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Full story tree for "Two jets mingle into one." (Episode #8154)

A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Someone else
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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a chance for somthing new

more characters to choose from
  • more characters
     Episode #210
Aug 01, 2008   09:13
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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Another Chance for something New

more ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #275
Aug 01, 2008   09:25
Rating: G
Author: c987648

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Because you can never have enough ideas
  • Metroid
     Episode #316
Aug 01, 2008   14:32
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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The X factor

It had been 2 days since the incident with the X parasites. Due to Samus' efforts (mainly blowing shit up, which was the best solution for a bounty hunter), both the Planet SR388, and the B.S.L. Space Station had been completely destroyed, along with all the federation's experiments and knowledge of the creatures. She had already dealt with Metroids, there was no way she would tolerate another destructive race rampaging across the Galaxy.

"These things were actually worse than the Metroids. At least those little buggers can't clone you." She shuddered, remembering her battles with SA-X, an X parasite that was able to mimic her perfectly. It had not been a fun experience, but she had triumphed. A copy, no matter how strong, could not hope to triumph over the real thing. Before this however she had been infected by the Parasites herself, and then cured using a Metroid based Vaccine, granting her some useful but ultimately temporary new abilities that had seen her through this new battle.

Unknown to Samus, the interaction between the Metroid Vaccine and the X parasite had had an unknown side effect that would soon make itself apparent. When she had seen the SA-X, she had thought to herself that there simply wasn't room in the Galaxy for two Samus', now she was going to have to deal with that problem again.

Author's note: Props to Sexycloning for the idea.
  • Something else. (sorry for the lack of options)
     Episode #342
Aug 01, 2008   14:33
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Battle Practice

Samus was in dire need of some much needed practice. Just because there was a temporary peace in the galaxy was no reason for her to let her skills get rusty. She climbed into her newly designed suit and powered it up.

The new suit was somewhat bigger than the old one. Being an upgrade, it had all kinds of bells and whistles she was just dying to try out. One of her favorite things about it was that it had a lot more space inside, and she didn't feel too much like a sardine in a can.

She ran the gauntlet, firing her weapons and locking on targets left and right. The new suit responded faster and more accurately than her old one. It was a match made in heaven.

She had finished the gauntlet when suddenly every alarm in the suit went off at once.

She stared at the display in disbelief. It red in large letters "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! ...
  • …MITOSIS IN PROGRESS” She screamed in agony as she was split into two in the confines of the suit. (Looks like this might be a tight squeeze).
     Episode #352
Aug 01, 2008   14:34
Rating: G
Author: c987648

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"Wait! What? What the heeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!" The Bounty hunter suddenly felt an excruciating pain throughout her entire body. 'It feels like I'm being torn in two!' She thought. Well if the universe had a sense of humor, it was having quite the laugh right now. Samus was wracked in pain, but there was something else, it felt as though something else was in the suit with her. She tried to initiate an emergency shutdown, which would have automatically ejected every piece of armor from her body, but something was in the way of her hand.

"That feels like... huh?!" She was able to fight through the pain long enough to open her eyes, only to come face to face with, well herself. The other Samus bore the same look of confusion and pain, but then the mitosis kicked into high gear, and both women screamed as they continued to split. The Zero body suit that she ofter wore under her armor shredder, lacking the durability to hold two Samus Aran's. Eventually the pain subsided but now there was a new problem.

"Okay, who the hell are you, and how did you cram yourself in here with me?!" Both women exclaimed. her new armor suddenly felt less roomy now that it was occupied by two people. The Samus's were crushed together uncomfortably. Breasts mashed into breasts, legs wrapped around each other, crotches rubbing together. The ladies didn't have an ounce of privacy or modesty left. Samus wasn't a prude, but even she found it hard not to find this embarassing. The greatest bounty hunter the universe had known, jammed into her own suit with another woman, and one who was her exact double at that.

