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Full story tree for "Magikoopa Eureka??" (Episode #8643)

A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Someone else
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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a chance for somthing new

more characters to choose from
  • princess peach /Super Mario Bros
     Episode #210
Aug 01, 2008   09:13
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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A pair of Princess Peaches

It was another typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom, in which, as happens every so often, Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach. This had happened so many times that it didn't really bother her much anymore, even as she was sealed in a cage and wheeled into a storeroom in Bowser's latest castle.

"Look, you know Mario's just going to show up and beat the crap out of you again, so why don't you just let me go and save yourself the trouble?" Peach asked, sounding bored with the routine.

"Oh, I know, my dear Princess," Bowser replied excitedly, "but this time I have the perfect plan to deal with that meddling plumber!"

"You say that every time. None of your 'perfect' plans ever work."

"Well this time it's different!" Bowser snapped. "Yes, Mario will be rescuing you... or so he thinks! Kamek, is the spell ready?"

"Completely ready, milord!" the Magikoopa replied. He held up a large, red, glowing amulet in one hand, and his magic wand in the other, and began chanting in some unknown language.

Peach sighed. "And what is this spell going to do?"

Bowser chuckled. "You're about to find out."

Finally, shouting one last magic word, Kamek fired a magic blast from his wand into the amulet, which in turn released a beam of light that struck Peach. With a gasp, Peach began to shimmer and glow with white light. Her image began to blur and stretch. Finally, in a flash of light, the blurry form of Peach split into two, each half materializing into the form of Princess Peach. As the light faded, two Peaches now stood side-by-side in the cage, identical down to the last cell. Even her clothes and crown had been duplicated! A bit dizzy, both Peaches leaned against their respective sides of the cage to steady themselves, and as they did so, caught sight of each other from the corner of their eyes. At once, both Peaches turned to look at each other and gave identical gasps of shock.

Bowser cackled with glee. "Well done, Kamek!"

"What is this?! Who are you?!" both Peaches demanded of each other.

"As you can see, thanks to the power of this amulet, Kamek has created an exact duplicate of you, my dear Peach!" Bowser explained. "This way, when Mario shows up, I'll simply let him have the duplicate! While the duplicate goes back to take over your life, the real you will remain here with me, and nobody will ever realize you're here!" He let out a villainous laugh.

"And what's to stop my duplicate from telling Mario the truth?" both Peaches asked in unison before glaring at each other in annoyance.

"Quite simple. Once I hide the real you in my dungeon, Kamek here will simply wipe the duplicate's memory of all this!" Bowser replied. "You ready, Kamek?"

"Of course, sire. But, um, which one is the duplicate?" Kamek asked.

Bowser was silent for a moment. "Um, don't you know?"

Kamek shrugged.

"Uh... hey, which one of you is the duplicate?" Bowser asked the Peaches.

Both Peaches resisted the urge to claim herself as the original, realizing it would be to her advantage to lie. "I'm the duplicate!" they said in unison. They immediately turned to each other and snapped, "No you're not! I am too!"

As the Peaches argued, Kamek was checking something in a spellbook. "Er, Lord Bowser, it says here that the amulet creates duplicates that are completely identical to the original in absolutely every respect. I'm... I'm afraid there's no way to tell which Princess is the original."

"...Well, crud. That complicates things a bit, doesn't it?" Bowser replied. He thought about it for a few moments. "Then again, if they're exactly the same, maybe it doesn't matter which Peach I keep. I guess I could just flip a coin to decide...."

Suddenly, Bowser's thoughts were interrupted as an alarm sounded. A Koopa Troopa ran in.

"Your highness! Mario has arrived! And he's got a Fire Flower!"

"[Censored]! Already?!" Bowser exclaimed. "Kamek, go stall him!"

"At once, sir!" Kamek responded and disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving the amulet behind.

"Maybe I can do the memory wipe myself...." Bowser mumbled as he flipped through the spellbook. Finding the page with the memory wipe spell, he read through it and realized he didn't understand a word of it.

