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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In an alternate world from our own
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Agent Chun Li of Interpol

Evening was falling and Interpol Agent Chun Li walked purposefully down through the city streets.  Dressed in her bright blue battle costume that revealed ample amounts of her well toned legs and wearing an expression that was all business the Chinese detective ignored the worried glances of pedestrians who passed by.  It was no surprise that Chun Li drew attention to herself, with a fantastically feminine and curvaceous body, tempered and toned through many years of rigorous training, coupled with a beautifully angelic visage the Chinese agent did not fail to turn heads.

However, Agent Chun Li of Interpol wasn't there to turn heads, she was a woman on a mission:
  • Something else.
     Episode #15
Aug 01, 2008   08:47
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Now for something different. Maybe someone new?

Now then, who will you choose to start this new story? Maybe you'll choose more then just one. We all sure hope so:
  • Zelda from "The Legend of Zelda"
     Episode #163
Aug 01, 2008   08:57
Rating: G
Author: droid1

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A New Legend

Many times has this tale been told. The tale of a strange land, where magical creatures roam, and an object of great power exists. And always, there are the same common factors. A hero clad is green, possessing unmatched courage, a villain, a king of evil, whose lust for power causes disaster to all. And finally a princess, who's great wisdom guides an entire kingdom.

These three, bound together by the power of the gods themselves, have lived the same tale many times over. The Evil king takes hold of the princess, the hero must rescue her, and sometimes on his own, sometimes with her help, vanquish the evil one. After doing, he disappears, until he is needed again.

But now a new legend will begin, different from those that have preceded it. Now the princess herself will add her own chapter to the tale, but it will be unlike any that have come before, or will come again.
  • We begin with the mysterious Sheikah know as Sheik
     Episode #204
Aug 01, 2008   08:58
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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In the stillness of night, a lone figure moved though the shadows.

The dream had come out of nowhere. It only showed a place that looked familiar, but that had been enough to convince the warrior to take a closer look. Previous experience had shown that dreams were rarely ever just dreams, so investigating things was a wise course of action.

The last of the Sheikah, known to everyone as sheik, but to even fewer people as the Princess Zelda, stalked through the forest, darting behind trees, and staying out of the light as she moved towards her destination.

'I'll be there shortly, but I still don't know exactly what it is I'll find!' The vision had been so vague; she remembered seeing Hyrule Castle, as it was before Ganondorf took it over, and was overwhelmed with a powerful urge to head into this strange forest that she did not recognize. She seemed to know where to go, but not why she was going there, or even how she knew to go there.

The sun started to come up as Sheik sense she was close to the end of her journey, and the beginning of the answers to all these questions.

As she stepped into a clearing, she finally reached the source of her vision......

"What? What is this?!"

What Sheik saw was.....
  • Hyrule Castle
     Episode #211
Jul 15, 2014   18:15
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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One Castle to Hyrule over them all.

As she stepped into a clearing, she finally reached the source of her vision......

"What? What is this?!"

What Sheik saw was exactly what she'd seen in her vision; completely undamaged and looking like it had been before Ganondorf took it over and turned it into his own personal lair.

"This is impossible! Hyrule Castle is gone completely! How can it be here!?" The scene in front of her made little if any sense, but she could not deny what she was looking at. Hyrule Castle had returned.

Sheik walked towards her former home, restored to its full glory without any explanation. The fact that the Castle seemed so peaceful and quiet bothered her even more than it comforted her; it was too quiet. Was anyone besides her even there?

Not dropping her guard, she entered through the main gate, which was wide open and completely unguarded. Now the alarm bells were really going off.

"Whatever the threat, I'll be ready for it!" Still Staying cautious, Sheik made her way into the castle.

With the sun high in the sky, there were few shadows for her to hide behind, but Sheik still did her best to stay out of sight and avoid prying eyes. However, if there was anyone besides her, they were well hidden.

As she moved further into the castle, she got the feeling that something was nearby....or someone.......

As she rounded the corner.......
  • She was forced to dodge a knife
     Episode #6159
Jul 16, 2014   03:45
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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This time, it's Ninja vs Pirate!!!!

As she moved further into the castle, she got the feeling that something was nearby....or someone.......

As she rounded the corner, she saw it: A knife coming straight at her head. Even with her speed, she was barely able to avoid it, and when the second slash came, she was lucky enough to parry pull out her own Sheikah knife in time to parry.