"Get out of my way so I can get us out of here, then I can kick you ass properly!" This declaration only made them angrier, and they started to thrash about within the suit.
  • While struggling with each other, they trigger a security measure in the suit to deter would be thieves
     Episode #355
Aug 01, 2008   14:35
Rating: R - Nudity
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Another fine mess I've gotter me into!

The two Samus' continued to struggle with one another within the confines of their power suit. There wasn't much room to move, but that did not deter them from wanting to thrash the other. As they squirmed about, their bodies continued to rub, bump, and grind into each other, eliciting gasps, moans, and grunts of pleasure, pain, and frustration. The more they tried to move, the more their breasts, bellies, and crotches came into contact, thus making them angrier and more determined, thus making them move more, thus making things worse.

Suddenly a new alarm went off within the suit. "Warning, weight, body mass, and body configuration does not match that of Hunter Samus Aran! Commencing Security Lockdown!" The two hunters stared at each other in terror.

"Shit! I forgot about the security lockdown!" The space within the suit became even more cramped as the suit went into morph ball mode, mashing the bodies of the two women together even tighter. It was a feature Samus had installed on the off chance that someone tried to steal her suit for their own gain. If the person inside was not the same weight, height, or have the same body mass and shape as Samus, the suit would shift into Morph ball mode, then lock all systems, essentially trapping the assailant within the suit. Even voice command wouldn't work, at least not from the inside. Only a voice command by Samus, from outside, and with the right pass word would free them. Unfortunately Samus was not outside.

They were so close now, that their noses scrunched together, and their lips brushed against each other. This was getting out of hand, fortunately They had a plan. Samus recalled how her old suit had once malfunctioned due to an internal short circuit. It released an electrical shock that shut down all systems, but not before taking her out of the morph ball mode while she had been training. It was something that could only be done from the inside, as was one of the few flaws to her powersuit. Despite it's newer configuration, this current suit was still based off the old one, which included unfixable design flaws. Both Samus' happened to remember something inside with them that could provide the neccesary electric shock.

"The Paralyzer!" They both exclaimed, then eyed each other warily. Freeing herself meant freeing her mystery double, but they would cross that bridge when they came to it. Their hands move about trying to find the small gun. In the even more restricting space of the morph ball, they couldn't help but rub against each other even harder. In any other situation, this might have been funny.

Eventually, both hands found each other, but also gripped the paralyzer.
  • Samus and Samus work together to escape the suit
     Episode #360
Aug 01, 2008   19:22
Rating: R - Nudity
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Sharing is NOT caring

Samus and Samus stared each other down, their eyes locked the other. Sandwiched together in her own armour, they could do little else.

The could feel their hands on her emergency pistol, they could feel the other gripping it as well. It was a loose grip however, and the gun could easily fall out of their reach if they were not careful, or if they say, started fighting over the gun.

Both women realized this. 

Both knew what had to be done.

Both were pissed about it anyway.

"Careful. don't drop it! I know. Just be cautious!" They slowly tried to bring the weapon to a better position where one of them could use it in their escape plan. Any and all animosity would have to wait until after that.

"So far, so good."
"Just a little more."

They still rubbed and grinded against each other, eliciting small moans. But they had to focus.

"Stop that." They grit their teeth, trying to focus on the task, and not the fact that they were squished together like canned food, boiling hot, really turned on........

The gun snagged on something, snapping them out of their less than pure thoughts. Relief and annoyance flashed through their minds.

"Shit! It's hooked on something!"
"No shit sherlock! Can' you tell what it is?"
"How the fuck would I be able to do that?"
"Just shut your trap and try to pull it out!"

"AND DON'T DROP IT DUMBASS!!!" Teeth clenched teamwork at it's finest. They would likely try and wipe the other from existence when they escaped, but they had to escape first.

"Now pull!" They yanked on the gun in perfect synch, attempting to pull it free of whatever it was snagged on........


