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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Someone else
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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a chance for somthing new

more characters to choose from
  • more characters
     Episode #210
Aug 01, 2008   09:13
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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Another Chance for something New

more ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #275
Aug 01, 2008   09:25
Rating: G
Author: c987648

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Because you can never have enough ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #316
Aug 01, 2008   14:32
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Can there be any more options?

Yes. Yes there can.
  • Don't look at me, think of something else!
     Episode #348
Aug 01, 2008   14:39
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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I can

And i will
  • Something Thats so completely farr of the path that its somewhere in new york. you were in california.
     Episode #374
Aug 01, 2008   14:40
Rating: G
Author: Dermonster

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More food for the Beast!!! More Options!!!!

I'm back from California. It was hot.
  • Something else.
     Episode #378
Aug 05, 2008   01:47
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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It couldn't be? Could it? Yes, it can

even more options lol:
  • Something else.
     Episode #578
Aug 15, 2008   20:03
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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What about Disney?

Don't they get any fun?
  • Something else.
     Episode #841
Aug 17, 2008   17:10
Rating: G

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I've got a fever, and the only cure is more options!!!!

We ran out of cowbell.
  • King of Fighters
     Episode #891
Sep 01, 2008   03:37
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Fighting Queens

Verse. A being comprised of numerous souls who broke time and space.

Against all odds, the warriors gathered for the King of Fighters competition had defeated it, but with time already mixed up and turned upside down, they had no idea of the effect their actions had had.

Dimensions were crossed, time moved backwards and forwards, memories were scrambled, and reality itself threw up its hands in frustration and left those inhabiting it to fix things themselves.

The world was about to get very, very odd, especially for the women of the King of Fighters competition.

A Warrior must know themselves better then anyone. Soon, these skilled fighting queens would understand just what that meant.

Who would be first?

  • Athena Asamiya
     Episode #1079
Dec 07, 2016   21:26
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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The invitation

To Athena Asamiya,

You are invited to a prestigious tournament for the strongest woman on the planet. This will be unlike the usual King of Fighters tournaments you've long since frequented, for the prize is beyond your wildest dreams: The K Talisman. I'm sure you've heard of this incredible bauble before; a medal that can grant any and all wishes the wielder may have. Even if you have no desire to claim the K Talisman, you may still enter the tournament for the sake of showing the world your skills as Warrior of justice, and even an idol. You will be tested on all levels in this fight.

Athena read the letter to herself as she walked to the meeting place. It had said that if she accepted, she only had to make the journey to the location listed on the letter by 5:00 pm two weeks from the day she received it. Athena had to admit, she was curious about the part about being tested as an Idol; why would a fighting tournament need to do that?

Whatever the case, curiosity had gotten the best of her, so she'd decided to do as the letter said.

"Maybe I can wish myself a different hairstyle?" She said absentmindedly. A rather wasteful wish, but she only meant it half seriously. That being said, she hadn't completely ruled out the possibility of the Talisman being true.

There was one other part that bothered her:

"Not only will you be tested, but you will test yourself in a way you never thought possible." She read again. What did that mean exactly.

Athena realized she was approaching the location dictated in the letter, and it was almost 5:00 pm. As she drew closer, with only seconds to spare, she realized someone else was approaching from the other direction.

'I guess, that must be my opponent.' She thought as she got close enough to get a good look at her opponent.

"Wha...WHAT?" When she finally saw the girl she was going to be fighting, Athena's mouth dropped.

It was her. Long purple hair; red Sailor Fuku, along with a red head band with a gold star in her hair; black stockings, everything. The girl in front of her...was her. Athena Asamiya.

The other Athena was just as flabbergasted. She could only stare slack jawed at the woman with her face.

  • "YOU'RE ATHENA ASAMIYA! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!" Athena and Athena are fans of the other.
     Episode #7436
Dec 17, 2016   23:17
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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"Y-you...you're....." Both girls walked closer, voices weak as they tried to get a handle on the situation.....

"YOUR ATHENA ASAMIYA! I'M HOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!' Then they both squealed at the top of their lungs. "AAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

Athena couldn't believe it! The greatest idol on the planet was standing right in front of her. It was a dream come true!

"I have all your CD's!"

"I listen to your songs all the time!"

"You're the absolute best!"

