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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...Something else was happening... Somewhere else
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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Back in time in ancient...

  • Something else.
     Episode #20
Dec 01, 2008   04:00
Rating: G
Author: sexycloning

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I can't believe we forgot this

  • Other Series
     Episode #1524
Jun 12, 2009   17:17
Rating: G

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Why not more choice?

I just thought of some more ideas
  • Something else.
     Episode #2170
Aug 18, 2009   16:26
Rating: G
Author: Mister J.T

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there are never enough choices

the more the merrier
  • stories the author don't have the power to finish
     Episode #2454
Oct 10, 2010   23:08
Rating: G
Author: wllo4

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the chance for ending

stories you start but never finish and want to share and maybe let others end
  • Something else.
     Episode #3258
Oct 10, 2010   23:09
Rating: G

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More chances for story starts

Just making room for more new story beginnings.
  • Start 1
     Episode #3264
Dec 23, 2012   10:08
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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The Dimensional Mirror

Once, in some far-off alternate universe, a distant planet gave rise to a great civilization. These beings developed science far more advanced than our own, and created technologies far beyond anything you or I could imagine.

Among these wonders was the dimensional mirror. This was an large rectangular frame, available in various sizes. Many of them had various decorative designs on the frame. The interesting thing was, these frames folded the fabric of space-time in on itself in such a way that all points within the left half of a two-dimensional area enclosed by the frame become adjacent to the corresponding points in the right half of the same area. What this meant was that all matter and energy that moved through the frame would instantaneously come back out, rotated precisely 180 degrees about a vertical line through the center of the frame. Anything passing through the left half would instantly come back out the right half, and vice versa. Passing through the center of the mirror was not possible, as the object would then collide with itself.

This had the effect of making the frame look like a mirror, hence the name "dimensional mirror". (Well, that's a rough translation of what those people called it in their highly complex language.) If you were to be in front of it, you would see yourself through it, much like a regular mirror. However, since the light is returned rotated 180 degrees around a central axis rather than reflected directly back, the lateral inversion quality present in mirrored reflections was absent here. You would see yourself as you truly are, not a reversed image. It would be more like facing an exact twin of yourself on the other side of the mirror, who perfectly mimicked your every movement at the same time. You could throw an object through, and it would appear that your "double" was throwing an identical object back out at the same time; however, this was in reality the exact same object. It was also possible to pass through the mirror, and it would appear as though you were walking past your double as he or she walked out beside you. You wouldn't go anywhere, of course, you'd just end up in front of the same mirror again. And, of course, it was also possible to stand in front of the center of the mirror, reach through it, and physically interact with your "other self", who would reach back through and mimic the same action on you. Well, that's what it would look like, you'd really just be doing whatever it was to yourself. The back side of the mirror had the same properties.

Anyway, one day an experiment in interdimensional travel went terribly wrong. A dimensional portal destabilized, for reasons we could not even begin to comprehend, and began behaving much like a black hole, sucking many objects in the area into itself. Among these objects was a dimensional mirror, which was drawn through the portal and disappeared into the multiverse before the portal was finally closed.

Where would it end up? Who would find it? And what might they use it for? Let's follow the dimensional mirror as it arrives in....
  • A video game universe.
     Episode #5477
Dec 23, 2012   10:11
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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Dimensional Mirror: Video Game universes

Where shall the dimensional mirror land? Perhaps the world of....
  • Something else.
     Episode #5503
Dec 23, 2012   10:50
Rating: G
Author: deux_bag

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More Video Game Universes

Haven't had enough?
  • Fire Emblem
     Episode #5541
Jan 20, 2018   04:28
Rating: PG
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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The world of Fire Emblem

Which land shall shall it venture to?
  • The continent of Valentia (FE: Echoes)
     Episode #8703
Jan 31, 2018   16:07
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Which of the two armies will we follow?
  • Celica's army
     Episode #8768
Jan 31, 2018   17:00
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Celica's army

Who from Celica's army will you choose?
  • Sonya
     Episode #8832
Jan 31, 2018   17:06
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Vengeful Mage, Sonya

Following the defeat of Duma and her father Jedah, Sonya had set out on a journey to find a cure for the afflicted witches that were cursed under Duma's rule. After so long however, Sonya had taken up residence in Nuibaba's abode on Fear Mountain.

