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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...Something else was happening... Somewhere else
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Back in time in ancient...

  • Something else.
     Episode #20
Dec 01, 2008   04:00
Rating: G
Author: sexycloning

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I can't believe we forgot this

  • Other Series
     Episode #1524
Jun 12, 2009   17:17
Rating: G

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Why not more choice?

I just thought of some more ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #2170
Aug 18, 2009   16:26
Rating: G
Author: Mister J.T

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there are never enough choices

the more the merrier
  • stories the author don't have the power to finish
     Episode #2454
Oct 10, 2010   23:08
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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the chance for ending

stories you start but never finish and want to share and maybe let others end
  • Something else.
     Episode #3258
Oct 10, 2010   23:09
Rating: G

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More chances for story starts

Just making room for more new story beginnings.
  • Start 1
     Episode #3264
Dec 23, 2012   10:08
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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The Dimensional Mirror

Once, in some far-off alternate universe, a distant planet gave rise to a great civilization. These beings developed science far more advanced than our own, and created technologies far beyond anything you or I could imagine.

Among these wonders was the dimensional mirror. This was an large rectangular frame, available in various sizes. Many of them had various decorative designs on the frame. The interesting thing was, these frames folded the fabric of space-time in on itself in such a way that all points within the left half of a two-dimensional area enclosed by the frame become adjacent to the corresponding points in the right half of the same area. What this meant was that all matter and energy that moved through the frame would instantaneously come back out, rotated precisely 180 degrees about a vertical line through the center of the frame. Anything passing through the left half would instantly come back out the right half, and vice versa. Passing through the center of the mirror was not possible, as the object would then collide with itself.

This had the effect of making the frame look like a mirror, hence the name "dimensional mirror". (Well, that's a rough translation of what those people called it in their highly complex language.) If you were to be in front of it, you would see yourself through it, much like a regular mirror. However, since the light is returned rotated 180 degrees around a central axis rather than reflected directly back, the lateral inversion quality present in mirrored reflections was absent here. You would see yourself as you truly are, not a reversed image. It would be more like facing an exact twin of yourself on the other side of the mirror, who perfectly mimicked your every movement at the same time. You could throw an object through, and it would appear that your "double" was throwing an identical object back out at the same time; however, this was in reality the exact same object. It was also possible to pass through the mirror, and it would appear as though you were walking past your double as he or she walked out beside you. You wouldn't go anywhere, of course, you'd just end up in front of the same mirror again. And, of course, it was also possible to stand in front of the center of the mirror, reach through it, and physically interact with your "other self", who would reach back through and mimic the same action on you. Well, that's what it would look like, you'd really just be doing whatever it was to yourself. The back side of the mirror had the same properties.

Anyway, one day an experiment in interdimensional travel went terribly wrong. A dimensional portal destabilized, for reasons we could not even begin to comprehend, and began behaving much like a black hole, sucking many objects in the area into itself. Among these objects was a dimensional mirror, which was drawn through the portal and disappeared into the multiverse before the portal was finally closed.

Where would it end up? Who would find it? And what might they use it for? Let's follow the dimensional mirror as it arrives in....
  • A video game universe.
     Episode #5477
Dec 23, 2012   10:11
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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Dimensional Mirror: Video Game universes

Where shall the dimensional mirror land? Perhaps the world of....
  • Something else.
     Episode #5503
Dec 23, 2012   10:50
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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More Video Game Universes

Haven't had enough?
  • Fire Emblem
     Episode #5541
Jan 20, 2018   04:28
Rating: PG
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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The world of Fire Emblem

Which land shall shall it venture to?
  • The Kingdom Nohr (FE: Fates)
     Episode #8703
Jan 31, 2018   16:07
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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To Nohr

Who of this dark kingdom's residents shall we observe?
  • Corrin (Female)
     Episode #8767
Jan 31, 2018   16:48
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Princess of Dark Fates

It hadn't been long since Princess Corrin resolved to try reforming Nohr from within.  Still, she already fought many battles, and even learned of King Garon's monstrous nature through Azura's crystal.  Still, she felt horribly outnumbered, especially as she stood ready to invade Hoshido.

As she was musing on these recent events while standing on her room's balcony, something unusual suddenly happened...  A portal opened in the sky directly overhead, and the Dimensional Mirror came sailing out, passing Corrin and crashing into the furniture in her room.

Shaken and confused, Corrin investigated the wreckage of her dresser, and found the mirror propped there, facing her and miraculously undamaged. Then...
  • Camilla, hearing the noise, rushes in to check on her beloved sister.
     Episode #8809
May 16, 2018   08:35
Rating: G
Author: TheCloneOrgy <herooftehwinds @ gmail · com>

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Two Princesses and a Magic Mirror

Just as Corrin was about to reach out and touch the mirror, there was a loud noise as her sister Camilla slammed open the door.

"Are you alright dear sister?!" she exclaimed.

Corrin, startled, replied, "y-yeah, just a bit shaken. I was thinking about how outnumbered we are, then this... thing came crashing into my room. What do you think it is?"

Camilla edged in close, deliberately wrapping one of her arms around Corrin's waist just to be as personal as possible.  After staring intently at the reflection and attempting to sense what magic was making it behave so marvelously for several minutes, Camilla finally spoke up. 

"Hmm... Marvelous!~<3"

"What is it?"

"It appears this mirror harnesses the existence of other dimensions somehow!  You know, I think with a bit of extra magic, this could help you with your conundrum..."

Puzzled, Corrin inquired what she meant.

"Well, we could use it to..."
  • "Create an army of clones of you." (Corrin)
     Episode #8966
May 16, 2018   08:47
Rating: G
Author: TheCloneOrgy

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Droves of Dragons

"Eh??" Corrin asked, wondering if Camilla had knocked her head a bit too hard while smashing into her room.

"Well, if you say we need more forces to win the war, why not just fill the ranks with more of my adorable little sister?  Surely the results are similar to recruiting other princesses from castles on the other side of the Dragon's Gate, and it'd be much faster this way," Camilla replied with her usual smile.

Granted, Camilla had a point.  The war isn't winning itself, and Corrin trusted herself more than her alternate universe counterparts.  Thinking these things, Corrin asked, "okay, but even if what you say is possible, how would we do it? Are you sure it can be controlled?"

"Oh, my sweet sister, of course it's possible! All that we'd need to do would just... be... this!"

Before Corrin could object in panic, Camilla waved her hands, and both Corrin and the mirror began to glow.  Suddenly, she felt compelled to step forward toward the mirror, but a strange magic held her in place.  Her reflection, however, was not bound that way, and freely stepped out of the mirror.

Speechless, Corrin and her new clone stared at each other, mesmerized by her own beauty, truly seen from an outside perspective for the first time.  Slowly, two identical hands reached up to stroke the other person's face, and shortly after they pulled into a deep kiss.

After a couple minutes, Camilla cleared her throat to get Corrin(s)' attention, though she would have happily kept watching the amorous display for quite a while longer.

When the Corrins disentangled from their passionate kiss, they were shocked to see that the room was full of her. Apparently, Camilla kept the magic going even while Corrin was preoccupied. As far as she could tell, even more Corrins were filling the hallways outside her room.


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     Episode #8969
Jun 16, 2018   08:49
Rating: PG
Author: TheCloneOrgy

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