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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a modern day highschool
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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First period

The morning sprayed in through the gap beneath the oatmeal beige shades, stabbing Jim's eyes when he accidentally looked at the bright horizon. Also in the distance, his teacher's voice echoed a tired analysis of Orwell or Golding or something else you're supposed to think is deep when you're in high school. When he got sick of hearing her strained voice croak the meaning of this or that allegorical theme, he scanned around for some simpler stimulant for his half-asleep head.

First there was Beckie. Right below Beckie were Beckie's breasts. They hung there like giant raindrops caught in some lacey white gutter, bulging over the edges and only kept from spilling by the tension of her teenage skin. Beckie liked horses, he recalled. Beckie and her breasts, bouncing on horseback as her long red hair brushed around and between them. The mental image moved muscles in his groin he didn't think actually existed.

Then, there was Kendra. Her hair looked like straw, held behind her head with some backward-bowtie knot that only boyscouts are supposed to know. She fiddled with it now, her quick fingers and chewed-off nails feeling for imperfections. Her fingers led down to thin arms and narrow shoulders, where her skin faded from farmer-tan red to milky white. She dressed and acted like her whole life was gym class. Jim thought for a moment, in a sort of smiling reverie, how that would play out beneath the covers. Whether or not that could ever happen was, of course, not a question for right now.

The desk-chair combo squeaked a bit as Jim surveyed the rear of the room and pretend to stretch. In the back corner, at last, was something truly worth turning around for:
  • Something else.
     Episode #14
Aug 01, 2008   08:28
Rating: PG
Author: Sue Doeman

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Hayden the Cheerleader

    Hayden Panetierre was sitting in the back of the room, surveying the classes to study for her next role as another cheerleader.
   Jim was amazed at her body, her shirt hugging her breasts, her skirt giving him a view of her panties, and her wonderful thighs that he wish he could be right next to.
     It was after class that things got weird. Hayden quickly rushed out of class as Jim followed not too far behind. Hayden hadn't noticed. Jim followed her to...
  • Something farther than the else that was farther than the other else
     Episode #115
Jul 17, 2009   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: Taekocybe <taekocybe @ yahoo · com>

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What would you like?

I see that you are in search for something better... Maybe it's that the story didn't start how you liked it. So here I am to offer a new branch. (Keep in mind, this is still in a modern day high school.) So choose where we might go...

Once upon a time in a modern day high school...
  • Amber was in the science lab...
     Episode #2368
Nov 08, 2016   17:23
Rating: G
Author: Probably a Robot

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For Science!

The science lab was empty; not a soul was in the classroom. Perfect! Some nice alone time for Amber. She walked through the door, and locked it. Flicking the lights on, she pulled out her phone, no new messages. She spied around the room to make absolutely sure that there was no one else lurking about. The coast was clear. She then walked over to the lab coats and put it on. She took out a binder from her backpack and opened it up on the lab table. Inside contained several notes on asexual reproduction. She searched through the cabinets pulling out various chemicals, elements, liquids, etc.

After all the supplies were spread throughout the table, she gazed at the clock. It was 3:57, almost an hour since school was out for the weekend. She began her experiment, constantly checking her notes and copping each step to the exact milliliter. This would be her only chance to get this right. After an hour of mixing, heating, freezing, and shaking, the serum was complete. At last, all of Amber's research had paid off. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took a step back as she basked in the glory of her new serums. Although, they were complete, they were still in an inactive state, and required consumption.

But before Amber tested the blue serum, she opened a bottle of water, and added a drop of the serum. Usually, an ordinary drop would just dilute through the water, but the single drop had transfigured the water itself into more of the serum. She smiled as the process occurred right in front of her face. However, even though the serum could now become infinite, the process was slow, and her time in the lab was running out. She then took a drop of the original serum and added it to a small beaker of water. The smaller container transfigured it's water faster than the water bottle. Amber added a drop form a red serum that was tested in its own water bottle successfully as well. The 2 separate serums reacted to each other and cancelled the other out, leaving behind tainted water. The tainted water would act as normal for any other purpose, however adding more serum to this water would destroy the drop before it could transfigure.

(To summarize the last paragraph there is a blue activation serum, and a red cancellation serum. When a drop of either serum is added to water, the water will become more of that serum. When the red serum is added to the blue serum, it will transform back onto water that can no longer be transfigured.)

Amber was excited, her experiment went exactly as she had planned. But now was the moment of truth. She put the cap back onto both bottles of serum, and grabbed the beaker containing the blue serum.

She slowly raised the beaker to her lips, taking a single sip. She then put the bottle back onto the lab table.
  • The serum doesn't work right away.
     Episode #7352
Dec 05, 2016   00:07
Rating: G
Author: Sadistic Pacifist

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Delayed Reaction

Amber takes the serum and stands, waiting for something to happen. She stares at her timer and her notepad, expecting to feel some change. At least a murmur. After three whole minutes of silence, Amber clicks off the timer.

"Dammit. I can't believe that didn't work!" she explained to herself, alone in the science lab. She scribbles down some angry reports, upset and confused as to why there was no reaction.

"I'm sure I put the right chemicals in. I even got the right enzymes for the cellular separations." she said, examining the enzyme's bottle. It was unlabeled.

"Damn, I think this is the right one. Let me check." she said as she walked over to the glass cabinet of chemicals used for school labs. Opening the door, a large beaker of a sodium solution falls off the shelf and splashes directly onto Amber's clothes, drenching her.

The brilliant student screams, drenched from head to toe. Slamming the cabinet shut, she shakes her head in misery as she marches out of the science lab to the locker rooms.

"Can this afternoon get any worse?" she asks herself as she undresses herself fully and steps in the shower stall. The stall is extremely tiny, the size of a city phonebooth. As the water pours over her body, she is satisfied by the thought of all of her gym clothes to choose from in her locker. At least she'll be able to match colors.
  • The serum suddenly reacts, duplicating her.
     Episode #7422
Feb 17, 2017   08:16
Rating: R
Author: Themagicbox

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Snug shower

"Can this afternoon get any worse?" she asks herself as she undresses herself fully and steps in the shower stall. The stall is extremely tiny, the size of a city phonebooth. As the water pours over her body, she is satisfied by the thought of all of her gym clothes to choose from in her locker. At least she'll be able to match colours.

At that exact moment, Amber felt a strange sensation course through her entire body. It was overwhelming, feeling both painful and ...enjoyable at the exact same time.

"What...what's happening...?" She felt woozy as well, but even through all that, she immediately noticed something...an echo.

"Oh no!" Turning her head, she came face to face with herself. The serum had had a massively delayed reaction from what she was expecting. It had also duplicated her.

"Ahhh! Stop squirming!" Both girls squealed as their bodies rubbed against each other in the extremely tight shower stall. Nipples stabbed directly into nipples, disappearing between their chests that mashed each other flat. Wet legs rubbed together, along with crotches, causing them both to moan in pleasure.

"STOP! STOP THAT!" This was way too much. "Aaah! just...AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" They needed to calm down and think, and that required staying still.

"....aaahhh..." They bit their lips to try and stifle the moans, trying hard to quash the powerful sensations coursing through them.

"...ok...one of us should reach for the door." One Amber said. If they could get out of the shower, they could figure out what to do next.

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     Episode #7719
Nov 18, 2017   21:55
Rating: X
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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