it reached down to floor and grabbed their shadows.

"Hurk!" The Zeldas felt their bodies go stiff as the Poe took control of both of them at once. they tried to resist but.....

"Surrender......Zelda....you are mine......" It's voice echoed in their heads. With their bodies no longer responding to their desires, both girls dropped their knives (not that they would have been much good anyway).

"No....won't control me.....!"


They both fought back as hard as they could, and the Poe exerted more control.

"You cannot resist! I will take you both!" But the Poe found it could not bring them totally under its control.



Zelda and Zelda started to gain ground, as they felt control of their bodies return. The Poe realized its mistake. Trying to control both at once was poor judgement.

Despite its lack of a visible face, it smiled.

"Zelda....." It started to exert control again, but both Zeldas fought against it.

"That won't work....."

"You'll never control...."

"......take care of her....."

"What?" Both Zeldas realized that they were now turning back towards each other again. Did the Poe plan to use her twin to disable her?

The distance between them started to close as they drew closer to each other. They could fight the Poe a little bit, but found that they could not avoid each other, only delay things.

"What....what are you....?" Zelda and Zelda stepped closer, bringing their chests into contact, and and putting their arms around the other's waist. "You! Release me!" It was hard to tell whether they were talking to each other, or to the Poe.

"Zelda......will take Zelda...... Hee her hee!" The Poe laughed as it tried to decide what it would make them do to each other. It would manipulate them into weakening one another, and then they would be helpless.

"No! Stop!!!" The two women tried to fight back, but could not even free themselves from the grip of the other Princess, let alone the shadowy magic of the malicious spirit. With the two girls now firmly in both it's grasp and each other's grips, the Poe started the next part of it's plan and made the two Zeldas.......
  • Really? What makes you think I'd just choose one? All of the above baby!!!!!
     Episode #6181
Jul 19, 2014   20:53
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Zelda Poe-sessing Zelda

"No! Stop!!!" The two women tried to fight back, but could not even free themselves from the grip of the other Princess, let alone the shadowy magic of the malicious spirit. With the two girls now firmly in both it's grasp and each other's grips, the Poe started the next part of it's plan and made the two Zeldas begin the contest of wills.

The raspy voice of the Poe echoed in their heads. It could exert only a little control, but for what it had planned, it would hardly need to do anything at all.

"Take Zelda's mind!" The command was strong, boring it's way into their heads. Both Zeldas tried to resist but....

"No....what are you.....DON'T!!!!" They caught each others eyes; those endless pools of blue. So beautiful, so hypnotic.

'She's entering my mind! Trying to take control of me! That fool is letting the poe manipulate her!' Zelda realized that the Poe planned to use her twin as a proxy to control her mind. She couldn't fight both of them. 'That ghost isn't strong enough to fully control my mind, but she is! I must fight her off!' And fight Zelda did. She lashed out with a psychic attack mean to fend off her twins mental assault.

"EAAAAAYYYYYYAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" Both women found themselves screaming in horrible pain, as they both felt the other's mental strike. It pierced their psychic defences with ease and shook both girls minds.

"Aaaarrgh.....how.....?" Even though both had been expecting such an assault, it was way too strong. 'Why was her attack so effective?' Having dealt with Mind control before, Zelda had trained herself to resist such powerful assaults. And yet she had taken the full brunt of her twin's attack. What she failed to realize was that since they were identical, they possessed the same mind as well. They could easily look into each others heads, because their thoughts were so similar, it was like looking into her own head. Actually thats exactly what it was.

"Now, restrain Zelda's body!" With that, both girls quickly grabbed the other by the wrist, binding each other's arms. They both winced through the haze of their mutual psychic assault.

"So....strong....how....?" Both women were now trying to free themselves from the others physical grip. Zelda did not look like a particularly strong person, but whether she was trained as a Sheikah, or lived as a Pirate, she had extensive combat experience, and while not exactly a powerhouse, was stronger than she looked. Strong enough to hold someone of equal strength, but not enough to free herself from said equally strong enemy as well.

"Damn...you! Release me!" Both women brought a leg forward hoping to get some leverage to overpower the other, only to feel it's exactly twin wrap itself around her leg at the knee. They some how managed to avoid falling over, which meant they were locked together in a full body to body clinch, each holding the other by the wrist. And their grips were like steel. "Guh!!!" 'It's like wrestling a Moblin! How can she be so strong?!'