As Bowser was trying to puzzle out what the spell components were, the Koopa Troopa guard shouted, "Kamek is down! Mario is almost he--" He didn't even get a chance to finish before he got hit by a fireball.

Swearing under his breath, Bowser charged out of the storeroom and leaped out into the next room where Mario had just entered.

"Look, Mario, can you give me a few minutes? I gotta take care of something real quick...."

Mario raised an eyebrow. "Sure, justa hand over Princessa Peach, and I'lla be ona my way."

"Well, see the thing about that is..." Bowser faltered, realizing he couldn't give him either Peach without performing the memory wipe, or she'd tell Mario about his scheme.

"Well?" Mario asked impatiently. "Are youa going to releasea her, or do I havea to beata you up againa?"


Minutes later, Bowser was sinking into the lava pit below. He was starting to develop a resistance to it after so many times, but it still really hurt.

Satisfied, Mario ran into the storeroom beyond. "Peach, I'vea come to... uh... what the..." Mario trailed off at the sight of two Peaches trapped in the cage.

"Mario! Bowser duplicated me!" both Peaches exclaimed in unison. They turned to each other and snapped, "Stop that! Quit saying what I'm saying!"

"Um, wha- which of you isa Peach?", Mario asked, confused.

"I am!", both Peaches responded. "No you're not! I'm the real Peach! No, I am!" both Peaches shouted at each other.

"Ladies, ladies! Um, how dida thees happen?" Mario asked, retrieving the keys and unlocking the cage.

Both Peaches stepped out of the cage at the same time, getting stuck together in the door for a moment, as it wasn't quite wide enough for both of them, and Mario had to pull them out. "Bowser had Kamek cast a spell on me with that amulet over there, and it made a duplicate of me!" they said in unison.

Mario looked, and found the amulet Kamek had left behind. "Thisa one?"

Both Peaches nodded. "We'd better take it so Bowser can't use it again."

Shrugging, Mario pocketed the amulet. With no way to verify which Peach was the real one, he decided he'd just have to take them both back to the Mushroom Kingdom and sort things out later. And so, the three of them left Bowser's castle.
  • The Peaches try to live and rule the Mushroom Kingdom together.
     Episode #271
Aug 01, 2008   09:14
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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Putting up with myself

Toadworth had been relieved when he heard that Mario had returned with the Princess. No matter how many times this scenario played out, he always worried. Toad had told him that it was just another day, nothing special, that Mario would have her back before lunch, but still he worried. what if something happened, what if this time the Princess was hurt or worse. But nothing ever did.

"Toad is right. I really shouldn't worry so much." He was heading to the main hall to greet the Princess, caught up in his thoughts. As such, he didn't notice the two loud voices that seemed to be arguing with each other, nor did it notice that both voices seemed to belong to the Princess. Needless to say, Toadworth's belief that something different would happen one day finally came true, but not in a way he expected.

"Welcome back princess....., WHAT?! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" Only Mario noticed the old Toad as he burst into the room, then promptly had a proverbial heat attack at the sight of two Princess Peaches bickering furiously. The Plumber shook his head, turning from the oblivious Peaches to Toadworth.

"I'lla try to explaina."

And explain Mario did. Toadworth and the rest of the toads were understandably shocked, but if nothing else the Princess was not physically harmed which was something. After calming the two women down, it was decided to keep the existence of the doubled princess a secret, so as not to cause any unrest in the Kingdom. Mario volunteered to set off with the amulet to see if he could find some way to reverse the process, something which made both Peaches happy, but in the meantime...

"If you think I'm going to allow you to order my friends around, than you have got to be insane!"

"Obviously the only crazy one here is you! It's bad enough that you still insist that your me...."

"I insist because it's the truth..."

"Don't interrupt me!"

"You cut me off first!"

"Only because you're such a liar!"

"Am Not!"

"Are so!"