When she got to the house's bedroom on her initial investigation of the place, she noticed something that caught her eye. No, more than that. It was almost as if it was speaking to her, beckoning her over, as if to say that her desires will be fulfilled by it...

As she got to the mirror, she saw her reflection, her stunning outfit that fit her curves as perfectly as ever, and her rather sizable breasts. Needless to say, she was the pinnacle of beauty.
But before Sonya could admire her own beauty any further, the mirror gave off a blinding light, revealing....
  • There are now three Sonya's
     Episode #8843
May 27, 2018   18:10
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Triple Threat

As Sonya uncovered her eyes, she saw not just one, but two copies of her. She was honestly speechless, she didn't expect even just one copy of her to appear, much less two of them. This mirror is definitely not something to be trifled with.

"Well now, this is certainly...interesting" Sonya said, walking closer to them

"I'll say" one of the others said

"Just what is that mirror?" the other one asked

"Hhhmmm" they as said in unison.

The three of them stood there, pondering on just what they should do. They look towards each other, taking in their details, and wondering just what to do next.

"Perhaps there's something about this mirror in one of the books in this place's library?" the first Sonya said

"Well it couldn't hurt to check" the second one added

"Well how should we go about this? Should just one of us go, or should we all check to be more thorough?" the third one asked

They spend a few minutes mulling it over. All three of them going would definitely benefit in getting through the books quicker. But on the other hand, there could be other things that the other two could do if just one of them goes to check.
After so long, one of them comes to a conclusion...
  • One of them go to the library
     Episode #8990
Jun 09, 2018   15:34
Rating: G
Author: bone-zone

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Single pursuit of knowledge

Sonya clapped her hands, getting the attention of the other two.

"How about this? I go to the library to research this mirror, and I'll leave you two to do what you see fit. That sound fair?" she asks. The other two reply

"Fine by me"

"No objections here"

Sonya puts her hands to her hips

"Good, now I'll see you two later" she says, winking at them as she leaves

It doesn't take long for Sonya to get to the library. Once she gets there, she ponders just what secrets Nuibaba had within these tomes. But, her focus for now is set on finding out about that mirror.
She looks through book after book, but to no avail.She closes the book in front of her with a frustrated sigh, and starts rubbing her temples

"This is getting me nowhere, and it's making me unnecessarily mad...which can't be good for my complexion" She says, now with concern with her beauty.
Her thoughts now drift to the other Sonyas, wondering what they're doing, and if they've made any progress themselves.

But her thoughts are interrupted by a noise echoing through the halls of the building. A pair of guttural moaning sounds. She wonders just what, or who, could be making those noises, so she gets up and heads back to the bedroom.
On her way back, her mind races with what could possible be making those noises. Could the other Sonya's be in trouble? Had someone broken in undetected? Did a spell run amok? The pure thought of these possibilities filled Sonya with anxiety as she picked up the pace to her destination.

But all those anxieties vanished as she got there, and were replaced with a feeling of disbelief in what she saw: The other two Sonya's were on the bed, entwined in each others arms and kissing deeply.

They clearly didn't notice her there, as they simply just continued on, smiling as one lightly bites at the lip of the other, making them both chuckle. The one on top then sticks her tongue out, and the other starts sucking on it with enthusiasm, 'causing them both to moan some more.

Afterward, the one on bottom sticks her own tongue out, and they probe each other's mouths with their tongues, mashing their lips together, and tongues tangling around each other in a dance of passion, all while they grind and grope at each other.

Sonya couldn't believe what she was seeing; two versions of her kissing so passionately, and with such enthusiasm. And while she felt dirty to admit it, it was pretty hot to look at,
and just couldn't help but feel her hand gravitate towards her nether regions.

As she finished that thought, the two Sonya's broke away and looked into each others eyes, both of them seeing the absolute hunger for the other, and with a sultry chuckle from both of them, they grab each other's faces, and mashing their lips and tongues together with even more enthusiasm than before, and moaning loudly.

