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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...Something else was happening... Somewhere else
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Back in time in ancient...

  • Somewhere else.
     Episode #20
Dec 01, 2008   04:00
Rating: G
Author: sexycloning

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Interactive Editions

Here begins a section of the Interactive Story for "Interactive Editions" of stories posted in the forum's "Reading Room".

The rules are as follows:

Take a story from the Reading Room, and copy it into a series of episodes below. Break in into multiple episodes at various points, and add appropriate options.

You don't have to break it only at the ends of chapters. However, the entire story should not all be in one episode. Break it at any point you can think of where it could go different ways, and add any options you think might be appropriate or interesting. The option that leads to the "original" story path doesn't have to be the first one.

You and other people will then be able to write their own continuations and alternate storylines based on that story and using that story's characters.

IMPORTANT: If you are not the writer of the original story, make sure you get the writer's permission to do so before posting that story. Do not post stories without the original writer's permission. It may even be best to put the original writer's name in the "Your name or handle" field instead of your own.

So let's see Interactive Editions of stories by:
  • Someone else.
     Episode #1525
Oct 23, 2011   00:31
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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Someone Else

"The sex? The sex was good. The sex was always good with her. You don't hustle your way down the line of women you could be with just to settle on anyone. Of course the sex was good."


"But nothing. You're not paid to pry"

"I can tell by the way you continue to repeat it that you're trying to convince yourself more than convince me. There's something missing, isn't there." The shrink spoke more with certainty than inquisitiveness.

He paused for a second. The ceiling fan ran at a pace too slow to cool his face. "Well..."

His voice betrays him, but the shrink lets him continue. "Sometimes I like to head to the corner store on 6th and Bayswater. It's the only store in the area without crossing the tracks into downtown. You know how the cargo trains can be... Anyways, the worst feeling I have is when the man at the counter runs out of my favorite drink. It's a bottled brand, a vintage soft drink for hot days that remind you of the best parts of winter. It's expensive too but I somehow manage to clean him out each time I buy it. It's that kind of feeling, you know?"

The shrink took some notes, looked in his eyes. "She runs out of steam in bed?"

"I don't want to say it that way, doc, but you know how it is..." He mumbles off at the end, a futile attempt to hide his embarrassment.

"It makes sense. I know exactly the thing to help you, actually. An old friend of mine is staying in town across the bridge. Take your wife. Tell her it's a couple's spa" The shrink writes out a note on a piece of paper, folds it in thirds and stamps it with string and a wax seal. "It's old fashion work, but they say there's a certain wisdom in the old ways. That's the best I can do for you right now, but anyways. Same time, next week?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Give the missus my regards," the shrink says, shutting the office door behind him.

'What now', he asks you in his mind?
  • Listen to the expert. It's time for 'Spa day'
     Episode #4329
Sep 02, 2017   05:55
Rating: G
Author: funkduder

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"Spa day"

The address written outside the note actually leads you under the bridge. It's just on the other side, but that's a matter of semantics. "The Blue & Red Spa" flashes on a neon sign on an easel inside a run down building. The glass windows are very obviously broken, although care was taken to clean the dirt off of every piece still hanging from the frame.  In the sunset, it's difficult to see further than the freshly cleaned carpet leading down a hall. A door is visible just before the line of shadows.

"Are you sure this is the place?" she asks him.

"The address matches the note. It's a shame about the window though."

"More like it's creepy. I'm not sure I like this idea, baby."

He doesn't bother to look at her as he looks down the hall. It leads to a door and counter like that of a doctor's office. "I can see a bell on the inside. Let's just ring it and see. I'm sure it's just an accident and they'll have it cleaned up later. The inside looks fine."

Something in her head knows that something is up. She's asks you in her head what to do
  • You're right. Maybe you should back out
     Episode #8251
Sep 02, 2017   06:09
Rating: G
Author: funkduder

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You start to leave

Everything about this situation raises a red flag. The sunset, the broken glass. He doesn't care that the shrink knew this person because he didn't know him.

"Yeah. Let's go. Let's do a real spa instead."

"I heard of a place in Japan that's offering a deal on a legendary healing spa in the mountains," she suggests.

"That sounds great!"

"Wait. I didn't say that."

The two of them turn around, and are shocked by what they see. Red ponytails poking out of a helmet. Leather jacket, jeans, and a punk rock t-shirt. She looks exactly like her, but she's standing right beside you.

"It's cruel to leave such a shady place with another woman. It breaks my heart"


"YOU'RE THE FUCKING BITCH!" The one by the store starts running and it's quickly a catfight.

She was always a good fighter. At times, I thought the hours we spent together at the gym was just an excuse to spend time with her, but she's pretty serious about this stuff.

He's looking at the two of them more closely. Even the shape of their curves are similar. That ass was never finer, but now there's two of them.

And they're fighting over him....

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     Episode #8256
Sep 04, 2017   02:57
Rating: R
Author: funkduder

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