When the mitosis had first occurred, Samus' clothes had been naturally torn apart, unable to contain two people inside. There had been one exception. One article of clothing that had somehow survived the splitting, despite being the least likely to endure such a thing. But it did, and with everything else that had been happening, neither woman had noticed.

That article of clothing was the thing that the emergency pistol had snagged itself on, and the same thing that was causing the worlds toughest bounty hunter to shriek like a five year old at a scary movie.

It was her underwear, which both women were still wearing, and when they had pulled on the gun, they had pull on said underwear, with more than enough strength to give both of her the absolute worst wedgie she had ever experienced.

It was also the only wedgie she had ever experience. No-one had ever had the guts to try before.

"KYYYYYYAAAAAAAA!!!" Samus and Samus yelped like....well, girls as they were accidentally, yet powerfully wedgied themselves, and each other. In the process, they turned their heads toward carelessly and

"MMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!" Or course it was a kiss. (Author's note: I've used it in nearly every other thread). Their lips plastered together muffling their screams, and their now bloodshot eyes widened like saucers..........
  • so much for team work: now. They start a wedgie fight.
     Episode #424
Aug 14, 2010   16:03
Rating: R - Nudity - Language
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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The wedgie war

They both locked eyes, both gripping the other's side of the panties, and pulled with much might. The panties shot instantly into both of their asses. In unison they squeal in pain, yet continue the ferverous pulling. Eventually after a constant see-sawing motion the panties snap, and both girls tend to their now tender privates.

"Hey this might be a bad time to say this but, I have to pee." says the original samus.

"That make to of us" Other samus said with a worried tone "No pun intended.

"Well, what do we do?"
  • Release the floodgates
     Episode #3154
Jun 30, 2013   22:49
Rating: R

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Pee fight

„I would suggest that we pee.“ Samus 1 says.
They both open their floodgates, but there was no pee coming out.
“What the hell. I cannot pee.”
“Me, neither”
Cause of the panties, their pussies are pressed hard together and both their urethral openings are lined up. So the pee of one is blocked be there other ones.
“But I really need to pee.” Samus 1 says and trys it again, but this time she feels that her bladder is empting, but she pees into the other Samus.
“Hey, what do you think you are doing?” Samus 2 shouted, as she feels that her bladder expands twice the size.
“I peed”
“Yeah, right into me!”
“Oh sorry, but it felt deeply freeing.”
“Ok, feel how freeing this feels like.” As she says this, she starts to pee into Samus 1.
“HEY. Stop that”
“But it feels deeply freeing” Samus 2 says sarcastic.
“Good, two can play this game”
“No, stop it.” Samus 1 feels the pee flowing back into her bladder. But this time she fights back.
“Ha, do you think you have a stronger bladder?” Samus 2 says, as she feels that the pee is flowing back into her bladder.
“I gonna let your bladder explode.” But as she says that the flow direction changed again.
The pee started to flow back and forth. But then the pressure gets higher and higher.
“You cannot win!”
“Neither can you”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa” both scream.
  • Something else.
     Episode #5710
Oct 16, 2014   15:10
Rating: R
Author: 1234