Now they were fighting both mentally and physically, and they were losing as well. The Poe decided to take the next step.

"Lock Zelda down with Magic! She must not escape!"

With that order, both girls unconsciously began chanting a spell. Before long, a glowing sigil appeared on the ground, in the unmistakable shape of the Triforce. And from that triforce symbol came chains of light, that started coiling around their bodies, binding them together. Their legs, already coiled around each other from heel to thigh, were then bound by the chains of light. Their arms, straining to hold each other were wrapped in the same shackles. The metal restraints slithered around their waists like snakes, pulling them close, until they were face to face; their bellies slapped together, and their chests melded and mushroomed against each other. Both women were surprised by the last one. When they had been disguised, neither seemed to be particularly....blessed in that department, but clearly, they both knew how to hide it, because it felt like two very large and soft pillows were currently pressed against her own impressive assets.

"Grrr....I won't let you do this to me!!!" The declaration was to both her weak willed twin, and to the cursed Poe. Suddenly, both women yelped in pain again; Each could feel her wrist being crushed with great pressure, and they felt the muscles in their legs strain as they once again tried to overpower the other and free herself from their body lock. Their minds screamed as they struck back with as much mental power as they could, and while both of these things went on, the chains restraining them seemed to creak, as though they would break.

"Sooo much power...." The Poe seemed impressed. "Heee her! Take it! Drain her dry of all her energy!"

"WHAT?!" Zelda and Zelda was surprised at the order that the Poe had given. But with their hands full, there was little chance they could steal any power from the other....

"No! Stay back!" They realized what was happening just in time. Their faces were close. Very close. Their lips had actually brushed against each other before they'd been able to gather up the will to resist. Draining energy through a kiss; with their minds and bodies already struggling against each other, neither was sure she could continue to fight if something like that happened. And with the magical chains binding them, there would be no escape.

"You won't......take MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" They glowed with sacred light as each Zelda fought back against her assailant. However, they were so preoccupied with each other that both seemed to be forgetting about the Poe.

"Take her! She is yours! Take her! Her mind, her body, her power!" It's voice was subtle, but with their battle of wills against each other, they couldn't keep it out. "Don't not let her fight you! She cannot fight you! You are Zelda! Zelda cannot resist Zelda!"

"NO! I WON'T....." Zelda couldn't do it. If she fought the voice of the Poe, her other self took her more and more. If she fought her double, the Poe was able to manipulate them even more. The chains around their arms seemed to loosen. Both thought this was a chance to escape. They released each others wrists, each thinking now that they could find a way to start escaping.....

"Miiiiiind....." The Poes voice struck again. Each Zelda, briefly taken in by the voice, began moving a hand towards the other girl's face.

"What....stop....you fool....." But it was too late. Each woman placed the tips of her fingers of her now free hand on the face of the other. The physical contact allowed them to probe each other's minds even deeper. They had already crushed the defences of the other's mind, and now they broke each other down even further.

"KYAAAAAAAA!" They screamed in agony at the strengthened mental assault. If either woman had any psychic resistance left, it was gone now.


At the same time, they each used a free hand to grab the other by the hair. The scream was at both the mental assault and the sudden flash of pain in her skull. Their legs were still wrestling each other, rubbing and sliding against together, and chest mashed itself against chest. Each could feel the nipples of the other through their dresses, and both women moaned slightly as their crotches rubbed together, even through their clothes. With their bodies tangled and struggling against each other, grinding together, overpowering each other, weakening each other, they were not going to be able to fight back with any physical strength. Such things were useless against someone with the same level of power. Strength was rendered useless by strength.

"Maaaaagiiiiic......." The chain tightened, their already plastered together bodies bound even tighter. They wrapped around arms and heads to ensure that said hands could not be pulled away, ensuring the psychic link was not broken. And then, each women felt their heads being pulled closer due to the hair pull.


".......Poooowwwweeeerrrrr! Take it......" Zelda could not fight the Poe when she was literally at war with herself. It was too much. She fought anyway.

"NO! NO!"

But it was hopeless.

"NoooooooooOOOOOOLPPPH!!!!!" Their lips came together, engulfing each other. The effect was instantaneous. Zelda felt all her energy being drained away. She tried to fight back, but the mind assault, the constant rubbing and wrestling of bodies, and the tightness of the magical chains meant she had little to fight with.