They rambled on while holding hands, neither giving themselves time to breath. Their eyes were practically sparkling.

'Wait! Did she say she's My biggest fan? That means.....SHE KNOWS WHO I AM! ATHENA KNOWS MY NAME! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!' Now both girls were a little embarrassed, and they shrieked in joy until they finally ran out of air and had to stop to breath.

"hah....gasp...." Now they were starting to calm down a little from the initial high. They still held hands, but were visibly blushing; that was the point where they remembered they weren't here to be fangirls.

'Wait....am I....supposed to fight her....?'

"Hello ladies!" The two Athenas were brought out of their reverie by a man in a black suit. "Glad you could both make it. Now I'm sure you've got many question, and while I can't answer them all, I can explain that it's no coincidence that you are each other's opponents. This tournament will, as we already explained in the letter you both received, test you in ways beyond your skills as mere fighters. It will test your very nature as Athena, and who better to do it then Athena!"

When Athena and Athena just stared at him wordlessly, he grinned. "Naturally, we're not just asking this of you for nothing. In addition to gaining the talisman, the winner will receive a bonus prize that suits you perfect;" he pulled out a photo of Athena. "The winner will receive this autographed photo from the loser."

Both Idols just stared at him in disbelief, and then exchanged looks at the other. An autographed photo....from Athena.....

"I'LL DO IT!!!" It was way too good an opportunity to pass up. Plus, it was a chance to test herself against her idol on all levels. How could she not take it?

"I thought you'd say that." The man chuckled as he spoke. He pulled out a jar. "It's rather simplistic, but the first round will be decided by drawing lots. What you do will be determined by the colour you draw, so lets get started!" He held the jar of colour straws in front of the two girls, waiting to see what they'd take.

Athena and Athena exchanged glances again; this was a dream come true. A chance to fight against her idol, and they could be competing in just about anything. Taking a deep breath, both Athenas reached into the jar and pulled a straw.
  • The same as option 5, but it also acts as a concert for their fans
     Episode #7493
Dec 18, 2016   19:15
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Concert Catfight

Athena and Athena exchanged glances again; this was a dream come true. A chance to fight against her idol, and they could be competing in just about anything. Taking a deep breath, both Athenas reached into the jar and pulled a straw.

Both Athenas stared at what they'd pulled.

"So....what does this mean?" They both asked the man in the suit, revealing two multi colours straws in their hands. The man blinked. Since they were the same, he'd known the Athena's would pull out the same colour, but he was surprised it was that one.

"Wild Card ladies. You can choose whatever you want for the battle." He told them. "Singing, dancing, fighting, how you use your psychic powers. It's all up to you."

Athena looked at Athena, who looked her in the eye right back. They could choose anything, but what? What would be the best way to show Athena what she could really do? Then it hit them.

"I've got it!" They said loudly, still holding hands.

The crowd was going wild; all the seats were filled for this incredible occasion. Most people couldn't believe they were having the luck of seeing not Athena in concert.

Both of her.

And it wasn't just a concert either. Many people were fans of Athena either as a singer, or for her incredible skill as a martial artist from the King of Fighters competition. Most would be lucky to view one or the other, but Athena and Athena had said that they were not only putting on a concert, but giving a rare exhibition match against each other, with most of the proceeds going to charity. When the time came to choose how to battle, both Athenas had decided that just acting as an Idol or a Psycho Soldier wouldn't be enough, so they decided to do all of it. They'd compete against each other on stage in both a singing competition, a dance off, and a martial arts match.

'Wow. I'm so nervous!' Athena thought. She wore a blue dress with blue ribbon in her hair, and a bow tie (also blue) around her neck. '[/i]I can't believe I'm going to be performing and fighting Athena herself![/i]' Little did she know Athena was thinking the same thing as her. It'd been a long time since she got any performance anxiety, but this was unlike any performance either had given. After all, while they legitimately wanted to win, they also had to make sure to give the crowd a good show. It would be hard.

Walking towards the stage, they caught sight of each other.

"Oh! Hello Athena! Are you ready?"
"You bet I am! I'm looking forward to doing this show with you!"
"Wow! I am too! I won't let you down!"
"Be careful though! I might beat you while I'm at it!"
"Not a chance! I'm definitely getting that autograph out of you!"

