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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...On a ship sailing the open seas
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

"Steady as she goes Ladies"  The busty red headed captain shouted to her crew.  Across the deck of three-mast British privateer known as the Polaris the cheers of acknowledgment from the all female crew answered their captain.

The mistress of the Polaris stood up at full attention, supervising the minute workings of her vessel.  A stylized embroidered coat covered her slim shapely frame with distinction while at the same time being loose enough to provide for ample ventilation and mobility.  The captain's regal, angelic face was framed by a silky mane of long fiery red hair after which she took her infamous name, Crimson Sonia. 

With blessings of the British crown the privateering vessel with her beautiful yet highly skilled crew-women plied their trade of raiding rival vessels for loot and booty - carving a fearsome name for themselves in the waters where they stalked.

Sonia was an experienced explorer as well who had had numerous adventures with her faithful crew between the foreboding Caribbean and the exotic Mediterranean.  Currently the Polaris was investigating along the warm coast of the New World, following rumours and myths of a small pirates enclave who hoarded many treasures of sunken Spanish Galleons.

Crimson Sonia kept a keen lookout to the horizon of the ocean's expanse - her many experiences cautioning her against taking the almost supernatural power of the sea for granted.
  • Something else.
     Episode #19
Aug 30, 2008   05:21
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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More ways to choose from...

Some other worlds to utilize...
  • Something else.
     Episode #1054
May 27, 2016   18:33
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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Even more choices...

Some more choices?

(Dunno if these choices/fandoms have been touched yet, but can't seem to find them, so so be it)
  • Some other fandom
     Episode #7192
Jun 01, 2016   19:40
Rating: G
Author: colioli4

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"Alright team, we have reports of Grimm near Echo manor" Professor Port boisterously announced to team RWBY, "The area is abandoned but the folks in the nearby village are concerned with the recent disappearances and Grimm sightings. Your mission: infiltrate the manor and destroy the Grimm infesting the area!"

"Yes-sir" the team replied back halfheartedly as they left the briefing. "I hate impromptu missions like this" Yang said annoyed, "I was already for a night on the town, a certain bartender still owes me a drink."

"Tell me about it" Weiss responded, "I had somewhere to be too."

"I had a date with crescent rose and some polish" Ruby said stroking her red weapon wanting to get this over with.

"If we hurry then we can get back to our plans" The level headed Blake said.
"Good point, lets move!" Ruby said as she took off down the hall.


It wasn't long before the team RWBY had made their way to the old run down manor on the outskirts of beacon.

"This place looks kinda creepy" The busty blonde said standing outside the courtyard listening to her echo bounce around the old walls.

"It'll be fine but with the size of this place I think it best if we split up" the lithe faunus suggested as they entered the manor.

As they entered the manor they noticed it was not as dilapidated as the outside looked, in fact it looked rather homey with wax candles burning and casting shadows all over the main hall. The team decided to take Blake's advice and split up to search for Grimm.

Who do we follow?
  • Ruby
     Episode #7207
Nov 01, 2017   01:29
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze <bushweed13 @ live · com>

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Red Like Roses

Ruby Rose didn't like creepy places and she definitely didn't like this place. When they split up she ducked into the first room she could find. It was an old ornate bedroom with a raging fireplace, the warmth of the room relaxes Ruby. It's actually so hot she begins taking off her red cloak and combat boots. On one side of the room she notices a large mirror. She takes a look and checks herself out in the mirror. She's not one for vanity but tonight she thought she looked particularly good with a warmth growing between her legs. She got closer to the mirror, playing with her hair and straightening her outfit.

What she didn't notice was the large eye of a Grimm that blinked above the mirror.
  • The mirror Grimm creates a bright flash. Many Rubys now occupy the room
     Episode #8381
Nov 04, 2017   03:57
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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Red like a bushel of Roses

The bright flash subsided and Ruby found more of herself looking back at her. How many Rubys are there?
  • Eight Rubys
     Episode #8430
Nov 13, 2017   04:11
Rating: G
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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Eight Rose Petals

Ruby found herself in the room with seven other Rubys! They all looked at each other cautiously expecting some sort of Grimm trap.