Toad shook his head as he watched the cycle begin again. When Mario had been around, he had been able to keep the Peaches somewhat calm, but now that he was gone, there was no one with the will or the discipline to act as the referee between the Peaches. Who would have thought the Princess was her own worst enemy.

They had actually tried to tolerate each other at first. They were both in the same boat after all, and arguing wouldn't help either of them, but things quickly deteriorated. They found themselves fighting over every little thing, refusing to compromise on any matter; who used the shower first, who slept in their bed, who made what decision about the welfare of the kingdom. Toad was surprised when he even heard them arguing about who should be kidnapped by Bowser. That's when he knew that things were getting out of hand.

They were screaming at each other in unison now, each try her hardest to yell over the others voice.

"Shut up! No! You Shut up! Stop it! Stop copying me! Arrg!" They both turned away from each other and stormed off in opposite directions, unable to tolerate the others presence. It was clear that Peach just could not live with herself.
  • They try to escape each other by going on a vacation using their private jet
     Episode #276
Aug 01, 2008   09:16
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Stuck with you: Aka Peaches in the sky with Mushrooms

"Princess! Princess where are you?" Toad had been searching every inch of the castle, but had been unable to find either Princess Peach. They had both just up and disappeared.

"Have they been kidnapped by Bowser again? Or maybe..." Tension between the twin monarchs had been slowly reach a boiling point. Both Princesses had made it clear that they needed to get away from all the stress of their situation. Unfortunately that was easier said than done. Toad had feared that they might try to harm each other, but he had initially dismissed such an idea. Now though, he couldn't help but worry.

"Maybe they did try to get rid of each other;" the walking spore became despondent. "NO! The kingdom is without a Princess what shall we do?! Before he could continue his meltdown, one of the guards came on the scene and without a word handed him a note. Regaining his composure, he watched the guard walk off, then turned his attention towards the note.

'Dear Toad, Toadsworth, and all concerned,'

I can no longer tolerate that impostor. I need a break so I have taken my private jet for a little vacation. I leave Toadsworth in charge until my return. My destination will be secret so that 'You Know Who' can't follow me. Make sure that any orders she gives are not followed!'

Yours truly, (The Real) Princess Peach.

Well this was just great. What did she expect him to do now? Toad barely had time to register this new development, when another guard arrived with another letter. Toad raised an eyebrow; he had a bad feeling about this, but he did his duty and read the second letter:

'Dear Toad, Toadsworth, and all concerned,'

Toad read only a few lines before confusion took over. "Why would she write the letter twice..... OH NO!" He took off like a shot towards the airfield, hoping desperately that he would get there before the jet departed.

Unfortunately for Toad, Peach (both of her) had left long ago. The Jet was incredibly advanced, and could essentially fly on its own using an automatic pilot. All she had to do was give a voice command on where to go, and the planes computer would do the rest. As a result, the Peaches could lounge around on the jet without worry. This also meant they were unaware of the others presence, due to being on different parts of the jet, not that this would last.

"It's good to get away from that woman!" both Peaches stated loudly to themselves from different sections of the jet. They were looking forward to this vacation to clear their minds so that this clone problem could be handled. For the time being the plane had no set course, although it was flying in a safe zone, and at a high attitude to avoid any obstructions, so they had decided to just lounge around for a bit. Suddenly they both felt their stomachs rumble. A little snack seemed to be in order, so they made their way to the small kitchen in the middle of the plane, unaware that they were on a collision course with disaster!

The Princesses enter the kitchen at the same moment, and came face to face. They took it as well as to be expected.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! What are you doing here?! Me! What about you?! This is supposed to be my vacation damn it! Your vacation?!" and so on. It was just the two of them trapped together on a jet with no set destination. Things were going to come to a head
  • Bowser arrives in one of his airships to kidnap both women
     Episode #284
Aug 01, 2008   09:18
Rating: PG - Language
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Between a Rock and... another Rock!