It was so surreal for them both. Doing a show together and challenging each other to a fight at the same time. 'Even if she's the greatest, I know I can beat her!' Both girls thought, 'If I use my Psycho Powers to read her mind, I'll see everything she's going to do!' Athena and Athena took that moment to do just that. There was slight buzz in their heads, and both girls quickly realized what happened.


'No way! Athena is....reading my mind....?' Athena could feel Athena's thoughts, and they were the same as her own: excitement, nervousness, determination, admiration. Their thoughts synched together perfectly. It would make the concert easier, and the fight tougher.

But this only made them more determined.

"[b]LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO START! ARE YOU READY?[b]" They heard the MC talking, and the crowd responded with thunderous applause and screaming. Athena and Athena were ready for whatever would come next. they held hands one more time, still feeling a rush from being face to face with her idol.

"Break a leg Athena!" They both said, and they meant it, though not in the literal sense.

And with that, they burst onto the stage just as the spotlight shone down on them!

"And now, here's Athena Asamiya, and Athen Asamiya!" The MC introduced them as they came out waving to the audience, who practically went nuclear!

"ALRIGHT! HERE I GO!" Both girls summoned their fighting gloves, but kept their idol dresses. This would be the biggest match and the biggest show of their lives.
  • Athena and Athena fight equally while performing multiple songs at the same time.
     Episode #7517
Dec 21, 2016   00:52
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Idol Soldiers

"The Psycho Ball's light bursts and shines on Athena's figure!”

Athena threw a high kick, her foot lashing out while sparkling with Psycho Power, just barely whiffing Athena's head. The concert match had started with earnest, both of them putting their all into both their song, and their battle. They'd started with an old classic, Psycho Soldier. It felt fitting for this little show they were putting on. It was the song that her fans knew best, and one that best represented her as both a Psycho Soldier, and a world famous Idol.

“The Psycho Sword cuts through the darkness!”

Not coincidentally, the Athena who'd just avoided the high kick used the open moment to launch into a the Psycho Sword uppercut (managing to give out a quick "Psycho Sword!" as soon as the lyric was finished).

"I hide my psycho power in my heart!"

The uppercut hit nothing but air as her twin Teleported just before it would have struck her head, (also managing to seamlessly blurt out "Teleport!" as soon as she'd finished singing), appearing some distance away behind her twin as the latter landed, both of them with their backs to each other

"I run along the endless path!"

"Psycho Ball!" They both let loose with a blast of pure psychic energy; the two balls flew through the air, colliding against each other and cancelling each other out in a flash of light. Both Athena's had expected this however, already running towards each other, not unlike the last lyric they'd just sung.

"Even if I can no longer see the blue sky!"

Once within reach, they both threw a punch; both girls moved their heads to the left and right respectively, just barely avoiding getting the other's fist in her face.


However, at such a close distance, they were able to knee each other in the stomach, the first real blow either had landed in this fight. Despite having the air knocked out of their lungs, both girls didn't let it throw off their rhythm, spinning around each other to keep up the show. Fortunately, they recovered quickly, and were able to keep up the beat of the song


The audience was awe; they'd seen Athena fight, and they'd seen her sing, but never both at once. The fact that they were managing to keep up both the rhythm of the song and the pace of the fight only made it more incredible


"Psycho Shoot!" This time they fired off a much more powerful version of their classic Psycho Ball attack. The collision was spectacular, creating a loud boom like Fireworks (in perfect beat with the song at that) and a bright flash that illuminated the entire stadium (and slightly charred the ground). Athena and Athena couldn't help but smile.

'She's incredible!' Both were suitably impressed with the other's conduct. Not only was she an incredible idol, but her skill as a fighter was without peer. The longer the battle went on, the more both girls wanted to push themselves. 'She's giving it her all, so I have to do the same! I'l definitely show Athena how I feel about her!' As Athena's biggest fan, she wanted to let her idol know just how great she thought the girl was; just how much her songs and her efforts as a Psycho Soldier had inspired her.

"Here I come Athena! I hope you're ready!" They both glowed with Psycho Power as they finished the first song! It was time to take things up a notch.

  • They hit each other too hard and land a double knockout, leaving them both too dazed to continue.
     Episode #7546
Dec 27, 2016   21:10
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Smash hit!

The battle/concert between the two Athena's went on without any pause. The girls went through a number of their classic songs, all while pushing each other to the limit as martial artists. After trading blows and tunes for some time, both felt inspired and confident enough for something different.