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They both push as hard as they can and but nothing happens.  They are the same person so there can't be a winner.  They both realize they need to come up with something before their bladders fill up any more. 
"This isn't accomplishing anything we need to get out of this and fast." Samus 1 said breathing heavily. 
"Well what do you suggest we do?  We can't move at all in this suit." Says Samus 2. 
"I can't think straight with all of this liquid in my bladder." Says Samus 1.
"Neither can I it's impossible to concentrate!" Samus 2 said trying to think if something.
30 minutes pass as the 2 girls try to think of anything that could help but the pain of their full bladders just won't let them hold onto a thought.  Their bladders are still filling because of all the water Samus drinks before any kind of training to make sure she stays hydrated.  The two's bladders are way beyond max capacity at this point and it's very painful.  Suddenly Samus 1 has an idea. 
"Maybe if one of us holds all of the pee the other one can find a way out of this."
"I guess that's the only way out of this.  I guess I'll hold the pee because you thought of it." Samus 2 agreed. 
Samus 1 started slowly pushing the contents of her bladder into the other Samus.  Samus 2 could actually see her bulge growing right before her eyes as she filled up.  The plan seemed to be working good until all of the sudden Samus 1 couldn't push out any more pee. 
"What gives I can't push any more pee out."
"I can take anymore I'm past my limit" Moans Samus 2.
Hearing this Samus 1 looks up and sees how huge the other Samus's bladder has gotten.
"Well at least that took the edge off I'll try to find something fast."
"Please hurry I'm not going to be able to hold this for long." Said Samus 2 desperately.
5 more minutes passed but Samus 1 couldn't think of anything at all.  Samus 2's bladder gave out and all of the extra pee flowed back into Samus 1's bladder suddenly.  Samus 1 gasped as e bladder expanded.
"Warn me before you do that!"
"Sorry I couldn't hold anymore.  Maybe I should try to think of something next and you can hold the pee."  Samus 2 suggested.
"I'm not sure how much more my bladder can take it's filled up even more since I pushed it into you but I'll try."  Said Samus 1.
Samus 2 pushed as hard as she could to build up some momentum to get the most pee out.  She didn't get out nearly enough pee though before Samus 1 couldn't take anymore.  She was still overfull with pee but had an idea. 
"If we can more our vaginas enough then our pee holes won't be lined up anymore."
"How do you propose that I barely ever masturbate so my pussy is tight."  Samus 1 pointed out. 
"It'll take a while but it's the only chance we have to get relief."  Said Samus 2.
  • The pee gets cloned
     Episode #6373
Feb 25, 2017   20:57
Rating: R

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The pee gets cloned

The 2 Samus's slowly start to masturbate.  It seems to be going good and they're just starting to loosen up when their bladders start to heat up. 
"Umm is you bladder acting weird?" Asked Samus 1
"Yea it's heating up and moving around." The other Samus replied. 
All of the sudden they both feel a sharp pain and both of their bladders doubled in size.  Their bulges are actually touching now, stretching out multiple inches from their normal stomachs. 
"AAAAHHHFVJG!?!" They both nearly pass out. 
"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!" Samus 1 screamed.
"I DON'T KNOW!" The other Samus cries out.
Both of their muscles start to spasm as they try to force the liquid out.  All hope seems to be lost for the 2 but luckily the panties ripped throwing both of them back.  Piss was going all over the place.  The 2's urethras expanded painfully to let out the pee faster. 
"Ahhhggg this feels sooo good" Samus 2 moans. 
The other Samus stays silent reveling in the pleasure.  A few minutes pass and they're both still going full force when the first Samus notices a problem. 
"Umm the suit is kind of filling up"
"Shit!  This thing is watertight what are we going to do I can't stop!"
They need an idea fast or they're in trouble. 
  • Something else.
     Episode #7782
Feb 26, 2017   04:01
Rating: R
Author: Nikeryda

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They escape

The 2 Samus's are frantically searching for anything to stop or even slow down the rate the suit is filling.  They aren't finding anything and the pee level keeps rising at a stead rate when their bladders feel warm again. 
"Nooo!" Moans Samus 2 "We really will drown if it doubles again."
That's just what happened as the girls felt their bladders expand again.  The suit starting filling even faster and the level was soon at their stomachs. 
"What are we going to do?  I cant stop peeing!" Samus 1 says frantically.
Just when they're about to give up the suit starts beeping and the ball form splits in half releasing the 2. 
"Error foreign liquid detected.  Emergency release activated"
"We're finally out!  Our pee must have fried the defense mechanism freeing us." Samus 1 said excitedly. 
"Yea but I'm still peeing and I think it's about to double again!"
When Samus 2 said this the pee didn't only double it quadrupled.  It was almost as if it knew there was more space to expand now.  Their bladders were the size of basket balls now and it seemed the cloning was also strengthening their bodies so they wouldn't pop.  Samus 1 lost her balance and fell right onto her bladder causing it to gush out of her even faster. 
"AAAHHHHhh!  There's to much pee!"
Samus 2 Didn't completely fall over but only because she was right next to a wall.  She quickly sat down to take at least some pressure off her bladder. 
"How are we even holding all of this pee!  We need to stop it somehow if this continues we might flood the room!"
"Yea you're right we need to stop.  It might even stop the cloning from happening again!" Shouted Samus 1
  • They plug their holes
     Episode #7787
Feb 27, 2017   21:41
Rating: X
Author: Nikeryda

