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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...On a ship sailing the open seas
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

"Steady as she goes Ladies"  The busty red headed captain shouted to her crew.  Across the deck of three-mast British privateer known as the Polaris the cheers of acknowledgment from the all female crew answered their captain.

The mistress of the Polaris stood up at full attention, supervising the minute workings of her vessel.  A stylized embroidered coat covered her slim shapely frame with distinction while at the same time being loose enough to provide for ample ventilation and mobility.  The captain's regal, angelic face was framed by a silky mane of long fiery red hair after which she took her infamous name, Crimson Sonia. 

With blessings of the British crown the privateering vessel with her beautiful yet highly skilled crew-women plied their trade of raiding rival vessels for loot and booty - carving a fearsome name for themselves in the waters where they stalked.

Sonia was an experienced explorer as well who had had numerous adventures with her faithful crew between the foreboding Caribbean and the exotic Mediterranean.  Currently the Polaris was investigating along the warm coast of the New World, following rumours and myths of a small pirates enclave who hoarded many treasures of sunken Spanish Galleons.

Crimson Sonia kept a keen lookout to the horizon of the ocean's expanse - her many experiences cautioning her against taking the almost supernatural power of the sea for granted.
  • Something else.
     Episode #19
Aug 30, 2008   05:21
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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More ways to choose from...

Some other worlds to utilize...
  • Something else.
     Episode #1054
May 27, 2016   18:33
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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Even more choices...

Some more choices?

(Dunno if these choices/fandoms have been touched yet, but can't seem to find them, so so be it)
  • Some other fandom
     Episode #7192
Jun 01, 2016   19:40
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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"Alright team, we have reports of Grimm near Echo manor" Professor Port boisterously announced to team RWBY, "The area is abandoned but the folks in the nearby village are concerned with the recent disappearances and Grimm sightings. Your mission: infiltrate the manor and destroy the Grimm infesting the area!"

"Yes-sir" the team replied back halfheartedly as they left the briefing. "I hate impromptu missions like this" Yang said annoyed, "I was already for a night on the town, a certain bartender still owes me a drink."

"Tell me about it" Weiss responded, "I had somewhere to be too."

"I had a date with crescent rose and some polish" Ruby said stroking her red weapon wanting to get this over with.

"If we hurry then we can get back to our plans" The level headed Blake said.
"Good point, lets move!" Ruby said as she took off down the hall.


It wasn't long before the team RWBY had made their way to the old run down manor on the outskirts of beacon.

"This place looks kinda creepy" The busty blonde said standing outside the courtyard listening to her echo bounce around the old walls.

"It'll be fine but with the size of this place I think it best if we split up" the lithe faunus suggested as they entered the manor.

As they entered the manor they noticed it was not as dilapidated as the outside looked, in fact it looked rather homey with wax candles burning and casting shadows all over the main hall. The team decided to take Blake's advice and split up to search for Grimm.

Who do we follow?
  • Yang
     Episode #7207
Nov 01, 2017   01:29
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze <bushweed13 @ live · com>

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Yellow Beauty

Yang walked down the hall of the mansion still freaked out by her surroundings and slightly annoyed. " I just bought this new lingerie and was going to hit up a party tonight but this damn mission landed in our lap to late and we took off in such a hurry I wasn't able to change, damn it! " Yang thought to herself. She made her way to the end of the hall keeping an ear and an eye out for Grimm but she hadn't seen any yet, she was beginning to wonder if this was all some sort of misunderstanding. What Yang didn't realize was she had wondered into a room while lost in thought.

Only when she heard the door close behind her did she snap to attention to realize she was in an ornate bedroom. Ember Celica at the ready she took up a combat stance, waiting for an attack. She hadn't noticed but the room had already been infiltrated.

What type of Grimm was in the room with her?
  • A mirror Grimm
     Episode #8384
Nov 01, 2017   01:54
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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ytuaeB wolleY

What she didn't realize was a large mirror on one side of the room. Yang looked at the mirror and admired her form. She was strong, beautiful, and sexy rolled into one package how could she not admire herself. It was only when she let her guard down did the top of the mirror sprout a large eye. Faster than she could move the Grimm surrounded Yang. All she could see was herself in the mirror a million times over. Then a bright light flashed.