The music tuned up again beginning the start of a new round. As they charged each other once again, Athena and Athena recognized the song.

'(No way! That's song?)' Both women were shocked at the latest choice, mostly due to the...context behind the tune.

"Did you know that he likes, girls with long hair?" As they came within reach, both launched their opening moves, a stiff elbow from Athena and a hard knee from Athena.

"For the first time, my hair has finally grown down to my shoulders" Athena and Athena blocked the elbow and the knee respectively, and were now face to face.

"Is there any Cupid with any good sense? Use your mysterious magic to have him turn my way" That last bit definitely a little on the nose. They blushed a little as they broke away.

"My Love don't stop! You always make my heart flutter! I want you to know these feelings, notice them quickly!"

"Psycho...." The familiar phrase came out, as both girls prepared a new attack.

"We maybe only friends for now..."

"...reflector!" Much to their mutual surprise, both Athenas went for the psycho reflector instead of the ball or sword like each had hoped.

"But I want to become someone special to you! If I can grow my hair another 5 cm, maybe I'll have the courage" If there was any doubt in either girls mind about the intentions behind her song, it was gone now. Athena had been trying to convey her feelings, both through battle, and through song, and those feelings were far stronger than either girl had realized.

'(Athena...if that's how you feel...then I won't just show you how my intentions...I'll accept yours as well!)' The two reflector attacks collided, clashing together, shield clashing against shield with a crackle of Psycho power. Both Athena's buckled against the strain as they pushed, each shield trying to reject the other.

"I made a wish on the stars to please make this miracle come true" The audience watched in awe as the Athena's continued to push their barriers against each other, wondering who would give first.

"Don't let him hear my heart pound" They got their answer when both Athenas noticed a crack in her reflector. It was never meant to be up this long, often only being invoked for a few seconds to knock back an attack. They knew they couldn't keep this up for long, but still they refused to back away. Athena was putting all her heart into this song and this battle. More than anything, she wanted it to reach Athena's heart, to touch Athena with her true feelings, and to stop now would deny her that chance.

"My Love don't stop!"

BOOOOM! The two shields finally reached their limit and then exploded, sending both Athena's flying, but they didn't miss a beat.

"TELEPORT!" They were righted themselves with their teleports and got right back in each other's faces, each one landing a punch to the other's face. "BLLLGNH!"

"You always make my heart flutter! I want you to know these feelings, notice them quickly!"

'(I do! I do Athena! I'll show you I recognize your feelings! I'll show you mine as well!'

It was time to end it! Athena and Athen pulled back again, and then began gather Psychic energy.

"My Love I break out into a run! And I jump right away!"

"Super Phoenix Infinity! They surged forward, completely engulfed in psychic power in the shape of a phoenix.

"Take this Athena! Take it all!" The two attacks met head on in another explosion and a flash of light that completely engulfed both girls.

The audience went quiet, as they waited to see which Athena would emerge triumphant.

With the smoke and dust that had been kicked up by their clash, Athena and Athena stood, each with a fist buried in the other's jaw. That was it.

"...oh...no...not..y-yet..." But there was nothing left to give. That last clash had rung their bells, and hard, both women were finished. They stumbled away, removing her fist from her beautiful opponents face, barely able to stand. "Ooooh..." they started to fall back, but both girls reached out with one hand, and found the reaching hand of the other. On instinct, they entwined fingers and pulled, bringing themselves together, as they leaned against each other to avoid falling.

'That's it...I can't fight anymore...you were great Athena...I should have known I was no match for you!' Both girls could only wait for the other to strike the final blow, but it didn't come. "Wha..."

That's when they realized, the other couldn't fight anymore either. It was a draw.

"I g-guess you were too strong for me Athena." Both girls said, smiling. Their knees wobbled, and they blinked in and out. In a few moments, they'd both pass out, but...

"We still have a song to finish don't we?"
"We sure do. C'mon! Let's do this!"

The light from the clash of Super Phoenix Infinity attacks, along with all the smoke and dust finally died down enough for the audience to make them out, Athena and Athena held each other in order to ensure they didn't fall too soon, and the people were none the wiser.

"Please accept these feelings, I want to be with you forever!"