Both princesses lost their footing as their jet rumbled off course.  Looking outside both princesses saw one of Bowser's flying ships attacking their own aircraft - a number of grappling hooks have already been wrapped around the wings of the private jet so that it was  forced to slowly circle the slower air ship.

Without warning a large rent was created in the ceiling of the Mushroom kingdom jet and Bowser descended into the cabin riding his clown-cup-reverse-propeller vehicle (of Super Mario World fame).  The princesses picked dusted themselves off as Bowser emerged and began laughed maniacally.  "Ha HA! Looks like I have the drop on you again prin..." Bowser paused as he saw two Princess Peaches.  "Oh yeah, I guess you haven't been able to undo the spell, eh?  Well, would one of you lovely ladies like to go for a ride to my castle?"

"You can only take one of us?"  The twin princesses questioned at the same time, throwing annoyed looks at each other afterwards.  "Yeah well, my cloud buggy here can only fit one other here.  So, who should I take?"

"Me!" One of the Princess Peaches spoke up, stepping forward.  "I'm the real Princess Peach, so you have to kidnap me!  Mario will save me afterwards, just as he always does!"  The other identical princess fumed at this, "Oh no you don't, if Bowser's going to kidnap anyone - it's going to be me, not you!"  "I don't think so missy!  Move out of my way you fake!"  "Fake indeed! Bowser's taking me because I'm the real princess and you're the imposter!"

This was a strange turn of events for Bowser, usually he would have a heck of a time trying to capture the rambunctious princess when kidnapping her.  Now, there were two identical Princesses, each arguing and attempting to push each other aside for the right to be kidnapped by the King of the Koopahs.  Looking back and forth between the two bickering twins in confusion - he began to grow weary of their quarreling.
  • He tried to interrupt the twins but was quickly defeated for his trouble
     Episode #286
Aug 01, 2008   09:19
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Bowser: King of dumb

Bowser watched as the argument between Princess Peach and Princess Peach grew more heated. They had grabbed each other by the front of their dresses, yelling so loud that they almost seemed to drown out the sound of the engines on both the jet and his airship. He had to plug his ears filter out the noise so he could think straight.

'As entertaining as this is, I should probably just grab one myself and go.' He thought silently. It was clear that grabbing both would ultimately be a headache, and besides, he was worried about staying on the jet for too long. It had taken quite a bit of damage, and might be in danger of crashing. He turned his attention back to the Peaches, who had seemingly forgotten him.

"He's going to kidnap me!" "Not if I have anything to say about it!" "You don't! Or are you too brainless to see that!" "Who are you calling brainless!" "Why you little....!"

"Alright, I think this has gone on long enough." The Koopa king said bluntly, moving forward to take one of the women away. It definitely looked like they needed some time apart. Unfortunately, he missed the part where they had both pulled out Golf Clubs.

Whack!!! Crack!!!

The Peaches looked down at the dazed but still conscious Bowser as he rubbed his head. Their faces filled with rage. Bowser looked up in time to see too extremely pissed off identical women. He whimpered.

"You....," both Princesses were shuddering with anger, and Bowser realized now just what a stupid mistake he made.


"Hey Mike, is the boss back yet?! The Koopa known as Mike looked over his shoulder to see a goomba looking up at him.

"Not yet Ted. He's sure taking his sweet time." Mike turned his attention back to the airship's sensors, a worried look crossing his face.

"What's with you? You act like you think something bad will happen to him?" Mike didn't take his eyes off the screen. "That's because we're losing attitude Ted." Mike answered flatly.

"What?!!" Ted's little Goomba eyes bulged out of his head like he'd been squished by Mario. Mike was sweating now. "Yeah. The plane is going down, and we have grappling hooks attached to it, so were being dragged with it. We need to cut off the dead weight, but..."

"Right, the boss would probably survive a plane crash, but we wouldn't if we cut out without him. I'll get on the radio and let him know what's up."

