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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...On a ship sailing the open seas
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

"Steady as she goes Ladies"  The busty red headed captain shouted to her crew.  Across the deck of three-mast British privateer known as the Polaris the cheers of acknowledgment from the all female crew answered their captain.

The mistress of the Polaris stood up at full attention, supervising the minute workings of her vessel.  A stylized embroidered coat covered her slim shapely frame with distinction while at the same time being loose enough to provide for ample ventilation and mobility.  The captain's regal, angelic face was framed by a silky mane of long fiery red hair after which she took her infamous name, Crimson Sonia. 

With blessings of the British crown the privateering vessel with her beautiful yet highly skilled crew-women plied their trade of raiding rival vessels for loot and booty - carving a fearsome name for themselves in the waters where they stalked.

Sonia was an experienced explorer as well who had had numerous adventures with her faithful crew between the foreboding Caribbean and the exotic Mediterranean.  Currently the Polaris was investigating along the warm coast of the New World, following rumours and myths of a small pirates enclave who hoarded many treasures of sunken Spanish Galleons.

Crimson Sonia kept a keen lookout to the horizon of the ocean's expanse - her many experiences cautioning her against taking the almost supernatural power of the sea for granted.
  • Something else.
     Episode #19
Aug 30, 2008   05:21
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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More ways to choose from...

Some other worlds to utilize...
  • Something else.
     Episode #1054
May 27, 2016   18:33
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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Even more choices...

Some more choices?

(Dunno if these choices/fandoms have been touched yet, but can't seem to find them, so so be it)
  • Some other fandom
     Episode #7192
Jun 01, 2016   19:40
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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"Alright team, we have reports of Grimm near Echo manor" Professor Port boisterously announced to team RWBY, "The area is abandoned but the folks in the nearby village are concerned with the recent disappearances and Grimm sightings. Your mission: infiltrate the manor and destroy the Grimm infesting the area!"

"Yes-sir" the team replied back halfheartedly as they left the briefing. "I hate impromptu missions like this" Yang said annoyed, "I was already for a night on the town, a certain bartender still owes me a drink."

"Tell me about it" Weiss responded, "I had somewhere to be too."

"I had a date with crescent rose and some polish" Ruby said stroking her red weapon wanting to get this over with.

"If we hurry then we can get back to our plans" The level headed Blake said.
"Good point, lets move!" Ruby said as she took off down the hall.


It wasn't long before the team RWBY had made their way to the old run down manor on the outskirts of beacon.

"This place looks kinda creepy" The busty blonde said standing outside the courtyard listening to her echo bounce around the old walls.

"It'll be fine but with the size of this place I think it best if we split up" the lithe faunus suggested as they entered the manor.

As they entered the manor they noticed it was not as dilapidated as the outside looked, in fact it looked rather homey with wax candles burning and casting shadows all over the main hall. The team decided to take Blake's advice and split up to search for Grimm.

Who do we follow?
  • Weiss
     Episode #7207
Nov 01, 2017   01:29
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze <bushweed13 @ live · com>

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Alone and happy

Weiss separated from the group, happy for the peace and quiet. She began searching a room hoping to end this mission quickly and get back home. The room she entered was an elaborate bedroom with beautiful paintings lining the walls. She spent a moment admiring the paintings in the room.
  • A small spider grimm bites her
     Episode #8382
Nov 06, 2017   00:32
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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White is cold

A small spider Grimm had stealthily landed on her and took a bite. The bite was so small that she didn't notice. What she did notice was the strange sensation that made its way through her body. A dull headache began forming in her skull fueling the agitation she already had. The headache grew until it was splitting migraine. Her vision went blank as she began screaming in pain. The pain slowly subsided and her vision returned. "What the hell was that?" She asked herself hearing double. Weiss turned her head to the other voice and noticed another head had grown on her shoulders. "AHHHHH" She began screaming as each used the arm on their side of the body to push the other head away. They began to feel a sharp pain run through their chest. They began to separate at the point between their two necks, their clothes didn't rip but separated as well. Eventually their torso split and regrew what they had lost. Now there were two Weiss torsos sharing the same lower body. Now with both arms free they began to fight. "Fuck OFF bitch!" They both yelled followed by extensive swearing. Neither one could gain enough leverage over the other and they were so engrossed in their fighting they didn't notice their hips had separated and each had grown their own legs, as well as a weapon.