They finished the last few lines to the thunderous applause of the spectators. Another great show from Athena. The curtain came down as the girls (weakly) waved goodbye to everyone. As soon as they were out of sight, the little strength they'd been using to stay conscious finally left them. They collapsed, still in each other's arms.

"You really were great..." Both women smiled as they drifted out of consciousness. "...Athena..."

Hitting the floor with a soft thud, the Athenas finally passed out, still in a tight embrace.

  • Something else.
     Episode #7626
Jul 08, 2017   18:34
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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To the Victors go the spoils

The two Athenas regained consciousness a few hours later, long after the crowds audience had left. The show was had long since ended, and many were calling it the best one Athena had put on.

But the two Psycho Soldiers didn't know about any of that; still laying in each other's arms, the Athenas smiled at each other.

"You were great Athena!"
"You were wonderful Athena!"

Despite the wooziness from the DKO, they were both on a huge high; Athena had got to compete against her idol, and she'd held her own wonderfully. Not only that, she'd been able to show Athena the depth of her feelings. The only thing she'd hadn't been able to do was win, but she was ok with that.

"I guess I owe you an autograph now." One Athena said.

"Oh no! I couldn't accept that!" The other replied, to the surprise of the first Athena. "You defeated me, so if anything, I'm the one who owes you an autograph!"

"What? No! That wouldn't be right! You won the fight so you should get the prize!"

This had been unexpected. Neither had considered the idea that the other would consider herself the loser and refuse her well deserved reward. Both women felt the other had triumphed, but as the fight was a draw, they could also both say that they lost.

Athena and Athen dragged themselves to their feet, leaning against each other for support. This was a complicated situation.

'I can't accept this! She defeated me! I should be the one rewarding her, just as we agreed!'

'It would be wrong for me to claim a victory! I lost fair and square, and she won, and that's the truth!'

Once again, Athena and Athen could feel it: they could feel how strongly the other felt about this. looking into her twin's eyes, they realized that the other wouldn't be Athena if she didn't act this way.

For a moment, both girls wondered what they would do about things, fortunately, there was a solution.

"Hello ladies!" They looked to their left and saw the suited man again. "Wonderful show and all. Now I noticed you are having a disagreement about who should receive the reward and all." Athena and Athena nodded.

"Well, yes, it is an issue. If both of you see it as a loss, then until it's settled, neither one can give the other the autographed picture." He said.

Athena and Athena turned to each other again. "Are you sure you don't want it?" Both of them asked. For a moment, they both considered changing their minds, after all, when would she get another opportunity for this, but Athena stood fast. "Yes. What about you?" They both knew the answer. 'Of course she won't. Athena is too honourable to accept something she doesn't believe she's earned.' Both women only nodded, confirming the other's thoughts.

"Very well then. For the time being, the autograph will be postponed." The Suited man said. "I'll leave it up to the two of you to decide what happens next." He walked off, leaving the Athenas alone.

"Are you ok with this? You worked so hard!" Athena asked Athena.

"It's ok. I really did want that autograph. I can't deny that, but...I got to sing with you, and even fight against you. Plus, we made so many people happy. I can't say I got nothing out of it!" Athena replied, making Athena smile.

"I feel the same way actually! So I guess things worked out."

Despite this, both felt there was still more they could do for the other. She deserved something for all the effort she'd put in, but what.

'Well, there is another type of autograph I could give her.' Both thought It was...unorthodox, but each was sure the other wouldn't complain. Athena and Athena turned away from each other, each lost in thought, and blushing slightly.

"So...I can't give you that picture..." both started, not realizing where the situation was headed, "but there is another autograph I can give you." And with that, they both turned their heads back towards the other and leaned in for a kiss.

The idea had been to kiss the other on the cheek, a more intimate and personal autograph than simply signing a picture. That had been the idea, but neither had expected the other to turn away, or turn back, or lean in at the same moment. Simply put, they hadn't counted on mirroring each other, so what was supposed to be a kiss on the cheek...


...became a full on kiss on the lips. Athena's eyes went as wide as saucers. They stood there, in total shock at their situation, not sure what to do, and unable to even pull away due to their mutual surprise, as Athena's lips practically swallowed Athena's lips.

'....w-wha....WHAT!?' Both girls just stopped thinking, completely shocked at the situation, and completely clueless about what to do next.

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     Episode #8116
Nov 25, 2017   17:19
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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