Despite his lack of hands, Ted did just that, but he didn't hear anything from his employer, at least not anything comforting.

Whack!! Crack!! Clunk! "OW!! STOP IT!" WHAM! SMACK! POW!! "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!" ( the second voice seemed doubly loud, almost like two people talking at once) POW!! WHACK!!! "I SAID QUIT.... no, not the frying pans....." CLANG!!!

"Um, your kooopaness, sir....., you still alive...., sir.

Death had not claimed the evil king of Koopas, but she had reminded him that his ass would be hers one day in the form of a vicious two on one beating, Princess Peach (x2) style. The two women stood there panting over the bruised pile of flesh that was the cause of their predicament.

They were only vaguely aware of the crackling of the radio from his clown car, saying that the plane was starting to go down, and begging him to grab the Princess and head back so they could bolt. There was a pause, and then the voice on the radio started speaking again more frantically.

"Boss, Mike says there's a fire in the engine room! The whole plane is gonna light up! You gotta....." BOOM! The Princesses were knock off their feet as an explosion rocked the entire plane. They looked around frantically, eyes falling on each other, then on the clown car, then on Bowser. Without him to fly the clown car, how would they escape?
  • The Peaches pile into the clown car, and despite fighting over the controls, escape the crashing plane.
     Episode #292
Aug 01, 2008   09:20
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Out of the frying pan.....

Bowser was unconscious to begin with. The plane was on the verge a turning into a fiery ball of wreckage. Death was very very possible for the twinned Peaches, and yet.....

"Move out of my way you bimbo!"

Yup, still arguing. The good news though was that they had done something productive as well. They were currently in the clown car, trying to get it started and escape, being that it was the only nearby source of transportation. Unfortunately they were inhibiting their own escape by fighting over the controls.

The Koopa Clown car was a more complicated machine then it looked, being operated purely through pedals, as opposed to any dials or switches. Bowser had done this to make it harder to steal apparently, and is did explain why his hands never seemed to be holding on to any steering wheel, as he always had them free to fling mecha koopas at nearby Italian Plumbers. This only made things more difficult for the Peaches.

"MOVE YOUR FAT ASS YOU WITCH!" Both women promptly brought down a high heeled foot on the unmoving foot of the other, and shrieked in unison, but ironically enough, their stomped feet also depressed the ignition pedals, starting the unorthodox vehicle and sending them up and away out of the still burning and not quite crashed plane. Bowser, just regaining conscious, half watched as they dissapeared, almost sighing in relief. He'd take a crashing plane over this craziness any day. It was only fire, and he could deal with that. He rescinded that thought pattern after the plane exploded. It hurt much more than he expected.

As for the clown car, it was significantly shaken up by the jet's sudden impression of a fireball. The Princesses yelped as numerous pieces of shrapnel struck the side of the car, but when it stopped, they thought the worse was over.

"Thank goodness." Both women sighed. First the plane, and now this. At least on the jet, they would've had some space. Unfortunately things were even worse than they thought. "Are we..." one Peach began "....descending?" The other finished. Their eyes went wide, as one they looked over the side of the vehicle, catching sight of the large hunk of metal sticking out from around where the propeller would be. At that exact moment, said propeller died, unable do its job anymore when it was jammed, and the clown car tipped over, unceremoniously dumping them over the side. They screamed in terror as they fell.

"It had happened so fast, the Peaches never had time to try their floating ability. Before they knew it, they were hanging upside down from a very tall tree, tangled up rather awkwardly in the vines. There was no sign of the Clown car, but then again, that was to be expected. Said vines had them tied up face to face, not daring to move too much for fear of causing another fall. As it was, they could only look at each other, and that was unacceptable, but also unchangeable. So what else could happen?

"AAACHOOO!" Both women sneezed, and before then knew it they were falling again. They screamed in terror as they bounced off each other, and every single branch on the way down. The nightmare just did not seem to want to end.
  • They are both still out, and are dreaming
     Episode #297
Aug 01, 2008   09:21
Rating: PG - Language
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Breaking Point

Peach jolted herself awake, looking all around her. They was no sign of any forest or jungle. She seemed to be in her own room. "What's going on? Where am I?"