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Too high pressure

As the pee flows out of both. They got the idea to plug something into their urethral to stop the pee shooting out. They find two plugs with the perfect diameter and plug it in. The pee stops streaming, but only temporary. The pressure got to high and the plugs shoot away like bullets.

"There is too much pee, we cannot stop it with plugs. We aren't strong enough to keep them in place." Samus 1 realizes.

"Your right. We have to fight fire with fire or in our case pee with pee. We have to connect our bladders with each other again. So ones pee prevents the others pee from spilling out. That's the only way." Samus 2 suggests.
  • They press their pussies against each other.
     Episode #7792
Mar 13, 2017   11:48
Rating: X

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Back where they started.

"I think you're right, maybe it'll even expand our bladders enough to hold on."  The first Samus agreed.
    The 2 girls walked akwardly towards each other so they could connect again.  The now wet floor was making it difficult to balance with their huge bladders.  After 3 painstakingly slow minutes pass by they finally meet up. 
"So I'm how do you want to do this?." Samus 2 asked.
"Don't look at me this was your idea."
"I guess we could press our urethras together again but I don't know how we're going to stay pressed together."
"We at least have to try.  It's our only hope at stopping this."
    The Samus's​ scissor their legs together spraying pee everywhere in the process. 
"Stop pissing all over me!" Samus 1 shouts.
"You're pissing on me too!  I can't control it."
    Finally they manage to line up and ran into each other and the pee finally stops when...
  • The seal doesn't hold.
     Episode #7826
Mar 14, 2017   02:07
Rating: X
Author: Nikeryda

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Push harder!

Eventually their their urethras don't seal, so pee flowed out again.

"The force is too strong, we cannot apply enough pressure to seal it" Samus 1 states.

"We have to try! Press harder against me!" Samus 2 commands.

They both press their pussies harder against each other. It helped slightly to stop the pee splashing around, but it still flowed out.

"I'm pushing forward. Do you?" Samus 1 said.

"Of course I do. Push harder!"

"You should push harder"

"I show you how hard I push. I'm gonna push you to the other end of the room"

"Not if I push you to the opposite end first!"

The girls get so enraged by each other that they forget why they are doing this. However this is no problem, cause they manage to seal their pussies entirely.

"Do you feel how hard I push?" Samus 2 dares.

"What are you talking about, you're feeling how hard I push." Samus 1 reacts.

"That's it. My pussy will cut you in two."

"HAHA! Be careful that my pussy will not split you into two halves"

Both start to scream cause of the force they applied to each other. Their vaginas mesh together. It looks like both pussies try to devour one another.


  • Their urethras merge together.
     Episode #7832
Mar 14, 2017   20:40
Rating: X
Author: 1xxx1

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Merged urethras

Then their powers slowly began to fade, until finally they were completely exhausted on the ground.
No one could outdo the other.
Now they were lying on the floor, glancing, and the memory of why they had begun came back again.
Now it occurred to them that no urine escaped.

«We did it» Pleased Samus 1.
"Yes. That means we can leave this position now "noted Samus 2.

They were trying to get apart, but they felt a train on their vaginas.
Both looked at each other in surprise and tried again, but they could not separate.
"Interesting. Why we can not part from each other? "Samus asked, as she pulled in one direction.
"I do not know, something keeps us together," Samus 1 replied as she draw in the opposite direction.