At this point, Sheik got a good look at her assailant: A girl (or woman) around the same age as her, with tanned skin, and blonde hair done up in a straight curled up ponytail; she had blue eyes, and wore a red scarf around her neck, a blue vest over a purple shirt, and white pants.

"Whoa! Who the hell are you?!" The girl asked, breaking off the blade lock and getting some distance from Sheik.

"I was wondering the same thing about you actually!" Sheik replied. "Why did you attack me?"

"I figured you were a monster." The girl eyed Sheik warily, Knife still at the ready. Sheik didn't lower her weapon either. "Who are you exactly lady?"

Sheik blinked. "Lady...." Sheik was surprised to realized her new acquaintance saw through her disguise, or at least noticed she was really a woman.

"Yeah. Lady. You might fool others pretty easily, but the Pirate Captain Tetra is wiser than than!" The woman now identifying herself as Tetra pointed her Knife at Sheik. "You'll be telling me your name, and your business here, cause if you're going through the trouble of disguising your gender, then that makes you awfully suspicious in my book."

"I will tell you my name at the least." Sheik also pointed her knife at Tetra. "I am Sheik, last of the Sheikah, and I sincerely doubt any cutthroat pirate is wiser than me!" She started circling around Tetra, who did the same, the two never taking their eyes off each other, and not lowering their knives. "As for my business here, that is not your confer, though I will ask you why you are here instead."

"My business here is my business! You're not getting anymore from me than that!" Tetra countered.

Both women felt something was off: the other one was hiding something. They could feel it. Sheik had always been talented at telling when something was amiss, and Tetra shared that talent.

'She's a suspicious one.' Tetra thought.
'She's pretty suspicious. Sheik thought.

It was obvious the girl in front of her knew more than she was letting on.

"You don't fool me!" Tetra said. "You know more than you're letting one. I can tell just from looking at you!"
"Well, you haven't exactly been forthcoming either!" Sheik countered. "I'm also skilled at discerning deception."

They weren't getting anywhere asking questions. It was obvious that neither would talk to the other when they were both hostile.

"Guess I got no choice...." Tetra began, taking a step forward.
"It would seem I have no choice......" Sheik also spoke, and also moved forward.

"......But to force you to talk!" They both sprinted towards each other, closing the distance between them and clashing blades again. At that same moment, each woman thrusted a free hand forward, intending to knock the other out with a palm strike to the neck.

Their palms struck each other head on, with a light slap, and both instant intertwined fingers in that moment, but then.....


A bright light and a sharp pain emanated from the hands that would clasped together, but on the back of said hands instead of the palms. Both women were blinded by it.

"What is this?" Sheik was surprised when she managed to make out the Triforce symbol on her hand. "Why is this woman making my Triforce appear?"

Before she was completely blinded, Sheik could have swore she heard an echo.

Soon, the light rescinded, and she could see again.....

"What....why am I.......?"

She was no longer Sheik. Catching her appearance in a nearby mirror, she realized she's transformed into Princess Zelda, her true self....but....

"YOU!" She turned to Tetra angrily. "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF......" When she saw the Pirate, she was surprised at what she saw. ".......this?"

"What's.....what's going on?" Tetra was equally confused. "Why do you....? Why do I.....?"

Sheik was now the Princess Zelda: She wore a Pink dress with a gold emblem over her chest, and should pads attached to the emblem. Over her skirt was a banner attached to her belt, and her arms were covered in long Opera gloves. Her head sports a diadem with a large red jewel in the centre, and Triforce shaped earrings hung from her ears. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Tetra.

Tetra looked different as well, because she looked.....well, she looked exactly like Zelda. The dress was the same, as well the banner, the golden emblem, the opera gloves and the jewel encrusted diadem. However, she lacked the should guards, and earrings, instead leaving her shoulders bare and wearing a red jewelled necklace, and some wing shaped hair clips instead. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Sheik.

They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?"
  • A battle breaks out
     Episode #6166
Jul 18, 2014   17:11
Rating: G
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Princess duels Princess

They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?" Neither Zelda could grasp what was happening. This woman had transformed into a near perfect double of her, and had caused her own disguise to collapse as well...but how.

"Is that...? They finally noticed the Triforce symbol on the other's hand. "Is that the Triforce of Wisdom!?" Now things got even more confusing. How could this woman have the Triforce of Wisdom when Zelda herself possessed it. There was--as far as she knew--only one after all.