"Ah Peacha! I see youra awake!" Peach turned towards the voice to see the familiar face of Mario. She was relieved.

"Mario! It's really you isn't it?!" She leapt out of the bed and tackled him in a fierce hug. "But where is she?" Mario seemed confused. "Where isa Who?"

"You know who?! The other me!" The plumber continued to eye her warily. "Are you alrighta Peach? Did Bowser hurt do anything with this last Kidnapping attempt?" Peach let those words sink in, and it hit her. It was all a dream. The cloning, the jet, everything. There was only one Peach, just as there should be.

"I'm just fine! Absolutely Peachy! In fact, I think I should thank you for rescuing me again!" Mario seemed to want to reply, but Peach continued. " No, it's not a cake, but it is something sweet. You've deserved it for a long time actually. I was just waiting for the right moment." And with those words, she planted a kiss right on his lips.

This was nice. She had never kissed anyone before, at least no on the lips,and they say the first was always the best, the one you never forget. 'I don't even feel his mustache,' she thought to herself.

In the real world, Peach was in a rather deep lip lock with herself. The two women were having the exact same dream, and the kiss got deeper. Tongues just started to wrestle with each other, when noticing that something seemed off, they both opened their eyes.

A number of Fruit bats crashed into walls inside their caves. The cause was an incredibly loud sonic disturbance that disrupted their sonar.

Meanwhile the Peaches had scrambled away from each other and stood to their feet. They were breathing hard, clenching and unclenching their fists, practically glaring lasers at the woman across from her with bloodshot, crazy eyes. This was the final straw. She wasn't a violent person normally, and she had tried to be civil, but this woman had frustrated her a every turn, and her life had become a living hell in time she had existed. Now she had done something completely unforgivable.

"YOU.....STOLE......MY.......FIRST......KISS!!!!!!!" The kiss she had been saving for Mario, for the right moment. The one you could only have once. That was it.  Now it was on.

Screaming indecipherable battle cries, the two women barreled towards each other, determined to erase the other from existence all together, and there wasn't a single force in the Mushroom Kingdom them would stop them.
  • Something else.
     Episode #305
Aug 01, 2008   09:22
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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A sweet taste of seduction.

"YOU.....STOLE......MY.......FIRST......KISS!!!!!!!" The kiss she had been saving for Mario, for the right moment. The one you could only have once. That was it.  Now it was on.

Screaming indecipherable battle cries, the two women barreled towards each other, determined to erase the other from existence all together, and there wasn't a single force in the Mushroom Kingdom them would stop them.

Peach and Peach thunder towards each-other, both women looking like crazed demons from hell, faces twisted in rage that would have frightened anyone under the sun...

...the current exception being the other. Both women were far too mad to realize how mad the other was, and how ugly things would get when they were within thrashing distance. As they drew closer, they both drew frying pans, each ready to pound the other woman's head into the ground. Unstoppable force would meet immovable object, but there would be no surrender, only mutually assured destruction unless a miracle happened for both of them.

Now they were within a few feet of each-other, and prepared their weapons, reeling back to land their first strikes. Eyes filled with madness and fury at the others existence. Nothing and no-one would stop this, not unless Peach and Peach themselves decided to kiss and make up.

Then Peach tripped on a tree root...


...At the same moment that Peach tripped on a rock...


... barely a foot or two away from each other, Peach and Peach lost their balance and now stumbled the final few inches towards each-other....

... and as a result, their lips met in completely accidental kiss.


It takes a certain type of luck to kiss the same person by complete accident twice in the span of a few minutes. but their they were, eyes wide, hands still wielding frying pans which were raised high for their first attacks,  For a moment, it looked like things would only get worse.

They didn't however.

