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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a modern day highschool
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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First period

The morning sprayed in through the gap beneath the oatmeal beige shades, stabbing Jim's eyes when he accidentally looked at the bright horizon. Also in the distance, his teacher's voice echoed a tired analysis of Orwell or Golding or something else you're supposed to think is deep when you're in high school. When he got sick of hearing her strained voice croak the meaning of this or that allegorical theme, he scanned around for some simpler stimulant for his half-asleep head.

First there was Beckie. Right below Beckie were Beckie's breasts. They hung there like giant raindrops caught in some lacey white gutter, bulging over the edges and only kept from spilling by the tension of her teenage skin. Beckie liked horses, he recalled. Beckie and her breasts, bouncing on horseback as her long red hair brushed around and between them. The mental image moved muscles in his groin he didn't think actually existed.

Then, there was Kendra. Her hair looked like straw, held behind her head with some backward-bowtie knot that only boyscouts are supposed to know. She fiddled with it now, her quick fingers and chewed-off nails feeling for imperfections. Her fingers led down to thin arms and narrow shoulders, where her skin faded from farmer-tan red to milky white. She dressed and acted like her whole life was gym class. Jim thought for a moment, in a sort of smiling reverie, how that would play out beneath the covers. Whether or not that could ever happen was, of course, not a question for right now.

The desk-chair combo squeaked a bit as Jim surveyed the rear of the room and pretend to stretch. In the back corner, at last, was something truly worth turning around for:
  • Something else.
     Episode #14
Aug 01, 2008   08:28
Rating: PG
Author: Sue Doeman

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Hayden the Cheerleader

    Hayden Panetierre was sitting in the back of the room, surveying the classes to study for her next role as another cheerleader.
   Jim was amazed at her body, her shirt hugging her breasts, her skirt giving him a view of her panties, and her wonderful thighs that he wish he could be right next to.
     It was after class that things got weird. Hayden quickly rushed out of class as Jim followed not too far behind. Hayden hadn't noticed. Jim followed her to...
  • the gym where the girl's P.E. class was going on
     Episode #115
Jul 17, 2009   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: Taekocybe <taekocybe @ yahoo · com>

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Sav’s Big Win

Savannah was on top of her game. Sure, she was the most athletic girl in her class, but that still felt great when she’d singlehandedly beaten the rest of the girls in a 1 on 8 basketball game. Feeling on top of the world, she made her way to the locker room before the gym period was over so she could get cleaned up.

Sav retrieved her normal clothes, a pair of denim shorts and a white tank top, from her locket, as well as her towel from the shower. Walking towards the row of stalls, she placed her things down on the bench. As she began to untie her white sneakers, she heard one of the showerheads turn on in front of her, but the curtain was hiding the occupant.

Once undressed, she walked over to it nervously. “Hello?” She asked.

“Come in.” a very familiar sounding voice said from the inside. She drew the curtain and inside was...
  • A second Savannah, already showering.
     Episode #2365
Dec 22, 2017   06:40
Rating: PG
Author: TheMagicBox

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Showering Twice

Savannah stared at Sav, who was happily standing inside the shower, her body and head already wet. “Well either come in or don’t! You’re letting in a draft!” Sav said casually.

Savannah stumbled for a second before stepping into the shower stall and closing the curtain behind her. The shower stalls here at school were only about as large as a phonebooth, so she found herself quite close to this woman.

“H-how is this even possible? You’re me! Are you, like, a clone?” Savannah asked, still shocked.

“No, not exactly. Basically what happened was after the basketball game, I went to take a shower. Then I found myself in the shower with another... well, another me! We showered together and then suddenly I appeared in the shower again, but it was dry and she was gone. So I turned the shower on, then you came in. Now I’m telling you everything the other me said last time...” Sav explained.

“Last time? Oh my god, so this is like a time loop?”

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     Episode #8659
Dec 22, 2017   06:50
Rating: PG
Author: TheMagicBox

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