"Who are you? Why do you have that?" They both yelled. "I'm the one asking the questions here imposter!" Now they got angrier. "Who are you calling an imposter faker?!"

Zelda realized she wasn't getting anywhere arguing with this woman. Whoever she was, whether it was a Pirate, a Ninja, or a dead ringer for Zelda, she had no intentions of giving any answers. That was the moment they realized nothing had really changed: the course of action they'd already decided on before hand was still their best course.

"Defend yourself!" Finally unclasping their hands, Zelda and Zelda leapt back, uncrossing their blades, before rushing forward again to meet each other in battle. If this woman wouldn't explain herself, Zelda would just defeat her and make her talk.

Their knives met in a flash of steel and a clang of metal on metal; that same sound rang out multiple times, echoing throughout the castle over and over again as the two princesses danced, the clicking of their heels and their grunts of exertion joining the noise of their battle soon afterwards.

Zelda swung with her knife from the left, only for her weapon to meet that of Zelda's, who attacked from the right. When they both tried to stab the other, their blades ended up deflecting the other's attack, allowing them to dodge.

"Nimble, aren't you?"
"Same to you!"

'She moves quite well for someone fighting in heels and a dress.' Both thought, unable to deny the other had some skill. It was clear the other woman had some training. They continued their duel, but both of them were more cautious, fighting defensively and waiting for openings, so while the battle dragged on for a while, neither scored any significant blows.

"Grr...." Both women couldn't help but get a bit frustrated; the battle was clearly going nowhere, and while they knew that getting impatient would leave them vulnerable, neither could help but get annoyed. In front of her was a fake who stole her appearance, her name, and even the Triforce, and yet she couldn't defeat her. "Curse you!"

Zelda and Zelda both jumped in the air, trying to strike from an unexpected angle, only to gasp in surprise when they realized the other had done the same thing. Both desperately lashed out with their knives, and their was a flash and a metal clang. They both landed a few feet away, seemingly unharmed.

'That was close! I can't be that careless again!' Both women thought. Zelda  breathed a sigh of relief, that is, until she noticed a slight drafted and looked down at her chest; her top now had a slash mark across it, though only that. The attack hadn't reached the skin. Still, the realization that her opponent had managed to score some kind of first blood irked her.

".....why....you.....!" It irked Zelda a lot. Despite chastising herself over getting careless, both women turned around and rushed at the other, swinging their knives at the other's head from different sides.

"EEEP!" Realizing that she was about to get her head perforated by the other's blade. Zelda and Zelda both reached out with their free hands and caught the other's wrist just before her foes knife could reach her head. As this happened, their bodies slammed together, breasts smashing into breasts and flattening them like pancakes, nipples striking each other head on and drilling into the other, and stomachs slapping against each other. Both women gasped at the rather intimate meeting of their bodies, but they couldn't focus on that as they quickly took note of the other's knife mere inches from her head.

"Grrr....nnnngh....!" They grappled with each other, each alternating between trying to avoid being stabbed while attempting to strike the other with her knife, locking them in a stalemate as they stumbled about, neither able to overpower the other.

Face to face, they gazed into the eyes of the other woman and saw nothing but the same determination that Zelda herself felt. This only made them more determined to triumph over the other.

"I won't lose to you!" Both women yelled as they continued their awkward dance. The duel of the Princesses was in full swing, and it was anyone's guess who the winner would be.
  • The knife fight continues.
     Episode #6173
Jan 25, 2018   05:46
Rating: PG
Author: Mr. 2ofher

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Princesses Grapple with Daggers

"I won't let you take my life!" With gazes locked, the two svelte knife welding Princesses snarl at each other. Each with one hand holding the others wrist, their chests pressed together, Zelda and Zelda struggle to bring their knife to bear, while at the same time desperately thrusting the others knife away and twisting their bodies to evade the others blade. Skilled fighters and innately graceful, as they grapple standing locked together their movements take on a dance like quality.

The princesses strain against one another, arms and knives trembling from exerting their maxmin strength, they again and again manage to bring steal blades slowly into contact with the others dress. Tiny cuts appear in the long pink dresses, and each feels the repeated kiss of steal on skin, but each time they somehow manage to contort their body, and force their opponents knife away, recieving nothing more than many tiny scratches.