"Where did you come from?!" The Rubys yelled at each other, annoyed with the growing frustration of the situation. "I'm Ruby Rose leader of team RWBY!" They all answered. "They must be part of some Grimm trap, but they look so convincing and they sound so sincere" The Rubys thought taking notice of their shared features. She began getting hot looking at herself seven times over, ogling over her tight yet curvaceous form. They all noticed each other staring at each other. Startled at their growing lust for themselves they decided it was time to take action. 
  • They all think the others are part of a Grimm trap, but there is only one Crescent Rose! They all make a move for the weapon
     Episode #8501
Nov 13, 2017   04:25
Rating: R
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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There is only one Crescent Rose!

The Eight Rubys were all eyeing each other up before they noticed they didn't have their only weapon. They weren't good with hand to hand combat so they needed their weapon if they wanted to overcome their copies. They noticed Crescent Rose sitting on the bed with their cloak and boots. "I won't fall for this Grimm trap, bring it on!" They all yell getting angry that the other seven dare call herself, the original, part of some Grimm trap.

At once they all made a move to the bed in an attempt to get Crescent Rose. The girls slammed into each other as they all tried to trip the others. Legs, arms, breasts, and asses collided in a jumble of red and black clothing. They began pulling, pushing, punching, and kicking their duplicates in hopes they would get to the weapon first.

Slowly as a group they made their way across the room to the weapon on the bed. As they moved they began to disrobe the others through their constant violence slowly revealing their red bras and their red panties covered in ripped tights. They continued to attack each other, punching and scratching the others to get at the weapon.

At once they all grabbed the folded weapon and began tugging on it. One of them must have hit a button because the weapon unfolded revealing the large scythe in all it's glory. They were now all able to get a good grip on the weapon. They pulled and pulled but never got anywhere since they all tugged with the same strength in complete opposite directions resulting in a net movement of zero.

They all continued to struggle, giving up on the idea of attacking their duplicates until they could get the weapon for themselves. They soon learned that they wouldn't get any where unless they changed tactics. The Rubys, still turned on by the view of their own forms and the previous melee had them all rubbing together, they looked at each others exposed asses. The girls made a move by releasing their left hand from the weapon and grabbed the back of the panties of the girl to the left. At once they all pulled up giving each other a massive wedgie. The sensation flowed through them startling them, hurting them, and turning them on even more. The maneuver didn't generate the intended effect and no one got an advantage over the other. 
  • The Grimm gets rid of the weapon, The Rubys "console" each other
     Episode #8506
Nov 13, 2017   05:00
Rating: X
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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There is no Crescent Rose!

The eye on the mirror opened up and laid its vision on the weapon in the middle of the group of Rubys. The eye blinked and in another bright light, the weapon was gone. The Rubys looked on at their empty hands clutching at something that wasn't there. The eight Rubys collapsed in a heap, tears forming in their eyes at the loss of their most prized possession. They each fell into each others arms taking some comfort in each others sadness. "These duplicates can't be part of a Grimm trap for me. These tears are too real" They collectively thought. Their tears were short lived as their nearly naked and beaten bodies rubbed together reigniting their former lust.

One Ruby cupped the face of the closest Ruby, "You really are me, all of you, You're not some Grimm trap, we're just ... us". As she said this the other Rubys shared her sentiment. They each cupped the face of a Ruby and brought their faces together.

All the Rubys were now sloppily making out with each other. They would spend time probing ones mouth then would switch and take it up with another Ruby. The group gravitated together soon three to four Rubys were mashing their faces together with saliva and sweat all mixed together. They didn't know why they were so vigorous with their kissing, they may have thought it as making up for their previous violence towards each other, the thought of reconciliation fueled their activities.

Their sweaty tender bodies were all rubbing together, breasts covered with red bras and soft legs all meshed together, their hands were all exploring the others, slowly helping each other out of their clothes. Soon the ground was littered with red bras, ripped tights, and red panties. Four of the girls began rubbing their breasts together, hands groping the other's soft asses. The last four were all trying to grind on each other, they shoved their thighs between each others warm crotches soon moving up and making contact with each others hot cunts.

