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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a modern day highschool
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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First period

The morning sprayed in through the gap beneath the oatmeal beige shades, stabbing Jim's eyes when he accidentally looked at the bright horizon. Also in the distance, his teacher's voice echoed a tired analysis of Orwell or Golding or something else you're supposed to think is deep when you're in high school. When he got sick of hearing her strained voice croak the meaning of this or that allegorical theme, he scanned around for some simpler stimulant for his half-asleep head.

First there was Beckie. Right below Beckie were Beckie's breasts. They hung there like giant raindrops caught in some lacey white gutter, bulging over the edges and only kept from spilling by the tension of her teenage skin. Beckie liked horses, he recalled. Beckie and her breasts, bouncing on horseback as her long red hair brushed around and between them. The mental image moved muscles in his groin he didn't think actually existed.

Then, there was Kendra. Her hair looked like straw, held behind her head with some backward-bowtie knot that only boyscouts are supposed to know. She fiddled with it now, her quick fingers and chewed-off nails feeling for imperfections. Her fingers led down to thin arms and narrow shoulders, where her skin faded from farmer-tan red to milky white. She dressed and acted like her whole life was gym class. Jim thought for a moment, in a sort of smiling reverie, how that would play out beneath the covers. Whether or not that could ever happen was, of course, not a question for right now.

The desk-chair combo squeaked a bit as Jim surveyed the rear of the room and pretend to stretch. In the back corner, at last, was something truly worth turning around for:
  • Something else.
     Episode #14
Aug 01, 2008   08:28
Rating: PG
Author: Sue Doeman

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Hayden the Cheerleader

    Hayden Panetierre was sitting in the back of the room, surveying the classes to study for her next role as another cheerleader.
   Jim was amazed at her body, her shirt hugging her breasts, her skirt giving him a view of her panties, and her wonderful thighs that he wish he could be right next to.
     It was after class that things got weird. Hayden quickly rushed out of class as Jim followed not too far behind. Hayden hadn't noticed. Jim followed her to...
  • Something farther than the else that was farther than the other else
     Episode #115
Jul 17, 2009   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: Taekocybe <taekocybe @ yahoo · com>

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What would you like?

I see that you are in search for something better... Maybe it's that the story didn't start how you liked it. So here I am to offer a new branch. (Keep in mind, this is still in a modern day high school.) So choose where we might go...

Once upon a time in a modern day high school...
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     Episode #2368
Nov 08, 2016   17:23
Rating: G
Author: Probably a Robot

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Just like the title says.
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     Episode #7355
Apr 26, 2018   21:06
Rating: G
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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Even More High School Options

Challenge yourself!
  • Curly haired blonde Harriette was in the art room, half covered in paint.
     Episode #8934
May 17, 2018   16:10
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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Meet Harriette, A young art student that had always bitten off more than she could chew. Harriette had been busy with hanging out with friends, going shopping, finishing final projects and working 2 jobs that she had completely forgotten about her art assignments... again...

These assignments that she had were all of her assignments up until the end of the school year, which her teacher allowed her to do, knowing how busy Harriette was. However... the end of the school year was tomorrow and she still hadn’t done any of her 20 assignments. Her teacher had said at the beginning of the week any pieces of art would count for marks, so long as it was decently well done and handed in on time...

Although Harriette was a great artist, she only had 12 hours to do 20 pieces of art!

“Maaaaaan what am I gonna do?! If I don’t complete all of these, I’ll never be able to get into art college!”

The art Collage Harriette wanted to go into was very strict on grades, she hadn’t failed a single class before knowing this. But if she failed an Art course in her last year, the school likely wouldn’t accept her, plus she’d probably be held back a year!

Harriette was frantically running around the art room, since they were allowed in it 24/7, trying to find inspiration for art to create. She was already creating a mess, and had gotten a lot of paint on her, but she was too determined to pass to let a paint mess stop her!

With her mind running a thousand miles a second, she...
  • Realizes there isn’t enough paint for paintings and runs to get more.
     Episode #8977
Jul 09, 2018   05:11
Rating: G
Author: ThePurpleDemon

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I Need More Tools!

“Oh no! The fastest thing to do is drawings and paint, and I don’t have enough paint left for all this!”

She quickly runs out of the art room and down the hallway towards the parking lot.

“Hopefully the art store is open at 8pm! Please please please please pleeeeease...”

Harriette was on her train of thought for too long and wasn’t focusing on running, as she tripped and slid down some hallway until she stopped flat face to the floor.

“Owww... that really hurt... wait, is that...?”

When Harriette stood up, she had slid in front of the Science lab door, and it was open!

“Perfect! They always write down notes, and have really good markers for some of their projects! Some were even borrowed from the art room the other day! I can do 20 drawings easy!”

With that, she ran into the Science lab and ran straight for the desks. She showered each desk, picking up and pencils and markers that she could. Then she found a very futuristic looking marker.

“Huh, what’s with you little guy?”

Harriette picks up the Marker and examines it.

“Now why would some scientists mess with you so much? Look at you, you’ve got glowing eyes, what seems like no lid to keep your tip safe, and a button as if you’re some crazy machine or something!”

Harriette kept looking at the Marker, then...

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     Episode #9137
Jul 09, 2018   05:26
Rating: G
Author: ThePurpleDemon

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