Tenaciously the two shapely identical princesses in elegant long pink courty dresses attack each other, each convinced that her foe is an impostor, a forgery who thinks she can take what dose not belong to her. Each Zelda refuses to allow this, each is determined that, this time, she would not be a victim. On and on the two grunting sweating young blonde women struggle against each other, but find themselves unable to break their stalemate. However being locked together with thier bodies twisting and writhing to evade the knives, proves to have a incidisous complication:

As Sheik, Zelda had used a combination of simple bindings, and magic to conceal her feminine figure. Tetra, as she grew older, also used bindings conceal her form and keep her increased bust from inhibiting her in combat. But with their transformation into their true forms, and the slash damage to the tops of their dresses from thier first pass, the princesses slowly become aware that thier bodies are responding to the very provocitive and extremely distracting way thier unconstrained ample bosoms are pushing and shoving against each other.

"For a skinny wench you are surprisingly strong!" Tetra Zelda pants at her foe, as she suddenly becomes aware she has been rubbing her unbound breasts against her doubles for a long time and this has her nipples rock hard and her sex aching with desire.

"For a debauch floozy you are surprisingly skilled!" Sheik Zelda acknowledges threw gritted teeth, as she suddenly realizes the way they have been bumping their chests together has had a distracting effect on her body, leaving her nipples achingly hard and her sex throbbing with need. 

Both Zelda's determinidly ignore this distraction, as they twist against thier foe as they concentrating on using thier left hands to halt thier foes knife as it moves down thier body the point of the blade concerningly turning inward towards thier stomachs. Worried about their difficulty in stopping this attack both Zelda's lash out with a foot stomping on the others dress, hoping to unbalance thier foe.

"RIPP!!" The left sides of thier dresses preforated with many small cuts give way under this abuse. The Zelda with shoulder pads losses her left one, and both Zelda's discover that at some point in the struggle they had severed some of each others bra straps. For a second cool air washes over the now bare left breasts. Shocked the Zelda's suddenly twist in the oppersite direction and look down at thier chests.

"AAAHHHHH!!!" Both Zelda's cry out apprehension, as twisting in opposite directions their breasts jostle one another, first the clothed breasts brush past each other, then the clothed and bare breasts scrape past each other, finally the moment they had been dreading and anticipating since they looked down at their chests arrives, as unable to evade they thrust slightly with their chests and deliberately slam bare breast squarely into bare breast.

The collision hurts, rock hard nipples collide and are forced painfully backward into the breasts, soft breast flesh slaps stingingly against soft breast flesh, as thier brests flatten painfully against each other. The shockingly intimate collision also sends an pulse of erotic sensation from breast to crotch, disracting both Zelda's.

In the split second as their breasts recoil from the collision the downward looking Zelda's spot their foes forgotten dagger about to stab into thier stomach. Both react attempting to do multiple things similtaniously: jerking their stomack and hips backwards; trying to leap over the blade; attempting to do the splits in a tight dress; and pushing downwards hard on the others wrist.

They are just barely fast enough, the blades brush feather light over stomach and crotch, stabbing hilt deep into the skirt pulled taunt by their attempts at the splits, the Zelda's swallow as they realize the blade pieced their dress below their panties by the tiniest amount. The downwards force on others arm and the backward leap results in the daggers cutting effortlessly though the taunt dress, creating a split the dress from crotch to hem.

Having completed their desperate evasion the Zelda's pay their dues to gravity, slamming into the floor. They land, bent over at the waist, smashing each others knife hand hard into the ground. Their bare legs, spread very wide apart, strain to stop their high heels sliding wider.

"OOOWWWW!!" They both cry out in pain from their hands being slammed into the ground and the muscle strain from their crotches and legs. Their shoes screech across the floor, their legs spreading wider and wider, until with a extreme effort they halt their crotches descent inches above their foes knife hand. Furious, aroused, trapped in a awkward position, both Zelda's look up at their foe and...