The group formed a circle with each girl standing directly behind another. They each reached their hand around the girl in front of her and began fingering her. With the other hand they reached around and started playing with their duplicates perky breast. Cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room followed by multiple instances of "I'm gonna cum!" being drowned out by their shared pleasure. All at once they came. The Rubys took their fingers out of their copies pussies, turned around and gently put their fingers into the mouth of the girl that just pleasured her. They sucked the nectar from their copies fingers savoring the moment in the afterglow of their orgasm.

The girls were still in the mood and grabbed the girl closest to them wrapped their legs around them and ground their sexes together. Moans of pleasure filled the room as four pairs of Rubys scissored each other. With the girls in close proximity they were able to kiss the Ruby they were rubbing against and the girl right next to her, and with a show of real dexterity was able to make out with the Ruby across from her. The girls continued to rub their pussies together with moans filling the room and a warm fire still roaring they until once again came together.
  • The Rubys find some toys and continue to have fun
     Episode #8511
Nov 14, 2017   01:26
Rating: X
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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The Gang finds some toys

The group of Ruby's huddled together in front of the warm fire, grinding together and passionately kissing in the aftermath of their love making. The group began to spill across the room slowly getting back into their earlier rhythm. Three Rubys found their way to a chest and accidentally knocked it over revealing its contents. The girls got excited as they saw what spilled out of the chest.
  • A bunch of strap-ons spill out
     Episode #8518
Nov 24, 2017   04:34
Rating: X
Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze

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The sensual rhythm of narcissistic indulgence was momentarily halted as the box of toys clattered onto the ground. The sudden noise drew the attentions of the Rubies from their immediate activities to notice that the container was filled with a plethora of strap-on dildos of various sizes and shapes. Each harness positioned the base of each of the phallic instruments to stimulate the clitoris when being used while at the same time the users' genitals were still fully accessible for further fun.

The Rubies all smiled naughtily to each other and without a word immediately piled on over to equip one of these lewd tools. Giggles and laughter echoed throughout the room as the sweaty identical women hurriedly secured their own device and fell upon each other again with renewed vigor.

The tempo of the all-Ruby orgy took on a frenetic pace as Rubies swirled and tumbled around together each trying their best employ their new attachments on as many of her duplicates as possible. What was once a languid yet passionate orgy suddenly became a whirling sexual melee as scarlet-tinged ravenously sought moist orifices to plumb or found themselves enjoying the tender mercies of another Ruby.

For each other Rubies it felt incredibly sexy and powerful to be the one using her strap-on on her twin lover. The sensation of their pelvises slamming together produced heady stimulation to all the right parts emanating from her own groin as she intimately connected with her partner. At the same time, it was a thrilling experience to be so completely filled up by another Ruby, quite different from their earlier sexual endeavors with fingers and tongues. One thing was clear that the Rubies would not stop until they all had their fill of both sensations.

Like a turbulent sea of crashing waves the Rubies broke apart and came back together in an erotic melange of sweaty lithe forms. One Ruby managed to roll another one onto her back and kissed her hungrily as she plunged her attachment into her partners inviting pussy. The duplicate Ruby below her moaned her approval as their hips worked in tandem to force the lewd instrument deeper and deeper into the Ruby below. The Ruby on top did not have long to relish her dominance as she shortly felt her own slick quim being invaded by another opportunistic Ruby. The three identical women thrusted against each other wantonly becoming drunk on the pleasure. Nearby, another two Rubies had come to grips with each other, rolling over and over each trying to take the top position. Each woman playfully wrestling as they both tried to bring their weapons to bear on each other in a sort of bawdy dildo duel.

Identical cries of pleasure, moans, and the slapping of flesh on flesh chorused throughout the room. Each Ruby was giving as good as they got as the pleasure and intensity of their orgy reached higher and higher levels

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     Episode #8573
Dec 07, 2017   15:59
Rating: G
Author: blueversusred

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