But no matter how strong they pulled, their pussies did not want apart. Both look between their legs and see two suspiciously near vaginas. They pull their labia with their fingers aside to see better. What they see frightens both. Their urethras are fused together.

«What have we done?» Shocked Samus 1.
Suddenly, they slowly feel the pressure of their bladders again.

«We still have to pee and there is no pee slit anymore, where it could get out.” Determine Samus 2.

Now they were aware of the whole problem of their situation. Suddenly they felt a contraction of their closing muscles.

«Ouch. That hurts» both said.

Same followed by a next contraction.

«Ouch. Please, stop that!” Samus 1
“Please Stop that, too” erwiederte Samus 2.
“I can’t”
“Me too. It seems we are no more the masters of our own bladders.”

That's how it was. Two bladders are filled up to the maximum. They wanted to empty themselves at any cost. However, there was a problem. The tube of one full bladder is now connected with another bladder, which is also full. Now their muscles begin with a kind of pumping movement to pump the fluid out, which of course cannot work if on the other side an opposing pumping movement takes place. They are in a stalemate. And they could not do anything anything. Their bubbles are so full that an automatic emptying reaction has started.
  • Something else.
     Episode #7835
Mar 25, 2017   21:31
Rating: G
Author: 1xxx1

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Bladder Confrontation

The girls feel that their lower body parts are merging even more. Their pussies vanished and slowly both bladders move towards each other.

“Look, our bodies merge even more” Samus 1 points out.

“Yah, but it’s no solution to our problem. We still have to pee!” Samus 2 reminds.

Soon their bladders come into contact with each other and their bodies fuse further together. It doesn’t take long time and in their combined body was only room for one full bladder, but they refuse to merge. The bladders are pressed against each other, which increases the pressure further. The girls promptly feel, there is something wrong.

“What’s happening down there?” Samus 2 minds.

“Ouch. I don’t know, but the urge to pee hurts.”

Their bladders fight over the small space between their bellies.
  • Something else.
     Episode #7904
Apr 03, 2017   23:46
Rating: R
Author: 1xxx1

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Clamping Bladders

Suddenly Samus 2's body cramps, especially her bladder muscle which forces the urine into Samus 1' bladder.

Both started to scream. Semis' 2 cause of the cramp and Samus 1 cause of the immense pressure in her bladder.

"I think my bladder is going to explode" Samus 1 expects.

But the pressure just leads that her body cramps and presses all the pee into Samus 2.

Before she could say anything about the pain, her body cramps again and the pee flows back into Samus 1.

It doesn't remain there for long, as Samus 1 clamp and shoots the pee into Samus 2, again.

This went on and on, as both their bladders want to get rid of the fluid.

Eventually their bodies clamp simultaneously.

Where should the pee go now?
  • Their bladders merge and increase volume.
     Episode #7937
Apr 15, 2017   23:54
Rating: G
Author: 1xxx1

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Clamping Bladders II

The final clamping motion presses their bladders so hard together, that the touching membranes start disintegrate and their bladders eventually merge to one bladder.

“Wow, do you feel it? The pressure decresed.” Samus 1 relieves.

“Yeah, the pain is gone.” Samus 2 agrees.

The merging process stops for the moment. They both have a queen style combined body now.

But then …
  • Something else.
     Episode #7964
Apr 24, 2017   17:52
Rating: R
Author: 1xxx1

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Even More Pee

Now that the Samuses have merged into a queen style body.
They are connected by the area where the pussy should be. They also share a bladder and one pair of legs between them. On the legs, there is no left or right foot, as the big toe is right in the middle of the foot.

Now it was silent. A bit quiet.
Then, that silence was broken when one of the Samuses said, "I really need to pee!".

It was true. Even though the bladders merged and are bigger, with more space, the amount of pee in both bounty hunters combined was enough to immediately fill the new shared bladder.