The now completely separated Weiss' broke apart form their fight and drew their weapons. What they didn't realize was their weapons had been completely covered in web by the spider Grimm and when they drew their weapons completely disintegrated.

"Damn IT!" They said at the same time. Neither was familiar with hand to hand combat and was not willing to make a mistake against her opponent. They stared at each other with a cold gaze. "Who are you and where did you come from?!", "I'm Weiss Schnee heir to the Schnee Dust company" They both said with conviction. Anger flared within them. "There can be only one heiress to the Schnee Dust company" One Weiss said. "Of course and it'll be me!" the other Weiss responded. They eyed each other up, they searched for some form of imperfection in the other but couldn't find a single one. It was hard to not notice their own sexy form standing in front of them, they had often gotten hot and bothered if they spent too much time in the mirror looking at themselves. They both caught the other staring at their decently sized breasts.
  • Weiss was not well honed in hand to hand combat, but she was well honed in sexual combat!
     Episode #8464
Nov 06, 2017   01:35
Rating: R
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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White is cold ... to herself

The Weiss' jumped at each other engaging in sloppy hand to hand combat. They fought to a standstill "I should have payed attention to Yang's teachings on hand to hand combat" they both thought. Each Weiss in their combat grabbed a handful of breast of the other. This elicited a slight moan from the Weiss'. This gave them an idea, "If I can't out fight you, then I'll just out fuck you!" One said, "You're right, this isn't getting us anywhere!" the other replied. "The one that cums the most is the fake!" They both agreed and rammed their faces together. Their lips met and their tongues engaged in a brutal wrestling match. They could kiss for long periods of time without a breath due to their singing ability. They could feel their erect nipples rubbing together through the fabric of their clothing as their large mounds pressed together. Weiss reached down their doubles sides and began lifting up the others skirt showing off their snow white panties. She began groping her copies ass as her own ass was being groped by her copy that had the same instincts. She knew how she liked it herself and she put her experiences to use on her opponent. She didn't like it too rough despite her tough outward persona and used that inner knowledge against her enemy.

They continued kneading their breasts and groping their ass growing hotter and hotter between their legs. They were both doing their best to defy their double but found a weakness to their own methods. They began tearing at their clothes and were soon at each other wearing only their white bras and panties. They pressed their sweaty bodies together, mouths interlocked, breasts blossoming, stomachs pressing together, crotches rubbing together. They slapped their crotches together, slowly getting wetter as the sound of their thighs clapping together. Their panties were dripping wet from their contest and soon they couldn't take it anymore, they reached a hand down the others panties and began fingering their wet cunts. The shock broke their intense makeout session and they stared into each others eyes, panting hard. "Getting wet down there are we?" one Weiss said with a lusty grin, "Feels like you could drown in these panties" the other responded returning the lusty look. "Bitch", "Cunt", "Skank", "Whore", Slut" They threw insults back and forth getting more turned on by the abuse.

They were both on the verge of cumming and to tip the tide on the other they went for a kiss. Their faces mashed together and as their tongues met they came viciously. The two leaned against each other in the aftermath of their pleasure. They made eye contact and gave a smile.Then they remember their situation, their hands still in each others panties they ripped them off displaying their wet pussies to each other. They took their cum covered fingers and shoved them into the others mouth. They sucked the fingers taking in their own nectar. Their pussies gravitated towards each other until their crotches collided, waves of pleasure flowed through them.

The two fell to the ground and lined up their aching womanhood. Their pussies once again gravitated toward each other and began grinding their clits together. They each grabbed the bra that the other had and pulled themselves together to once again make out, but this time they could taste each others cum in their mouths. Their battle continued as they wrapped their legs around their enemy locking them in place. They grinded together harder than they had with anyone else. It wasn't long before they were again close to cumming, again feeling they could turn the tides on the other they both made the same move. They ripped the bra off the other with one hand and started pinching and twisting the nipple of their counterpart.  This last action pushed them over the edge and they came together again.

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     Episode #8468
Nov 06, 2017   03:49
Rating: X
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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