'What is she... this is...' Mouths engulfed by the others lips, neither woman could speak. they seemed frozen, but then, things got odd.

"mmmmm!" They began toclose their eyes, both women feeling weak, as the grips on their frying pans loosened, until they had dropped the implements completely, letting them fall to the ground with dual clangs. As the accidental turned purposeful kiss went on, the two felt their eyes close more, even as they continued to look shocked, as though the fact this was happening was beyond their understanding, until they had shut them tight.

At the same moment, each woman popped on leg, and then opened their mouths, letting their tongues come into contact. They clasped one pair of hands together (the ones that had been holding the frying pans) while letting their other hands wrapped around the others waist and pull each other close. Without even wanting to, or trying to, they had completely defused each-others wrath with the same thing that had set it off in the first place: a simple kiss.

'No! I can't let her... mmmmm!....I must.... Why? Why is this happening with just a kiss? She already took my first kiss, is she going to seduce me now?'

That odd thought ran through the heads as both women as the kiss neither of them wanted continued, as though the sensation of her own lips on her own lips, and her own tongue caressing her own tongue had completely destroyed her desire to resist. Peach was too innocent for her own good, and it took something as simply as this for her to melt into helplessness, unable to resist whoever initiated the kiss, and since they had both started it, both were totally unable to mount a defence against the other. Before, they had broken off too quickly for it to take effect, but now...

...Now it seemed there was no escape.
  • Peach and Peach find themselves unable to resist...herself, and things get spicy.
     Episode #311
Jun 06, 2012   20:13
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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A sweet taste of seduction II

'No! I can't let her... mmmmm!....I must.... Why? Why is this happening with just a kiss? She already took my first kiss, is she going to seduce me now?'

That odd thought ran through the heads as both women as the kiss neither of them wanted continued, as though the sensation of her own lips on her own lips, and her own tongue caressing her own tongue had completely destroyed her desire to resist. Peach was too innocent for her own good, and it took something as simply as this for her to melt into helplessness, unable to resist whoever initiated the kiss, and since they had both started it, both were totally unable to mount a defence against the other. Before, they had broken off too quickly for it to take effect, but now...

...Now it seemed there was no escape.

The both drop their frying pans at the exact same time. They continue kissing, feeling each others lips and tongues. Things slowly start to heat up. Their hands begin to caress each other. Their identical bodies move closer. Their breasts touch, their nipples getting hard under their pink dresses. Their pussies  start to get warmer and warmer and...

Their lips separate slowly. They look at each other, and suddenly find it extremely hard to look away.

"By the Stars! That... that..." one starts.
"... was amazing?" the other finishes for her, trying to confirm that her twin had the same eye-opener as her.
".. Yes... it was. Stars, I feel sooooo horny..."
"Me too... You know..."
"We could always... errr..."
"... I know what you mean... You know, to hell with it. Let's!"
"Are you sure?"
She nods. "Yes. I want you Peach. Come here..."

Her twin comes forward and they start making out once more. Slowly, they start to undress one another. Their pink dresses drop on the ground, followed by their crowns and then their pink underwear. Their hands roam over their now naked bodies, glide through their long, gorgeously blonde hair. Breasts collide, their womanhoods rub together...

  • The spell acts up...
     Episode #5128
Apr 14, 2013   12:24
Rating: R
Author: colioli4 <colindebruijn16 @ gmail · com>

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A sweet taste of seduction III

"Mmmm." Both Peaches mumbled as they continued their love session.

However, little did they know the full extent of the spell. Back at Bowser's castle, Kamek was currently reading up on the spell that he had cast.

"Hmm," he thought, "Says here that the spell would act up again and clone the subject if he or she begins making love to himself or herself." Then Kamek laughed. "Ha, those two are at war with each other. How could that possibly happen?"

But that exactly was what both Peaches are currently doing. The spell acted up and both Peaches were enveloped in a white light, just like before. Soon, their forms stretched, and there were now two pairs of Peaches staring into each other's eyes.