"Yeah," the other Samus replied. "Come on, all we have to do is just go to the bathroom. How hard can it be?

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.

First was the matter of walking. With a unique body structure and the weight of two people to support, the legs seemed to be useless. So, each Samus used their arms and crabwalked away.

Next was direction. With the way they were walking, only one Samus would be able to see where they were going. So, that one Samus had to give directions. Of course, this part led to lots of bickering between the two.

Finally, after several bumps are arguments later, they arrived at the bathroom. It was just a small room with a toilet and a sink, and it was made for the use of one person at a time, so it was pretty crowded in there for the Samuses.

So, they were finally going to be able to relieve themselves.
But then...
  • There was no urethra to pee out of
     Episode #8018
Jul 08, 2017   06:06
Rating: R
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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No urethra

They managed to place themselves over the toilet and tried to open the floodgates.
However, there was no vagina nither an urethra to pee out of.
There was a bladder which was filled from two sides with urine and because the only openings of their shared bladder were their Ureters, which fill the bladder, their bodies produce even more urine so that the pee is not forced back into their bodies.
"I really have to pee. I am begging you to let me pee." Samus 1 whined.
"I also have to pee, you genius. We share the same bladder, but there is no vagina." Samus 2 complained.
Both started to cry because they didn't find salvation and the urine in their bladder steadily increased.
  • A vagina formed.
     Episode #8100
Jul 15, 2017   19:16
Rating: X
Author: 1xxx1

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A new exit

The girls keep pushing and eventually their body realized all that pee needed an exit.  Right when they almost lost all hope a vagina appeared.
The piss started coming out but completely missed the toilet. 
"Watch what you're doing!  Piss is getting everywhere" Shouted one of the Samus's. 
"You think I can control what I'm doing right now?  This new urethra isn't nearly big enough to let all this piss out."
"That's just because you're not pushing hard enough."
  • Vagina disappears
     Episode #8139
Jul 16, 2017   01:46
Rating: R
Author: Nikeryda

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Vagina vanished again

While they peed the vagina vanished and the urine was trapped again.
"What have you done?" Samus 1 shouted.
"I haven't done anything. Why did it disappear?"
"Probably, cause you complained about its size and now we don't have one at all"
"No, it happened because you didn't push hard enough."
"You want me to push harder? - You can have it" Samus 1 squeezed her side of the bladder.
"Hey. No. What are you doing? - I don't mean, now" Samus 2's side of the bladder expanded cause there was no other space to go for the urine.
"You said I push too weak. Now, I push as hard I could."
"Okay. Two can play that game." Samus 2 started to press on her side of the bladder.
The shared bladder was squeezed from all sides and the urine got compressed.
  • Their bodies slowly parted.
     Episode #8144
Jul 16, 2017   14:33
Rating: X
Author: 1xxx1

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One becomes two again

The two somehow pushed ever harder and then suddenly split apart again.  The girls were happy at first but they soon noticed a problem.  Everything on their bodies was back to the was it was before.  One thing was missing though, their vaginas.  The only thing there was smooth skin. 
"What the hell my pussy is still missing!"  yelled Samus 2.
"Same here.  This never would've happened if you didn't comment about the size of our old one!"  yelled back Samus 1.
"You think you can blame this all on me?  I'll show you!"
Samus 2 suddenly pressed hard on the other Samus's bladder.   
"Ow!  I can still fight back you know!" 
Samus 1 fought back and punched the other Samus in the bladder. 
  • Vaginas appear
     Episode #8150
Jul 17, 2017   02:39
Rating: X
Author: Nikeryda

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Two jets mingle into one.

The pressure in their bladders gets too high again.
Suddenly their vaginas appeared and two jets of pee shoot right towards each other and mingled into one jet which shoot right into the air.

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     Episode #8154
Aug 12, 2017   00:29
Rating: X
Author: 1xxx1

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