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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • She was planning on meeting someone
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Chun Li's Secret Meeting

Agent Chun Li had just left a subway in a night filled quiet corner of Tokyo and frequently checked her wrist watch as if waiting in anticipation for something. She began to walk faster as she approached a dark alley beside a closed down restaurant.

"This seems to be the place. Now, where are they?" Was all Chun Li could even ask herself as two armed body guard like figures approached her from the front and back cornering the lovely woman.

"Miss. Chun Li, would you please come quietly with us. Our master would like to see you." The trim female guard in front of her spoke.

"You mean use me right? I don't know what he's planning but I won't let you take me!" Chun Li shouted as she took out her wrist spiked bracelets, placed them on and charged at the front guard.

"Please relax miss, there's nothing to be frightened about. We're just going to give you the time of your life. Or rather, you will." The back guard chuckled with an evil tone.
  • A woman identical to Chun Li in every way appears to save her captured other self
     Episode #159
Aug 01, 2008   08:48
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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Back-up arrives

"Please relax miss, there's nothing to be frightened about. We're just going to give you the time of your life. Or rather, you will." The back guard chuckled with an evil tone.

"Is that so?" Chun Li said; her voice was barely perceptible. She was ready to put both of these clowns down, but she was waiting for something...or rather someone.

"Don't resist." The Front guard said. "This is happening whether you like it or not." The Back guard finished the sentence.

Both were so focused on Chun Li that neither saw it: another figure watching them from a scaffolding a few feet above.

'There they are!' The figure thought. 'Just where they said they'd be. And she's there too. It's time to make my move!' With a shrill cry, the unknown figure jumped down from the scaffolding, landing in front of the back guard (behind Chun Li, who had her back turn to both). Chun Li immediately realized someone else had arrived and instinctively understood who it was. She launched an attack at the front guard, while her seeming back up did the same for the back one.

"What?" Both guards could only give the same exclamation of surprise before being utterly flattened by a powerful kick from Chun Li and the new player. They were instantly felled.

Chun Li moved to place handcuffs on her foe, but much to her surprise, the figure disappeared; they just flickered for a moment, then faded away as though a ghost. She stared in shock for a moment.

"What is this?"
"What just happened?"

The voice of her unknown saviour behind her sounded similarly surprised, and she immediately theorized that the same must have happened to the back guard as well. Another thing she realized is that her rescuer was female; the voice made it incredibly clear. She realized all of these things at the exact same moment she back upped into the other woman and their butts came into contact, making them both gasp.

"Eeep!" Rather than turning around, they held that position. After the surprise of the disappearing guards, both women needed a moment to calm down.

'Those two guards may have escaped,' both thought, 'but she's still here, and that's far more important!'

Even though Chun Li couldn't see her face, she knew who was behind her: the other woman wore a qipao identical in design to Chun Li, only red instead of blue. She had her hair done up in the typical Ox horns style. The most important thing was that she had the same face as Chun Li.

The two identical woman stood back to back, neither saying a word...but that didn't last.

"I knew you'd come..."
"I finally found you..."

They turned around, and as they did so, their chests came into contact, melding together and flattening each other, and their faces were inches apart, letting them feel the other's breath on her lips. Not expecting this, both grew red in the face, but still didn't back down an inch.

"...Chun Li."
  • They are something else I didn't think of
     Episode #166
Mar 18, 2017   16:36
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Chun Li (in blue) and Chun Li (in red) stood face to face, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and chest to chest, lips gently brushing against each other. They hadn't said a word yet, but their actions already spoke loud and clear...or so they thought.

"I'm glad you're here Chun Li," Blue said, "because there are some things I want to ask you."

"Well, isn't that interesting," Red replied, "because I happen to have some questions for you as well Chun Li."

Both growled, their bodies instinctively tensing up. Neither woman missed this little detail.

"I find it interesting, Blue began, "that you not only arrived so quickly, but also that just happened to be so close by. Care to explain what you were doing here?"

"I was investigating a lead, and it brought me here. I heard those thugs were going to be meeting someone, and I was watching to see who." Red answered. "Funny that you were the one who showed up. Just why were you here?"

"I was following a lead of my own, and it brought me to the this meeting." Blue gave her own reply. "My plan was to lure them out, capture them, and then interrogate them, but your little rescue botched that!"

"Well, your sting messed up my chance to follow them to their boss!"

They got even closer, mashing chests flats, letting one powerful thigh rest between the other's legs, and both could even feel their lips slightly brushing together,

'She's trying to intimidate me! Well I'm not backing down!' And she didn't. Neither Chun Li did.

"There have been rumours that a few cases have somehow been compromised." Blue said. "Someone has been giving out insider information, and torpedoing investigations. Those two goons were my first lead on finding out who!"

"Really? I've heard the same thing, and had the same lead." Red admitted. "In fact, I even have a suspect for who the leak is." As she spoke, Red seemed to eye Blue with suspicion; the latter did not miss this detail.

"Oh really? Well I have a suspect of my own." Blue retorted. "One who's practically above suspicion." She returned Red's stink eye with one of her own.

"Funny. Mine's just like that as well." Red said, while gritting her teeth.

"What a coincidence." Blue also began grinding her teeth together.

At this point, both women were playing games, trying to trip the other up, but the implication was clear.

Chun Li's prime suspect...was Chun Li.

"Where were you last Friday at 11:00pm?" The question came in perfect synch from both ladies. "I was at home, reviewing some files for an old case!" The reply was quick, and also in unison.

"So you have no way to confirm your alibi then?" Red said.

"Neither do you." Blue responded.

Both women were annoyed. when they looked at the facts, they'd realized the truth: all the evidence pointed at them. All of the compromised cases were ones they'd been involved in in one way or another, and neither of them had solid alibis to prove their innocence.

"Are you saying I'm a suspect?" Both asked. "Where's you're proof?"

They growled again. They had no alibis, but all the evidence that pointed to them was purely circumstantial. Nothing concrete.

This little operation hadn't just been about catching the two men: both women had hoped to catch the other in the act, but right now, they didn't have anything.

'Dammit! Why her? If it had been anyone but her...!' There was a lot of mutual respect between the two Chun Lis. they shared the same goal of taking down bison, and each admired the other's skill as a martial artist and a cop. They also admired the other's beauty, and had previously looked forward to working any cases together. So to be in a situation of both suspecting, and being suspected of foul play by the other hurt. If it was anyone else, she'd be sure, but her...

'I can't prove my innocence, and I can't prove her guilty...if she is guilty.' There was only one way to know for sure.

"Well then, perhaps we should work the case together." Red suggested.
"Good idea. Maybe then, we'll both find what we're looking for." Blue accepted.

They didn't separate though, still eyeing each other and keeping their bodies pressed together.

"Lets find out the truth." Both said.

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     Episode #7887
Jun 09, 2018   15:10
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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