At this point, Sonya could only do one thing...
  • Sonya immediately goes to join in on the kissing
     Episode #9029
Jun 24, 2018   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: bone-zone

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A mage's triple tongue tango

"Having fun without me, Ladies?" Sonya said, causing her copies to interrupt their steamy kiss and look towards her

"I go and look for information and you two are here getting to know each other better?" Sonya crosses her arms and pouts

"I almost feel offended" although her pout quickly turns into a playful smile, one that says that she wants in on the fun

The two other Sonyas gather themselves on the bed

"We're so sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves" One of them said, now kissing the neck of the other

"Just the sight of our own bodies was enough to, oh god, yes....enough to send us off the deep end" the other said, unable to contain herself from the kisses on her neck. Sonya places her hands on her hips

"Well I hope you have room for one more" she said in a deep and sultry voice, 'causing the other two to blush deeply

"Why don't you come over and see for yourself?" they both replied in unison

Sonya walked over to the other two, the two of them now kneeling on the bed.Sonya got up onto the bed, knees holding her up and now in a triangular position with her clones. They all look at each other and chuckle, inching their way closer to each other, faces gravitating towards the middle. Although they can't help but pause and just admire each other's identical features. All three of them, however, had the same intent; placing the hands on the back of the others' heads, and the three of them pulling each other into a steamy and passionate kiss.

Three sets of lips, all in contact with each other at once. The sensation was enough to elicit moans from all three of them almost immediately, their tongues now meeting in a messy display of pleasure. The idea of making out with just another of herself was inciting enough, but kissing two at once? It was unthinkable! And yet here she was, her tongue dancing around with two other identical ones, three sets of hands moving from the back of each other's heads to ravishing and groping each other, from breasts, to asses, to rubbing each others pussies, they were all in a kneeling mess of limbs as they all moan into each other's mouths in a sloppy moment of pure pleasure.

After a few minutes of kissing, they separate, a three way line of saliva connecting their three tongues, and panting hard.
"Well, looks like I am good kisser after all" One of them said
"Indeed, things got pretty heated there" another replied
"So why don't we get a little more...comfortable?" the last suggested

The three of them just chuckle, and start taking off their dresses. Two of them get theirs off rather fast, and see that the last is just about to take hers off. They look to each other, and flash a mischievous smile at each other.
Right as the last Sonya removes her dress, her voluptuous breasts are beset upon by the other two

"Oh my~" she said, her hands now resting on their heads as they start sucking her tits.
The other two Sonyas sucked on both nipples with enthusiasm, massaging, groping and kissing her breasts all the while. Sonya starts panting, feeling herself getting more and more wet. She can't help but stick her tongue out in pure pleasure as her face is flush with pure horniness. One of them lightly bites on the nipple, practically nibbling on it. Biting her lip, Sonya stifles a moan, her hands now grabbing the hair of both other Sonyas.

"I think it's your turns now~" Sonya said, making the other two stop.
Sonya then leads a breast of each of them to her mouth, her tongue now lapping and licking at both nipples at the same time, the two Sonyas moaning in unison. Sonya sucked on both nipples as she used her fingers to massage and grope the other respective breasts, as well as playing with the nipples, flicking and rubbing it. All the while the two Sonyas are fingering themselves, and have brought themselves together into a messy kiss once again, saliva slowly dripping down their chins. Sonya then stops sucking

"I hope you're not leaving me out again~"

"Wouldn't even dream of it~"

"Come here~"

The three Sonyas once again meet in a sloppy three way kiss, this time with nothing on but their tights and shoes, their breasts mushroomed together as their tongues sloppily dance around each other in wanton pleasure, the three sets of lips enveloping each other with saliva dripping down their faces as they finger each other's wet pussies. They moan into each other's mouths again as each of them feel two sets of fingers pumping their pussies, spreading their pussy lips and  rubbing as if their lives depended on it.

All they felt within each others embrace in this moment was pure bliss.

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     Episode #9125
Jan 24, 2019   01:04
Rating: X
Author: bone-zone <ssr673 @ gmail · com>

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