'I can't....too strong......noooooooo.....' Their eyes, which had gone wide at the initial contact of their lips, began to lose their light, as their consciousness faded. With their power now being drained, they found it even harder to resist the mental control, as their minds completely shattered from the mental attacks they'd been bombarded with by the other. Their bodies lost all strength, but somehow still held each other with physical might that belied their waif-ish forms. They held themselves up only because they were now leaning against each other. The chains bound them tightly, seemingly to remind them that all avenues of escape were cut off.

'My power...... I....it's.....she's taking it.......stop......' Zelda was now only dimly aware of what was happening. She was being conquered while she took control of her twin. She was dominated as she overpowered her double. As she subjugated, she was vanquished; as she subdued, she was overridden.

"Nnngh! Mmmhh!" The kiss was deep, and their tongues came into contact as they took all the power from the other. But the act of taking energy used energy itself. So while mostly, they just drained that power, and had it drained right back, some of it was lost in the process.

"Heee heee! That's right! Zelda will take Zelda! Take her mind, take her body, take her magic....." The Poe didn't let its lack of lips stop it from smiling.

"...but I will take the power you lose!" The energy that was lost in the process of the mutual life drain all went to the Poe. While the two Princesses were helplessly caught in the other's grip. it reaped all the benefits.

".....nnnnngh....." The life sucking, body crushing, mind shattering duel of the Princesses continued on, each one a prisoner of the other, each one, as unbelievable as it sounded, kidnapped and held captive by the other. Zelda had been captured by Zelda, and neither would escape.
  • Under the influence of the Poe, Zelda and Zelda continue to succumb to each other
     Episode #6191
Jul 20, 2014   06:07
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Champion Captures Champion


The two princesses writhed in one another's grip, each trying to mount some kind of counter offensive, to gather the energy to fight back, but all attempts were foiled near instantly, as the tight kiss they were locked in took away any power either of them had.

With their magic being drained, all their physical strength ebbed away as well, as their attempts to overpower the other were also crushed by the other's equal strength. The more they fought, the weaker they became.

"...nnnghh....mmmmghhhnnn..." The kiss dragged on, with more and more power being taken from Zelda by Zelda...


...and any that was lost went to that cursed Poe, who floated off to the side watching the two women slowly break each other.

"Take her mind, her body, her power! Do not stop! Take it all!" The Poe egged them on, continuing to use it's influence on both women to make them do it's dirty work. At this point, Zelda and Zelda had no hope of resisting it's subtle control, and had weakened each other to the point where it barely had to try anymore.

'...mind...body...power...' Zelda and Zelda heard the mantra repeat in their heads, mixing in with their own desperate but ultimately futile attempts to escape the others grip. At this point, they barely remembered the Poe, only perceiving the threat that had attached itself to their lips. If she could overcome this foes mind, restrain her body, and take her power, she'd be free. That is what their shattered psyches told them. Unfortunately, not only did this only dig them deeper into the hole they were in, it made it easier for the Poe to drain more of their power.

".....ummmm....mmmmnnnn...." The kiss had gone on for minute now, and yet, despite how long they'd been at it, neither Zelda was out of power. Despite this, they could no longer fight each other, even if they still thought they had to. Their bodies held each other limply, with neither of them putting in any strength (as they no longer had any to give), while the chains that should have faded due to so much energy being sucked from them still bound them tightly. Their heads were limp, and would have fell back in not for their lips, still firmly and tightly mashed together, as though a force beyond them kept them stuck together.

"Zelda is yours! ZELDA BELONGS TO YOU!" The voice of the Poe echoed out loud, as he continued to enjoy the spectacle. These two seemed to possess limitless power, and they'd be a perfect battery for him. He'd hit the jackpot.

"...mmmmnnn...nnnngh..." They could not respond; between the unending lip-lock, the mental attacks, and the lack of power, there was no way they could. But they heard him.

'Zelda....y-you are mine...' That was the thought that ran through both their heads, but there was something more...something both better and worse for them

'...Y-yes...Zelda...I am yours...

And with that, the last bit of resistance either woman had in they faded away as they completely surrendered to each other. Zelda had been captured before, but this time, she hadn't just been defeated. This time, she'd surrendered as well. They had done exactly as the Poe told them: they'd taken each other completely.

There truly was no escape. Zelda had been captured by an enemy that she could never escape from.

'...I...belong to Zelda...'

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     Episode #6194
Jan 22, 2018   19:38
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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