  • Unintentionally kiss.
     Episode #8713
Feb 02, 2018   02:35
Rating: X
Author: Vipeout

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Kissing Princesses Ponder Knife Fight Etiquette

   Princess Zelda is a lady, she is polite, well bred, and cultured. Her manners are proper, decorous, correct, and respectable. Her full length pink court dress is elegant and refined. Normally everything about her is immaculate. However after encountering a duplicate Zelda, two identical Princesses find themselves struggling to maintain any decorum at all, as the ladies duel each other in a knife fight:

    The Zelda's elegant courtly dresses are badly cut, the skirt of both their dresses has been split down the front from just below the crotch, the skirt part of each dress now drapes over their derrieres pooling on the ground behind them. A single fine cut has parted the front of their dresses from just below the chest down to the groin without breaking the skin, leaving a glimpse of the bare skin of their stomachs and their belly buttons on display. Between the cuts delivered in their previous exchange their dresses held together by a strip of material over their crotches, and the less damaged dress over their right shoulders. The upper left side of the dresses has been ripped apart, leaving their bare left breasts standing out prominently, many tiny knife scratches mark their previously unblemished shoulders and sides, their bra straps have been cut, and the damage almost reaches the top of the vertical slice on their stomachs. Both Zelda's are quietly relieved to confirm their exposed bare breast are completely unmarked.

    Both princesses are keenly aware that their feminine parts are fully responding to provocative stimulation their prolonged body grinding struggle has inadvertently provided. Grappling against each other, unrelenting exerting their maximin strength, has left them both perspiring, their skin is covered in a sheen of sweat,  the sweat stings their cuts, and patches of sweat stain their dresses. Their faces are deeply flushed, a flush that visibly descents all the way to their bare left breasts, the princess themselves don't know whether the predominant cause of the flush is: exertion,  embarrassment, anger, arousal, or all of those equally combined.

    The two Zeldas have landed on the floor an arm length apart, with their legs wide apart doing the splits, using their left hands to ram the others knife welding right hand into the floor, so hard that the ends of blades sink into the wood, the hilts pointing upwards. The awkward position is made more fraught, by the fact that the hilt of the others dagger is only inches below their own crotch, and their pale bare legs and high heeled shoes quiver with the strain of preventing their legs sliding wider apart. Slamming their foes dagger into the floor, has mean pulling on each others right arm and twisting slightly to the side. So slightly offset from one another, the Zelda's find their themselves leaning forward, after their prolonged exertions they pant loudly in each other ear, as their faces move past each other, they nearly kiss each others shoulder before their forward movement is halted by their bare left shoulder catching on each other.

    Very aware of how close they just came to being skewered, they are both unwilling to let go of the dagger they have stabbed into the wood, and even more unwilling to let go of the others knife hand. With their chests heaving from their workout and their left breasts jostling one another both Zelda's realize they need a pause to recover. However the position they find themselves in does not allow this, their shoulders start slide inward along each others collar bones, their erect nipples digging a furrow up the side of each others breast towards their foes nipple.

    "Not again..MMULPH!" In unison the panting princesses protested their impending nipple encounter, as they hear someone speak the same words, they turn to look at each other. They are equally shocked to find the other turning towards them, and their faces slide into each other, as without warning they find their lips enveloped by the other Zelda's soft lips. The princesses ponder the etiquette of the situation, when while doing the splits, while trying to overpower your identical double in a knife fight, and you inadvertently end up pressing lips together what is the correct thing to do? They consider turning their heads away, but that might be considered acknowledging the others superiority. They consider biting the others lips but consider that too vulgar. Then there nipples snag on each other and both the Zelda's respond with a muffled cry, widening their lips and poking their tongue into the others mouth. their aroused bodies short circuit their brains and they decide the correct thing to do is to kiss the other into submission.

    So the princesses ply each others lips with impassioned kisses, neither giving the other a chance to catch their breath, each determined to kiss the other into submission. While at the same time their arms and legs shudder with the strain of holding the position they find themselves in. their bare left breasts compress and balloon as they quiver against one another, hiding the clash of the ladies fully engorged nipples, the nipples ram into each other and gouge each others areola, distracting the princesses with sparks of pleasure and pain.  And the princesses discover, with a tiny bit of surprise, that Princess Zelda is exceptionally good kisser.

    On and on, the breathless princesses pursue their make out duel, pliable soft lips yielding sensually, invading tongues skirmishing steamily, both aware their increasingly aroused bodies are betraying them. Their foes fervent kisses thrill them with pleasant tingling sensations, rational thought increasingly difficult, and the Princesses are consumed with NEED, until...

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     Episode #8855
Feb 19, 2018   02:15
Rating: X
Author: Vipeout

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