"Wow," one Peach said.
"There were just two of me, but now there are four?" another Peach asked.
"Mmm, but I don't care now," the third Peach stated.
"The only thing I want now is you." the last Peach finished.

All four Peaches, being trapped in her newfound love for herself, walked over to each other and entangled themselves in a four-way kiss as they rubbed their bodies against each other. All four of them moaned in delight as they never wanted this to end.
  • The Peaches multiply again.
     Episode #5591
Feb 17, 2015   10:39
Rating: R
Author: TheMultiplier

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Oh Peachy! The More The Merrier

Not long after enveloping in a steamy fourway kiss, the Peaches were once again caught in a bright white light. There were now eight princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom sprawled across the bedroom. They began to realize what was going on.

"Oh my," two Peaches said, "now there's even more of us!"

"You know what that means, right?" Another two asked.

"The more we make love, the more of us there are!' chimed in another two.

"This must be another part of that spell." Replied the remaining two.

Each Peach paused for a moment in a lusty wonder of her seven other identical counterparts. They looked around from Peach to Peach with a seductive and scheming look in their eyes.

"Ladies, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" they all asked in unison. They then began breaking out in giggles. "Oh this idea is going to be Peachy!"
  • Each princess grabs her nearest duplicate and and a non-stop multiplication-love fest begins!
     Episode #6646
Dec 13, 2017   15:36
Rating: X
Author: MoreForMe <TheClownofyesterday @ gmail · com>

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Each of the Peaches grabs their nearest duplicate and started getting it on. Four Peaches get under the covers and begin fingering each other's pussy and sharing a serious French kiss, tongue and all. The other four go into the closet, and all that could be heard were the pleasure-filled moans from one lover to another.

A white light fills the room, and eight becomes sixteen. Then another one, and sixteen became thirty-two. Each time that the Peaches split, their lust for themselves grew even more. The Peaches in the closet then returned to the bedroom since there wasn't enough space for them to keep going comfortably. Now, an absolute orgy of Peaches breaks out in the bedroom, causing them to multiply like rabbits. Now, the white light of duplication is going off like a strobe light. There are Peaches on top of Peaches on top of Peaches.
  • Kamek and Bowser find something that may (or may not) undo the spell
     Episode #8637
Dec 13, 2017   16:09
Rating: X
Author: MoreForMe

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Magikoopa Eureka??


Bowser was pacing around his throne room, still recovering from his injuries back on the plane. His body was covered in bandages and he had a pair of black eyes, one from each of the Peaches nailing him in the face with frying pans.

"Yes sir, what do you need?" Kamek flies into the room on a broomstick, which is completely stupid since Kamek has two good legs.. er.. feet? whatever they are.

"Any luck finding a way to reverse that stars-forsaken spell?"

"Well I've been reading up on it, your koopaness, and I think I may have found a way to reverse it's effects, but..."

"Good. Now I can fix this mess and finally sleep easy knowing there is only one Peach. Anyways, you were saying?" said Bowser.

"Well if my calculations are correct, casting this spell over Peach's Castle, the duplicate will disappear. Although, there's an unlikely chance this could go horribly wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"Well according to my spell book, the spell would act up and create more duplicates if our two Peaches were to make love to each other. I completely doubt that has happened, but in the possible event that it did, the reversal spell would cause them to infinitely multiply. And from that point, it'd be impossible to stop," Kamek explained.

"Well it's a good thing those two are at war with each other, otherwise we'd have a problem."

The two shared an evil laugh together. Although little did they know, Peach's castle was now overflowing with a lusty Peach lovefest.

Bowser jumps into a brand new clown car, and flies off with Kamek towards the castle. Kamek casts the spell on the castle. A massive, blinding pink light begins to emit from the Castle. Kamek and Bowser doing a meanacing high-five and head home.


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     Episode #8643
Dec 21, 2017   17:54
Rating: G
Author: MoreForMe

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