What happened to Yang?
  • There are now Ten Yangs!
     Episode #8386
Nov 01, 2017   02:00
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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Gold Dragons' Den

As the flash of light faded Yang found herself staring back at herself. Ten times over. The Ten Yangs leapt back with surprise at the multitude of her selves standing before her. It was a tense moment before the Yangs relaxed and took in this new development. Each Yang went to the nearest duplicate and began inspecting her finding nearly no faults with each other.
  • Still bummed out by their missed opportunity to party they decide to have their own party ...together
     Episode #8390
Nov 02, 2017   02:13
Rating: R
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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Party of one


"Hey good lookin"

"Nice hair"

"Good looks"

"Great ass"

A chorus of compliments began flying between the Yangs as they began comfortably settling in their situation and gravitating slowly closer together. "I think we can see that we may have a party to attend tonight, don't we ladies." The Yangs all said at once. The only response they got was the sound of soft lips meeting identical lips as the ten Yangs began making out with their nearest clone. Soon the Yangs had stripped each other of all clothing save for their sexy new yellow lingerie. They took a second to admire the multitude of busty blondes all showing off for each other before hastily grabbing the nearest clone and helping her out of her clothes. Now all the Yangs naked and writhing in a see of flesh and limbs began the party they had been looking forward to all day.

Yangs were on the bed scissoring gently rubbing clit against clit and moaning with pleasure while next to them another set of Yangs were furiously slamming their pussies together and ravishing each other's magnificent breast. on the ground three Yangs were in a triangle gloriously lapping at the wet cunts of their counterparts. The last two Yangs were feverishly making out before stopping, getting on all fours and rubbing their thick asses together. Side to side and up and down they rubbed reveling in the feeling of soft skin on soft skin.

All the Yangs were moaning uncontrollably from the immense pleasure they were getting and give. Cries of "Im Cumming!" and "Oh my God!" Were drowned out by a sea of familiar voices.

During all their fun they realized they had been staying with the same partner for too long and began switching Yangs. It wasn't long before the Yangs had been through multiple orgasms but they couldn't get enough of the sweet attention they gave each other. What the Yangs hadn't noticed was that during their orgy they had slowly formed a circle. Each Yang looked up to see her own ass looking back at her as well as a swollen pussy dripping with juices. They all grabbed the closest ass and began devouring their identical pussies. This resulted in a daisy chain of Yangs all laying on their sides, head between thighs and filling their mouths with their sweet nectar. The muffled moans sounded around the room as they all became progressively rougher with their treatment. They stayed in this state for several orgasms before they all collapsed in a large circle in the room.

Covered with sweat and each others cum the Yangs panted with fulfilled exhaustion. "That was great" they all said at once between labored breaths.   
  • A small spider Grimm had infiltrated the room during their break and had bitten all the Yangs a change occurs (Futa Warning)
     Episode #8411
Nov 02, 2017   02:43
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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Golden Dong Burns

The small spider Grimm had a special poison that it excretes when it bites it's victims making a change to their physical bodies. and this spider just bit all the Yangs resulting in an interesting development.

The Yangs were still recovering when they felt a heat burning at their crotch. "UMMMM we might have to go again girls I"m getting hot." The Yangs said in unison each looking at each other with immense lust their gaze. Soon their gaze fell to something that had sprouted during their reprieve. Each Yang now sported a long, curved phallus that had to be around 10 inches long. This new development excited the Yangs further. Lost in their sexual hunger for each other they didn't even think on what might have caused the penis to grow.

Still in their circle each Yang grabbed the dick of the two copies sitting next to her. Using her left hand on her left partner and her right hand on her right partner they began to stroke the shaft. The Yangs began moaning as the two hands grabbing each other's long members traveled up and down the shaft eliciting waves of pleasure going through their bodies. Faster and faster they went until the strong deft hands of the each Yang were covered in pre-cum coming from the tip of the erect phallus. The expression "I'm gonna CUM!" was heard all through the room as the Yangs stroked faster and faster. All at once an explosion of cum came from each Yang pooling in the middle. Basking in the glow of their shared orgasm the Yangs were kneading their breasts. They felt satisfied yet the burning in the loins continued "I have an idea that'll really show these girls a good time" Each Yang thought glancing at the girl to her right.

In one quick move each Yang grabbed the girl to her right and shifted her onto her knees. The transition went smoothly as they had all done this to each other. The looked at their own thick butt staring at them and began kneading it with trained strong hands. Each Yang also felt her own ass being kneaded while kneading the girl in front of her but thought nothing of it lost in the thought of what was coming. "I've done this with a strap-on plenty of times but I cant wait to use a real dick" the Yangs thought. All at ounce the Yangs entered each other's still dripping pussy. Cries of pleasure and surprise erupted from the group as one they began to thrust their new attachment into each other. the group was so tight that they could feel the large breasts of the blonde behind them rubbing against their backs. They all took this opportunity to grab the breasts of the girl in front of them and began pinching and playing with their nipples resulting in cries of pleasure from the crowd as they all fucked each other.

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     Episode #8421
Nov 02, 2017   03:15
Rating: X
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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